Did I mention it's nice... when the kids go to sleep?

Bedtime and Naptime...
and Bedtime and Naptime.

Today... I did this, with Aubrielle.
All day.
We even have a pee pee song...

"Wiggle wiggle!... wiggle that pee pee out.
Get it out, get it out... wiggle wiggle, wiggle it out."
Ya.  I can't take credit for the awesomeness of that one...
It was almost ALL of Aubrie's doing.  She's a pretty smart cookie.

My third and (plug your ears, bc you won't want to hear this, Mom) LAST child is being potty trained.
AND binkie weaned.
ya.  don't judge me. I know.  She's almost three.  And still wears diapers and uses a binkie.
So, I waited too long.
But if you ever meet this chick.  Then you'll understand.
She is very... suborn, busy, defiant... Independent. 
Anyone else have one of those???...(you feel for me now, right?)

While we were taking 30 minute "wiggle breaks" today... I did

I'm tired.
Clearance sales are fun...but hard... lol.
If you weren't one of the 52 (literally) packages that I mailed out today...

...after getting the "stank eye" from the woman, in line at the post office, who just needed a book of stamps, behind me...

...Then I'll be mailing YOUR vinyl, tomorrow :)

(gimmie a break lady!...how was I SUPPOSE TO KNOW that there was only ONE post office employee today!?!?, because "Margarette called in sick?"... jeesh!  BUY me a freakin' mailing SCALE, and some extra ink, for my printer and I'll print some dang labels at HOME! LOL.  But don't sit there huffin' and puffin' and rollin' those eyes, because YOU don't "FEEL" like using the "buy stamps, now" feature at your local ATM!.... PLUS... Aubrie even offered you a lick of her "half eaten" lolly pop.  We were just trying to be nice, while you were waiting...) hee hee hee

And now... to reflect on my day, via a "positive" checklist...
Here we go:
* No pee on my floors to clean up, today - CHECK
* No binkies used for whining, crying, or "fake" owee's - CHECK
* Lots of vinyl packages done, and sent off to my lovely customers :) - CHECK
* Doing this ALL without my husband, who at...11:02pm, is STILL NOT HOME!
on my own... - CHECK
 * Providing my children with a delicious meal from Taco Bell, for dinner - CHECK
* Making sure that I called my husband to kindly remind him, that since he was no help in my hell today, to pick up something for himself for dinner, on the way home... because cereal or Eggo waffles are his only option if he comes home empty handed  - CHECK
Bulldozing Providing a space on each of my sweet children's beds for them to sleep tonight, so as not to be stabbed by hangers, or book corners from the mess THEY made that I refuse to clean up - CHECK

((( siiiiiiigh )))
Yup.  It's finally bedtime, everyone is asleep...
In the words of sweet Mrs. Hillary Weeks...
"These are a few of my Favorite Things"

TO view the AWESOME video provided... you may need to click through from your reader.

Signing off, till tomorrow, ladies.

Here's to:
show and tell at preschool
the dentist
and another post office trip...
in the 'Mornin'.
~ Me.


  1. I totally fill you.. my little girl is almost three and we just finished potty training her. I thought I was pretty cool stuff until I remembered that she still sleeps in bed with us every night and refuses to even think about the idea of sleeping in her own bed. I promise myself almost every day that today is the day we are going to start that long process of screaming and crying for hours in bed while we try to teach her to sleep in her own bed.. then by the time bedtime rolls I am to exhausted to put up a fight. It just never ends when you are a parent.. how come noone told me that when I took this job?

  2. We are working on the potty training too. My daughter is 2 and will hold it....for 6 hours...yeah. Until I put a diaper on for naptime! Oh...and she also invented her own potty song as well...and demands, "You sing it!" while sitting on (but not using) the potty:) Good luck!

  3. I just love ya!! This post made me laugh(as they always do!)because I've so been there before! Just conquered the potty with my soon to be 3 yr old daughter as well-yuck, glad it's over. Glad you survived the day, and a very accomplished day at that! I would SO end a day like that with some Ben and Jerry's too! Hope you enjoyed it and are now lounging on the couch, enjoying your DVR! Way to rock the motherhood!
    PS. Love Hillary Weeks too! (Whispering)My husband's family knows her well so she came to wedding reception. I like to brag about it since it's like- my only claim to fame!! Haha!

