Bloggers Night out at DownEast

This past Wednesday I had the chance to participate in a bloggers night out!  I LOVE these events!
Meeting other writers and chatting about "blog world" and how they make it work for THEM... is SO refreshing!
People who GET what you're going through...not just through your computer, but in PERSON!
It was just TONS of fun.

me, Kami, and Jen

There was LOTS of yummy food provided from the Corner Bakery and Cafe... LOVE that place!
As well as fun prizes given away!
(No... I didn't score the Pottery Barn lounge rocking chair. arrrhg)
but I DID score a free sandwich at Noodles and Company! yesssssss...even better! LOL

Do you guys shop at DownEast?
I always pop in from time to time.
They have TONS of Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and other name brand items at SUPER discounted prices :)
I love it!  Definitely worth checkin' out.
 I was in LOVE with this bed.  Aren't the details just to DIE for!?
If you're not sure... yes... they are. LOL

This was the store I actually found Aubrielle's cute Pottery Barn pillow cover for her bed, in.
it's actually part of a crib set. lol... but it works :)

I thought this nightstand was really sweet too, for a little girls' room.
It was a bit too low, for me, but the details and curves were right on.

There were a LOT of pieces that I LOVED and Ooo'ed and Ahhh'ed at... but there was ONE "mister, mister" that I literally couldn't take my eyes off of, all night.
Wanna meet him?...
K... but ONLY if you promise not to take him... lol
I NEEED HIM! (sorry hubs)
But he would be PERFECT for our basement.  To put our TV that we don't actually own yet, on!
It just made me happy.
WAY out of my price range at about $600 bucks... but maybe it will get marked down a ton, and still be there, after I hit the lottery???
here's hopin'

I DID walk away with this fabulously sleek mirror from Pottery Barn.
It was originally a bit over $330... and I snagged it for about $78 and some change!
He's gonna make friends with my new pet zebra, I think :)  He's pretty lonely, and feeling out of place.
I'm excited for them to meet up... I hope they get along... because this guy weighs about 100lbs, and I REALLY don't want to haul it back to the store to return it. LOL

Anyway... I had a blast, and I'm SO GLAD that I FINALLY was able to meet these great gals, WHILST shoppin'! What's better than THAT!?

Thanks DownEast, for the great night... and eye candy.
And all you beautiful, talented ladies... for the amazing company!


  1. how much fun! and good deal on the mirror!

  2. It was so fun spending time with you!!! Love you girl!


  3. Looks like you ladies had fun. I love me some Down East Home. Got my girls beds there and still loving them!

  4. First thing I noticed was the pink trash can. I LOVE it! But then, I love lots of trashy things. Get it! LOL! That's why they pay me the big bucks!

  5. I know this is probably shocking, but WHERE is this store???? I MUST go there!!!!

  6. How fun! Have you ever been to the Down East outlet OUTLET? It's a little sketchy and oh so difficult to bring kids into, but fun to dig around in from time to time. I got a $90 PB year of pictures frame for LuLu's room for $2.50 there! Sweet!!

  7. I love stuff like that!!! :) Looks like you all had a blast. There's nothing better than good food, friends, and shopping. ;) Maybe I need to move to UT.

  8. Okay, which DownEast is this. What's the address, because I have to have those black candle holders--like now! I love the way you arranged those pillows on your daughter's bed. I'm so doing that. Thanks for the great idea--again!

  9. It was such a fun night! I love the mirror you picked out.

  10. Where is this store at? and where is the "outlet"?!?!?!

    PS I promise not to buy the $600 piece of furniture! (ppsshh I'm a flight attendant, we don't make THAT much money!)

  11. This one of the reasons I miss good ole Utah..oh how I loved Downeast Home. I think I a girls trip to Utah now!

  12. What a fun night! I love chillin' with you. Thanks for a fun night!

  13. Aw danggit, how did I miss out on this. I would have loved to meet you! I'm going to have to kick Ashlee in the bum for not telling me about it. Just kidding. I think. :)

  14. Fun! I've gotten lots of amazing deals there- I got Restoration Hardware silk drapes for my bedroom for $70 vs. the $300+ I'd have to have paid at RH. I've gotten lots of other great deals there too. Since my own Daddy is a custom cabinet maker, I can get the REALLY cheap scratch-and-dent stuff and have him fix it up- which is how I ended up with a $1,200 cedar-drawer RH dresser for a mere $300. LOVE Downeast Home!

  15. wish we had the coooooooooooooool stores yall have ! what a fun nite .

  16. Such a fun night.....I want to visit the down East outlet. I loved the bed frame the details are beautiful.

  17. great mirror!!! I really wish they had one of these places in NC. And this bloggers night out idea is fantastic... might need to start one here ;) The TV cabinet does look really useful... I wish I could have a basement full of cabinets from corner to corner. A girl can dream ;) (fingers crossed it gets marked down for you!!)

  18. Did you know there is a "Down East" outlet!?

  19. PS here is my post about the PB outlet!! http://happychippyjunk.blogspot.com/2010/10/pottery-barn-junk.html


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