Chatham Hill Furniture

Yup... this baby... is in MY house!!!

Okay... now pick your chin up off the ground...
I'll wait...
It took me a while too :)
Here's the story...
I received an email a few months back from Colin, at
He asked me if I would take a look around his site and let him know what I thought about his brand new, innovative furniture line... in return... he would enter me in a drawing to win one of a few selected pieces from their new collection.

So I got looking around...
Um... ya.
What's NOT to love!!!
Then I read this...
"Each piece is crafted from dense kiln-dried solid American maple and poplar hardwoods with thick, select veneers. Every one is individually handmade here in the U.S. using true historic mortise-and-tenon construction with structural adhesives, rather than following rapid mass production methods. We've hidden iPod docks in our media cabinets to enable today's tech-based entertainment options. And our classic dovetailed drawers rest on elegant Blum slides to ease them silently, gently closed. Our planters even have durable galvanized steel liners to preserve the beauty and integrity of the wood."

Loved them EVEN more.

But you know what the kicker was?... the reason I was COMPLETELY sold?
Yup... There it is ladies.
(click to enlarge the goodness....)

for ANY of the handcrafted Chatham Hill PIECES!
I know... I just got chills AGAIN. lol.

So... I submitted my complete love for all things Chatham, opinion to Colin,
and just a few weeks later, he emailed me to tell me that I had WON!
Whoo hoo!

My choice was a no brain-er :)
This beauty, in a Lake Breeze finish, please!

I love all of Chatham Hill's unique phrases to describe their collection...
Design Made Durable
Classic Made Modern
Tradition with a Twist
Retro Redefined
... Uniquely Yours

My new pretty, table Oozes lots of TLC.
From the hand distressing, to the sturdy build.
I feel SO lucky to have this trend setting Chatham Hill accent piece
splashing it's fun, yet calming color and design, into my space :) 

Moral of the story...
If you're looking for some eye candy in YOUR home...


  1. How generous! That piece is fabulous, but I loved all of them. And all those finishes...wow!

  2. Wow!! Love it!!! All of their furniture is beautiful!...and I agree...those finishes....how would you even choose??!!

  3. GORGEOUS, love that you get custom color choices.
    AH-MAZING. you lucky lucky son of gun! LOVE YOUR PICK. jEN

  4. ooohhh I LOVE the color!! That looks so awesome in your house. Can't wait to come over and see it!

  5. What a lucky gal you are. Very lovely. What a great color choice too.

  6. Dude. Whatever. I'm so jealous right now I don't know if I can be nice...ok fine!! I freaking love it! It's perfect in every way!! I need to spend some serious time looking at their website if the pics you showed are any indication of how gorgeous the furniture is. I mean, I was pretty DANG excited when I won a $50 gift card to Target, but this? This was winning the MOTHERLOAD!!! Congratulations!!!! It looks awesome in your house. Maybe someday I'll have one to call my own. Thanks for sharing the info!

  7. Oooh - so jealous! You're so lucky to win something so beautiful - maybe we should go to Vegas before your luck runs out! ha ha

  8. I have seen it in person ladies and it is even more gorgeous than the pictures. Beautiful piece Shelley. If I didn't like you so much, I would be SOOO jealous :)


  9. Um... I'm in love! Sometimes I wish I wasn't a newlywed so I could have an excuse to buy furniture. haha. Anyway, I went to their website to check things out so I would know how much mula to save, and I didn't find any prices. Do you by chance know of somewhere to find pricing, or did they do that on purpose? Just curious.

    LOVE your choice, and YES, I envy that you won. :)

  10. Yep!!! That's some serious, delish candy for the ole' eyeballs. I went to their site and I was feeling my heart quicken when I forced myself to put the skids on. I could not find any pricing and you know that usually means. . .fooooget it sista. So, Miss Shelley, any idea on where we can find out how much these little morsels run?

  11. SWOOOOOOON! that's all, ok fine, i may have drooled a bit... and been just a smidgen jealous.... bit that has passed :) haha!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  12. You lucky lucky girl - what a great piece!

  13. Your table is beautiful. The pictures of it in your home are so calming, with the flower arangement and curtains. Sigh. Someday I will get there with my house.

    Btw, I checked out the website but didn't see prices, that means there free right? ;)

  14. wow, LOVE it! I will definitely check out their site. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Beautiful! That is a lovely piece and is clearly well-made. As the daughter of a custom cabinet maker/ master craftsman, I know quality when I see it. And I agree that the opportunity to select your own colors is awesome!

  16. Your making me jealous. STOP IT! I love this piece, it is exactly the style table I've been searching for. Congrats to you!!

  17. oh i LOVE the color of it too! it is beautiful. so lucky!!!!

  18. This table is gorgeous! I come from a long line of carpenters, but no one in my family has the skill or equiptment to make items of this quaility.

  19. I'm so getting out the power tools and 're-creating' one of those bad boys for myself :)

  20. Their furniture is absolutely stunning. I wish the prices could be viewed online. I would love a few of those pieces.

  21. You LUCKY girl!!! It is beautiful! :)

  22. I love so much of the stuff on their website but am kinda disapointed that they don't have pricing listed or how to order a piece of furniture. (At least from what I saw.) Some serious eye candy though! You're one lucky chick!

  23. Lucky you!! It looks great in your house!

    I have just "found" your blog and I think between the last 2 days...I've spent every waking moment reading all your previous posts!!! You are A.MAZ.ING!! You have an eye for things. I wish I could go shopping/thrifting with you....I would be in heaven!! I am hoping that by reading your posts I might be inspired to decorate my house (which we have lived in for 6 years and I have NOT decorated....I know!! Terrible!) I have done a few things here and there....but NOT much!
    Eeeeeee! I am so excited and hope that your eye for things can help me see the potential in old/new things....Thanks! Keep 'em coming....

  24. I. Am. In. HEAVEN!! I love everything they have! You lucky girl! :)

  25. My wallet just jumped out of my purse and ran and hid somewhere.
    I wanna be you when I grow up.

  26. lucky girl! that is a great piece.

    however, i couldn't find many of the pieces you featured here. and where are the prices and order information???

  27. Gorgeous table! And they have some gorgeous items on their website. The lack of prices just tells me one thing however: It's way more than we can afford right now. :o(

  28. Pickin' my jaws off of my dirty wood floor... they are SO my kind of thing! It's a good thing that we live so far apart otherwise, I just might snatch it up from you! :)

    I am so glad you won this, if it's anyone that deserves it, it's you!

    Off to check them out!

  29. Love the furniture!!! and love your pantry post! I've given you a shoutout on it!

  30. Gorgeous!! I am a teensy bit (a whole lot) jealous :) Ditto on the ordering info question. Couldn't find that on their website. You're awesome!!

  31. What a beautiful table you have placed here ! Looking awesome. I think if it will be colored well, it must give a gorgeous attraction to a home. Thanks for this post.

  32. Wow!!!! I guess if I have to ask the price then I can't afford it....... :(

  33. Lucky girl! I love that table, in fact, I was just thinking of painting and staining my sofa table that exact shade!

    I am just now finding your blog, and have no idea why it took me so long to find you (other than the fact that I have been MIA in blogland for that last year). I will SO be copying your bathroom mirrors. I have been wanting to do something with ours forever, but never found the perfect style for my place.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!


  34. Wow how amazing is that!!! And all those choices!!!! I can not believe a MAN thought of that! WOW GO COLIN!!!

  35. I assume that Although furniture are older . But I am sure that Although are adorable for you. So amazing. Nice to share such a catchy furniture.


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