  4. Love the video!! Must get those words! :)
    My oldest was the same way - she had to be trained in "her time frame" and when "she felt a big girl". So frustrating but when she finally put her mind to it - never an accident since. Hang in there!!

  5. Know the "experts" say to leave potty training etc until they are older... so you are totally on rockin the mothering as usual Shell!
    This post was good and I hope Cason is loving what he is doing.
    See you

  6. You are amazing !!! What a great blog to read, this is the first day that I have subscribed and I love what I read. I have a young lady who is very independent as well, some days are a bit tricky - we had a great day today. I love that you posted a photo of your children's room - it makes me feel better as my children are very similar some days in their rooms. Roz

  7. I'm doing the potty training with my 2 and a half year old right now... it's not really going that great. But I'm still hopeful [for now].

    I really enjoyed this post! :)

  8. Thanks for showing us a bit of messiness and "real life." I was starting to think you were perfect!

  9. You are hilarious. I remember the days of sitting by the potty all day and while I thought it was interminable back then I think it only lasted a week or so???

    PS Taco Bell is totally a healthy and cultural family dinner.
    PPS People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them my two favorite times of day or naptime and bedtime. :)

  10. I stumbled upon your blog recently and I love it! I love how you keep it real! People can be so rude in the post office!

  11. Oh I love this!! Good luck with the Potty Training thing! It was so long ago that our three were trained, I think our 3rd trained herself, life back then was a blurr!
    Take care and good luck :)

  12. Oh yikes. I am afraid of potty training time. Pointers please! :) Mess or no mess, your house is still beautiful!

  13. Hahaha, my daughter will be 3 in December and still uses her binkie at night and we're potty training. She's defiant and strong-willed and pretty much a carbon copy of me!

  14. Hoping you have strength and patience today! I was up for 3 hours last night with a teething baby, I guess I still have the potty training days to look forward to!

  15. Just a day in the life of a momma right? We have a pretend book that is filled with stories that "have" to be read for number 2 to come out. Sometimes I amaze myself with what I come up with. :)
    Have a good day!

  16. Feelin' ya! We too are potty training this week! We have waited a while, too. My little girl is two and a half. We are trying to get the potty thing down before we wean the binkie. I have a love hate relationship with that thing. Kudos to you for getting most of your vinyl orders done! Yay!! Just wanted to let you know we all completely understand how crazy life is!! Come what may and love it!!

  17. That's really funny. I appreciate that post.

  18. Thank you....I was needing to know that I'm not the only one going crazy right now! My daughter refused to potty train until she was FOUR (and now, two years later, is regressing...ugh...don't get me started) and I have a 12 month old baby who has no intentions of weaning anytime soon. If I ever got a good night's sleep, I think I'd be able to deal better!

  19. Oh NO! THREE YEARS OLD? Shame and pox upon thee!

    Not really. I used to be VERY opinionated about potty training and when it was "supposed" to be done. Then I tried potty training my own son.

    Now? I'm just in awe of anyone who managed to potty train their kids. Let's just say, he's stubborn...

  20. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! Gotta give an AAAAAAMEN! to that post! Bytheway, I still have not broken my (extremely and bitterly) attached 2 year old from the bottle...so no hate with the binkie thing here.

  21. My daughter was stubborn too, and it was all when she wanted to go in the potty and was ready. Each kiddo is different. And by the way.....I am so glad to see that someone else's little girls room looks like a cyclone went through it! My daughter changes five times a day, literally! We recently carved out a nice space in OUR closet for HER clothes! Now we don't have AS much laundry! But man.....those toys and books and hangers everywhere...I thought I was alone! :o)

  22. There is nothing wrong with the fact your child isn't completely potty trained and still has a binkie! You are the mother and you can do what you want!!! :)

    I am sooo upset I missed the vinyl sale!!!!

    Lastly that is my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream! another reason we need to live closer to each other. :)

  23. I love your posts. They always make me smile. I don't have kids, but I work with children and totally feel you on the potty training thing!

