Museum of Natural History Tour

The New Museum of Natural History,
Utah Blogger Hard Hat Tour

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be involved in an exclusive hard hat tour of the NEW
Vanessa headed the whole thing up.  Thanks girl!
It was so fun to meet a whole slew of talented, local Utah bloggers, and to see all the amazing construction that is going into building this MASSIVE, amazing structure, that is due to open up in about only a year!
Here is a little more information about the new building:

The Utah Museum of Natural History is currently building
a new building, which will be called the Rio Tinto Center. 
Located in Research Park, the new museum building will:
  • preserve and protect 1.2 million natural history objects
  • showcase Utah's remarkable natural history through seven exhibit galleries
  • provide visitors with opportunities to explore nature, engage in science, and leave with a deeper understanding of both
  • and serve as a gateway to the state.

The views are Ah-MAZING from EVERY angle!
This was the view, as we walked up to the site.

Ya... we totally wore these really hot outfits and everything :)

I may or may not have gotten some slack from my fellow bloggers
for trying to "pimp" my orange safety gear out. lol.

Anyway... the building is SO pretty!  It's covered in this awesome copper that is all naturally different colors.
And then they've done this special wood grain cement texture technique on the rest of the walls.
It's hard to show pictures of how really amazing the architecture and detail of this building really is.

Our tour guides were not only SUPER informative, but pretty funny too :)
You can really sense their genuine excitement about their new baby.
I thought this was such a cool exhibit room.
I believe it's called the "story telling" room.
It's a round drop stage exhibit where there will be story telling and object showing for kids to enjoy.  The circle effect makes it easy for ALL to see.

After the tour we all headed over to Corner Bakery Cafe.
One word... YUM!!!!!!!!!
It was SO good!  Their food is to DIE for!
Seriously... check out their menu... they have something for EVERYONE!
We even got sent home with these fun goody bag full of their famous desserts.
Let's just say I had about enough time to photograph them...and then Cason devoured them they were gone.

Thanks EVERYONE for making this day so fun!
I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of this!  I can't wait to visit the museum when it's totally finished!
Don't forget to visit the Utah Museum of Natural History's site, to see all the new construction of this amazing building and get fun updates on attractions and exhibits coming!


  1. Dear friend-oh how I miss you!!! Wish that I could talk to you! Call me when you can. Please! I miss you!!

  2. What?! you linked to me as talented?! What an honor!

    I loved meeting you Shelley! You are so much fun! I hope to see you soon!


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