A Summer Yard

Remember how our backyard started out???

and then with the help of lots of great people... how it got better!? :)
and I was happy with JUST dirt, and NO weeds!?

But then we finally got grass... and I LOVED IT MORE!?

well NOW we have our cement pad!

we are SERIOUSLY LOVING this patio.
It makes the yard look so much bigger, because we have defined spaces.
and PLUS... when I chuck dirty diapers out the door, now... I don't have to fish them out of the WEEDS, later, when I actually have to FINALLY pick them up and WALK them to the big stinky black garbage can....which isn't really THAT far away to begin with. LOL.
but just...ew.
I LOATH opening that thing... even though I plug my nose up and all.
I can just imagine what it smells like.....................okay, I'm gonna dry heave... moving on.
We're trying to enjoy our yard as much as we can, the rest of the Summer.
It's been so nice being able to put the kids in the FENCED backyard!
They can run around and do whatever they want, and I don't have to worry about them going in the street, or wandering down the road.

lol... ya, this is Aubrie's smile right now.  We're going through a weird...
"I forgot how to actually smile, cute"... phase.
Has anyone else been effected by this?  It looks like she's always in pain, or trying to pass gas.
ugh. lol.

I got this dinky slip 'n' slide at Target on clearance for about $4.00.
It's all of about ... 12 inches wide, but besides that... it's GREAT...
...except the girls don't GET IT.
uh... No freakin' WAY I was gettin' out there and showing them how to use it. HAHAH.

(oh my gosh... seriously cracking up right now, picturing myself belly flopping down on that poor helpless piece of wet plastic. LOL LOL)

Anyway... Cason saved the day and showed the girls how it was done.
In the end, they just wanted to have Daddy "LAUNCH" them from one end to the other.
Whatever... that works I guess. HA!


  1. What cuties your girls are. Enjoy your beautiful yard. We started with all dirt/weeds when we moved in too... lots of work later & it's such a blessing to enjoy our beautiful space.

  2. Oh , we're in that funny smile phase right now with my 2-yr old Jemma. The extreme "CHEEEEESE" face as we call it.
    Your backyard looks superb :) you must be so glad to have it done, and strangers out of your yard!!

  3. Looks amazing!!! How nice they can ride their bikes around!! Thats one thing I hate about this house! No deck! Just steps to grass.... which is crazy!!

    Cameron doesn't get the slip and slide thing either he just crawls down it under the little sprinkly things shooting water out! Because I am not running and sliding on it either! haha or he just jumps on it like a frog! oh well =) I do have to recommend this http://www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-Super-Spiral-Sprinkler/dp/B000SQPBNC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1280970807&sr=1-3

    its pretty awesome and we have a blast with it!!

  4. Oh I love it!!!! I thought you were cementing the entire back yard. lol I was troubled with the fact the kids weren't going to have grass, but kept the panic to myself. LOL

  5. Ha! That is what Brandon (Bethany's husbband) does with hos kids! The oldest aksed me to do that when I was ther last weekend...yeah right I don't have the strengh for that?!

  6. So cute! My 4 year old started a new thing where she sticks her tongue out and waggles her fingers for photos. It makes me MAD! Love your concrete. ;)

  7. Yay - your yard is looking good! I have been very unmotivated with my yard this year. It needs some TLC!


  8. I'm jealous. I planned on redoing my yard and making something awesome out there but then the AZ heat came and none of us step foot outside. Maybe in the fall.

    And I totally get the weird smile stage. My son is doing that right now. He smiles normal and then the minute you get the camera out, his smile turns into something strange. He looks like he's in pain or constipated or something. Oh well.

  9. Love the backyard. We haven't put any money into ours yet because I'm greedily hogging it for the inside...maybe next year? :)

    PS. My 3 year old is in a total nerdy cheesy grin phase right now. Nice..

  10. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I started casually reading about one of your crafts and then looked at the clock and realized two hours had gone by! I think I'm now an expert about the House of Smiths haha. Your family is really lovely, clearly you're very blessed. I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime if you get the chance. I have a fun giveaway going on right now.
    God bless!

  11. There's a word that really gets lost in translation from english to american - yard - that there what you have is a garden, a yard is an area at the back of a house that starts of a bit smaller than your patio and then when the house is extended to add a bathroom and make the kitchen bigger ends up about 4 foot square! ;D

  12. Those girls are so cute! Yes! My 3-year-old son won't smile on command so we have to do things like shout "poop!" at the last second to get a genuine smile. Otherwise it looks all squished up and crazed:)

  13. Yes, we went through the weird smile thing with both of our girls. They do outgrow it. Nothing seemed to help them get back to pretty smiles when they were in that stage. Now when they look at pictures they laugh and say, "why did I smile that way?"

  14. I'm inviting all of the people I follow over to my giveaway! Hope to see you there! (btw- great pictures!)

  15. You crack me up! Love reading your blogs. You are another creative gal, with lots of personality. Karie

  16. I love your new yard! I am so excited for you. Just an FYI Walmart has wooden their swing sets on sale and you can get a $50 e-gift cards. We just bought one our self. It is really nice and my son loves it!

  17. Your family totally reminds me of mine. I have a tip for you...Put a buket/old bin just outside your back door. That way you can put your dirty diapers in it. This way you don't have to go search for them later. I have one in my garage and it really is nice to just pick it up and take it to the trash can. The smell...I have not tips for that. I know exactly what you mean! Nasty! Such a cute family!!

  18. your backyard looks great. We got a slip 'nslide for A's birhday and after a couple of hours out there it killed our new sod! I'm nervous to bring it out again! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  19. Love those slip and slide pics. I need to find one for my little one. Your yard has come a long way! It looks great.

  20. Look at the yards transformation!!! I too am just happy to have dirt now vs all the crazy weeds!!!

    And I really LOL'd at the slip n slide photos.. our twins dont get it either so hubby or I always have to launch them.

    We did get the double one.. it's a bit nice because it's wider but the side away from where the water squirts from gets no water.

  21. Soooo can related to the "I forgot how to smile, cute" syndrome. I HIGHLY dislike our family picture at the hospital when Lynden was born. Raegen looks like he is in pain. I've learned to expand his "camera vocabulary". Instead of the typical "cheese", my dad had him say "money" {it's what the portrait guy at church made my parents say for their church directory pic!}. However, that didn't work for long so we changed it to "candy" {because that's ALL this kid ever wants!}. And now I've moved on to people's names to generate a genuine smile. It's working...for now.


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