  24. I totally feel for you... I have one that is so uh... Independent even now I want to wring his neck most of time!!! He's been like that since birth... Oh and he was almost 4 when HE decided he would be potty trained... UGH... Fortunately none of mine ever got attached to a binkie but the one I'm talking about REFUSED a bottle cuz he figured breast was best and then went to a cup... and again wouldn't potty train until he was ready.... Now he's a teenager and drives me NUTS!

  25. Great post and so timely for me! My twins turn 3 on Monday 10/11 and we just now got rid of the binkies (they've used them for naps/bedtime since 2 years old). We are "potty training" now. I put that in quotes because it's a very loose interpretation of actual potty training. There are m&ms involved, some actual teetee in the potty and one "ahem" messy pair of underwear.

    I figure I have until kindergarten. ;0)

  26. Thank heavens that children sleep, am I right!? ugh...I feel you sister!

  27. Um, yea, I have one of 'those' kids, too. She's just over 3, and while she'll occasionally sit on the potty, has never had anything else happen. She refuses her underwear, and hides in MY closet to poop. :S Good times, friends, good times! I am starting to wonder if we'll ever get it done! Then my mom reminded me that I was almost 4 by the time I stopped fighting it! Like mother like daughter I suppose!
    Love the song - so true! Oh, except Miss Stubborn stopped napping at 2 years old - to the day! Ah, the joys!

  28. We are PT Lauren too right now! She is NOT having it (stubborn girl!) She turns 3 in February so I need to get cracking with it! I am dreaming of money trees and wishing my house would clean itself today. Gah...

  29. My youngest will be 3 in January, and she's not too into the whole potty thing either. She's gone a handful of times on the potty, but is not interested most of the time. :s

  30. I have three boys and NOT one trained prior to three years and 4 months, and one as late as 3 years 7 months. Trained fully that is. I learned the hard way with our first and decided to relax with the other two and did the training in the summer where I could put real underwear on them and stay outside waiting for the mess. I totally bribed two of them and lets just say that our third cannot be bought. He is independent or as the teachers like to say very self-directed. The good news is once they start school no one cares or asks about potty training. Definitely has been my biggest challenge to date as a parent and they are now 13,12 and 9 so it does get better!

  31. My son was dry at night before he was 2 so when he was just gone 2 we potty trained him and took him out of nappies at night at the same time - no accidents. We daughter was saturated every night so we left her til she was almost 3 and she had accident after accident. Nightmare. Thank goodness it's all behind me though I do have a 3 year old nephew and an 18 month old niece so will no doubt be part of their potty training when they sleep over.
    I must say it's nice to see a messy room - how refreshing - I often feel like a total failure when I walk into my kids rooms and then come online and see nothing but magazine worthy homes. You've made me feel more human!
    And, I just noticed that the first envelope in your package is mine - clicked on your photo and said to my daughter "I wonder if one of those parcels is for me" and yay! - one is. Can't wait to receive it.
    ~Sam x

  32. Just finished potty training my 3rd as well- he's in undies but gets a whole lot of urine on the floor, walls, and behind the potty every time. Diapers were better I think.
    As for your packages, do you have a USPS online account? You get a discount for some packages, pay by CC at home, and can schedule a FREE home pickup the next day. You need to look into it!

  33. You just make my day. Don't feel bad. My nephew is 3 1/2 and still wears diapers. He refuses to go potty. He'll tell you when he's going in his diaper, but he won't go. He also still sleeps in a crib.

  34. My first potty trained herself at 19 months. My second? She refused to potty train. We finally did away with diapers for her when she was over 3. My third was about 2 1/2. And now I'm thinking it's time to get my 4th and LAST potty trained and be done with diapers FOREVER! She's 18 months. What a lovely thought!

    Thank you so much for the song by Hillary Weeks. She is incredible! I laughed and cried during the song! So true! Although, most nights, I don't even have enough energy left to get the ice cream out...

