Little People's Dental

Okay.... so you know when you have an AWESOME experience somewhere, or discover something REALLY great... and you just have to share it, or you'll burst???
Well... oddly enough, I have to say...
(okay... not like THAT...but you know what I mean.)
AND he's not even really MY dentist... he's my kids's dentist, but I just LOVE him!

Meet Dr. Stewart, from Little People's Dental!
Who in the Valley already goes to Dr. Stewart, and didn't tell me about him!!!?
You're in trouble! lol.
Seriously... how can you not LOVE his office the SECOND you walk in the door!

 A club house, a slide... books, bean bag chairs!
(Why doesn't MY dental office have this stuff?... ugh... lol)
One of the first times I saw Dr. Stewart was on Studio 5.  He did a segment about how to prepare your kids for the dentist, for the first time.
I hate to say this... but my twins are almost FIVE and have NEVER been!
(so NOT getting the mother-of-the-year award)
Please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't know that kids were suppose to go earlier than this. LOL
I was SO glad I watched Dr. Stewart's segment before I took my girls in for their first visit, though... because he was RIGHT ON!  You've GOT to watch this!  Such good advice!

Click through to my blog, if in a reader, to see the video
So... for me... the BEST thing to do to prepare my kids was to say... only POSITIVE things... and ONLY if THEY asked me questions about our upcoming visit!
And then once I was there... I'll tell you what I did, to make my kids literally BEG to go back to the
"cool dentist"... ready?....................
Yup.  I did, and more importantly... SAID... nothing.
Because... let me tell you about the staff at Little People's.... WOW!
These ladies have got it goin' on!  They know exactly what to say, and how to say it, to make my kids do ANYTHING, without being "scared" or worried.
I just stood there, with a smile and a camera up in everyones faces... the whole time.  Cheering them along! LOL.
I know, I'm totally a freak, but I HAD to document the FIRST dentists visits!!!...right?

So, another thing that I didn't know.
Um... Kids should FLOSS, people! lol
Actually.  Mom and Dad should floss FOR them.  But I guess I just didn't think it was that big of a deal yet.
It is.
Emberly TOTALLY had "sugar bugs!"
  (aka: crap in between her teeth, that I can't see or get, when I help her brush)
hee hee.
Flossing is a MUST now, in our house...after a good talkin' to from the Doc.

I think that Jocey's favorite part of the whole thing was her
"new toothbrush!"
Ready for this story...
When Jocey saw the actual toothbrushes for the first time, to choose from, she gasped and looked at me and said...
"MOM!  These are the kind that we NEVER get!
Because we don't have that much money, LOOK!"
Ya.  Um... FIY, don't ever tell your kids that you can't "afford" the expensive name-brand princess toothbrushes at Target... it will come back to haunt embarrass the heck out of you.

Out of all of my kids, I have to say... that I was MOST worried about Aubrielle.
I'm sure you know by now, from my posts, that she can be...
freakin' crazy, very energetic
Can I just tell you, that I have NEVER... EVER,
seen that child sit SO still, and listen SO well!
Really... Zamaris, you should get a raise!
This woman had Aubrielle smiling, giggling and cooperating the entire time.
It was so nice to just sit back, and not worry about my normally "wild" kid. lol

 How could you NOT love Zamaris's Winnie the Pooh toothbrushes, and awesome
chair rides!
In the picture above she was telling me... 
"Mom!... yook at me w'idding, up and dow'n"

I love these pictures of Aubrielle checkin' out the "Teeth Camera"
WHO get's an almost 3 year old to put DENTAL film in their mouths, to take pictures!?
Um... Zamaris does... lol.
And puzzles while you wait for the dentist?... yes please :)
They've seriously got everything covered for the kiddos that come in here.

I love this picture.
Honestly Dr. Stewart is SO good with kids.
He has 5 beautiful children of his own, so he's had a bit of practice I think. lol.

Oh!  And don't forget the prizes on the way out.  That's the best part!

Emberly has a "sugar bug" cavity that needs to be taken care of next week and when Zamaris told her that after she gets that sugar bug taken care of, she could pick another prize...
guess who freaked out, and wanted to come back too?
Jocey. lol.
Ya.  I don't think I ever thought my kids would WANT to go back to the dentist. ha!

Okay, but honestly, if you don't know WHERE to take your kids in the Salt Lake Valley, for dental care, you HAVE to check out Little People's Dental, in South Jordan.  They are awesome!
Oh!  And go HERE to see more Studio 5 segments that Dr. Stewart has done.
They are ALL really informative.  I just discovered these the other day.

I hope that this is information is helpful for some other Utah Mom's, who are looking for a great Specialized Pediatric Dentist, and all around GOOD dental experience for their kids.
Because I know that I had NO IDEA where to even START looking for a "kid Dentist", when we needed one... and for ME... recommendations, for Doctors and Dentists, are HUGE!

Okay ladies!...signing off, with...


  1. thanks for sharing! this was great info ive been dreading taking my son and i know he needs to go

  2. Maybe I should fly to that dentist to be seen. Had horrible and I mean putting in fillings without any pain medication at all and then pulling on the nerve and hearing this big old fat guy say "does this hurt?" Are you kidding me???? My mother could hear me scream from the other room and just figured I was a big baby about things. nope he was a monster.

    I have made sure that my daughter goes and now granddaughter but I'm the biggest offender of being such a wuss that I literally should take blood pressure medicine just to walk thru the door.

    Good for your kids and good for you for finding such a great dentist.

  3. wow what a GREAT video! I so needed to watch that. My little guy Noah is 2 now so I have been DREADING taking him to the dentist. Just getting his haircut is a HUGE, and I mean HUGGGE ordeal so I just can't imagine what it would be like at the dentist office. I'm glad it was such a great experience for you and your girls! yay!!