  35. Shelly, I love your blog. First it is beautiful just like you and your family and second I love that you are keeping it real -girlfriend, mmmmhhhhmmmmmm- LOL. Well don't feel too bad my daughter is 4.5 and loves I mean LOVES her paci, can you say orthodontia. After reading this post it made me think of the oh so funny mom song take a peek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYukEAmoMCQ

  36. This post is hilarious. My sister's kids refuse to be potty trained. Oh, they're past 3, almost four. I think the youngest (she's a twin) has decided that maybe she'd like to wear underwear. My sister has lamented and worked and begged and tried, and now they are making progress.

  37. Those are the kind of days that are better looked back upon after they are over, but hard to live through. Glad you made it, and sooo glad to see your kids rooms get messy once in a while, maybe you're human after all! I love it.

  38. Oh, how I relate. With my 2 1/2 year old daughter we successfully potty trained her 2 months ago (lots of tears and drama from me of course!) and now we are toddler bed training her (to stay IN it!) and then the binky is next. So much change for a "free spirited" child like mine.
    You are so great for showing your house in current state and being honest and transparent. You have NO idea how good it makes me feel knowing there are others in the same boat! You rock sistah!

  39. You crack me up! Your blog always puts a smile on my face. I don't know if your kids are familiar with the tooth fairy, but were you aware there is a binkie fairy? Yes, much like the tooth fairy, this fairy comes at night and takes the binky that's under the pillow and leaves money. Worth a try, right?
    And, my belief with potty training is save yourself the aggravation and wait until the child wants to do it(keep in mind, my youngest is 20 years old and a junior in college, so I've largely forgotten what it's like to change a diaper!).

  40. LOVE this post. Just love it.

  41. Oh Woman! I feel like we are kindred spirits. (creepy? maybe.. but it's been one of THOSE days for me)... here I go talking to a complete stranger. I found out about your blog from a GF of mine. I'm from AZ, mama to 4.. and I'm potty training my almost 3 yr old twin girls. Let's just say... off me now. It's been nearly 5-6 months... of TORTURE! If you have nothing better to do in your spare time, I'd love some hints on to HOW you actually did that. Sorry.. my blog be private.. but I'll invite you if you are into that sorta thing. :) britnbrad@hotmail.com

    Did I scare you? eesh. sorry. :(

  42. You are a riot! Love your post. Good luck and God bless! Oh, and welcome to the wonderful world of life as it really is. . . .

  43. I feel your pain my little 2 1/2 year old boy was a binkie addict, I consider starting a Binkie Anonomyus Club. But instead a friend gave me a great idea and it worked great for him. She had taken her little girl to Build a bear and nicely helped her deposit her binkie in the bear. And use that a comfort instead of the binkie. Well I'm too cheap so I just cut up my own bear and did the same thing and it worked great.... He hates the bear now but really it was amazing because he new the bear was there but he wasn't upset. (I did have to do several sewing jobs because holes magical appeared but overall it worked perfect)
    Thanks for your awesome blog your post really made me laugh!!

  44. You totally crack me up!!! Love coming to your site. My baby is 3 months shy of turning 3 & I have not even attempted to potty train her yet. Will begin in the next week or 2. Considering she screamed all thru Kohl's yesterday: "I want panties on my BUTT!" (over & over again) Oh good God. I thought I was going to die. Now. Don't you feel better about your day? LOL :)

  45. You might know this already but wanted to share that you can print your labels on the usps website AND schedule a pick up from your regular postal carrier! Just leave the packages on your front porch and your job is done! I do this all the time to avoid taking my toddler to the PO. Sorry if this is info you already know and prefer not to use for some reason.

  46. Oh and to add to the PO comment, even if you have first class packages to mail as long as you have one Priority or "higher" you can still schedule the pick up at home! I use a food scale for any packages I need to weigh :)

  47. Hahaha, the girls room reminds me of my daughters....hangers everywhere from all the outfits she tries on throughout the day! LOL. So glad Im done potty training my girl, but yeah....it was so HARD! Now I have my son to worry about....sigh.

  48. So funny! My daughter potty trained herself when she was 19 months and then 5 months later decided it was not for her..... so here we are almost 3 as well and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! She tells me when and how to change her. If I refuse and let her run around with just a shirt,it's just a lovely long day of cleaning up.... fine, let them be 12, just as long as #2 comes along with Daddy's home.


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