  4. Oh my word!!! Our daughters have the same name :) Hahaha, I just don't seriously ever see it, so I'm thrilled. I spell it slightly different though, Emberley. So fun!

  5. hehe you're so cute! I love the bit about the "new toothbrush" hahah that is too funny.

  6. My son will be three in March and the Pediatrician has been nagging me to take him! Like one of your girls, he is my "wild child", and I am so scared to take him. Maybe I will luck out like you did!

    As of this evening, I am a new follower and I hope you'll come visit us and maybe follow us back if I'm lucky?

    Sara :)

  7. my little girl is 4 . I took here to the dentist at 3 to get her teeth cleaned . she did good but had a suger bug to get fixed . he told her he was putting a bubble in her mouth . she didnt even cry !!! :) when we got to the car she wanted to do it again.

  8. This pissed me off{not really}...BUT, I want to go to him and have heard such awesome things about him! But, he doesnt take our insurance, our pediatrician is in the same office, you think that would have insurance rules for people haha! Ironic that you posted this today, I made my kids their very first dentist appt. today. Eek
    LOVE your blog.

    P.S. My daughter will be 6 in January and has never been before, so I as well am up for "Mother of The Year" YAY

  9. I just had to say that I was the same way.....had no idea that kids needed to go to the dentist when they were little and when I took my 5 yr old in for the first time, my heart sank when the receptionist exclaimed Oh wow, she's NEVER been to the dentist before! Ugh....I didn't want to be THAT mom. Oh well! BUT, I did find another pediatric dentist who has THE coolest office....much like the one you go too. It was awesome! I couldn't get over all the little details and things they had for my kids. I was scared to death to take them (all 3.....ages 5, 4, 2) at the same time, but every single person that worked in the office was amazing and my kids can't wait to go back. I wanna go there too!


  10. I'm not in Utah but he looks great! I'm fortunate enough to have my brother as our dentist, so my kids like going to Uncle Ben. He also recommended that we buy those flossers. My kids LOVE them and they floss everyday because they can take them in the car as we're running out in the morning. With your kiddos being younger, you may have time in the morning but I don't. :) Good for you to take them!! Beautiful girls need beautiful teeth!!

  11. That is really cool. I worked at a dental office in high school and had to give the patients a neck and shoulder massage after they got a shot! Nice for them, a little weird for me!

  12. We have a awesome dentist here in the Sacramento area..we have been going there FOREVER.everyone knows us by name now. My daughter actually loves to get cavities filled..CRAZY child! Only a good dentist does that!
    Oh..I didn't take my kids to the dentist forever too..we didn't have dental insurance for a long time so it was something that we just didn't do..a big no no when your child is prone to cavities like mine. I now have the little flossers on the bathroom counter in a candy dish as a reminder for all to FLOSS..FLOSS..FLOSS!

  13. This is great!!! We don't have any children yet, and live in Southern California... but something about this sweet story makes me want to go to Utah for a dentist visit!!! love it

  14. I don't have kids but I loved this post! I would have loved going to the dentist as a kid if this is what you had to look forward to! Your little girls looked to really enjoy their first dentist outing! Loved the cute pics:)

  15. Pretty smiles!

    I'm a long time reader and just wanted to say hi. I am officially your newest "follower", too (though I've been following unofficially for some time).

    I'd be so thrilled if you'd consider following me, too


  16. Thank you for your speedy delivery of the owl decals that I ordered!

    Henderson, Nevada

  17. I love that they had such a good time at the dentist. I was always so scared of the dentist as a kid. I'm wondering if you have heard of any good kid dentsits in the American Fork/Lehi area.

    Also I love that you have a Jocelynn that you call Jocey. We call our Jocelyn Jocey as well.

  18. Deb, There is a great pediatric dentist in Lindon. Dr. Segura is great! Here is their website! http://www.lindonpediatricdentistry.com/

  19. Thank you for sharing this! My oldest just turned three and at our last doc visit he said it was time for the dentist. Like you, I didn't know where to start. It's been on my mind, so I thank you for the post.

    greg & karen gunnell (remember us? draper singles ward?)

  20. LOL, my 5-year old daughter rats me out to her friends when I tell her she can't have a playdate when the house is too messy, or when I have a bad day and yell at her, OR when I tell her we can't buy something because we don't have the money. Ha!!

    We have some excellent pediatric dentists here in Southern Utah. They make such a difference! I'm taking my kids in a couple of weeks.

  21. OH MY! I am seriously thinking about taking my little boy here... My husband is looking at me like I'm crazy. It's about a 2 hour drive. But I think it would be totally worth it! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

  22. We go to Dr. Stewart - he is AWESOME!!! My kids love going to the dentist, even the 3 yr old. My 6 1/2 yr old son had to have a cavity filled, and they offered to do it with the nitrous gas, but I didn't want to go that route, and Dr. Stewart was completely fine with that. He took extra special care to make sure my son didn't see that huge needle going in his mouth, and it went SO smooth the little guy had NO idea he had gotten shots at all - that's how awesome they did! We went back a few months later for preventive fillings on a couple of molars, and again, he had no idea a needle had been involved at any point. The hygienists are terrific and do so well with the kids, I have been really impressed.

  23. Thanks for the info Shelley! I actually took Jack just before he turned two because his doc said to. It was fine, but not much happened. I am thinking of taking him again before he turns 3, but I will NOT go back to the same dentist. I have been looking for someone good and so I will look into him! Thanks for the info!

  24. Oh, I need that dentist where I'm at!!! I always have the worst experience with my girls at the dentist. And hey...I'm having my 4th girl and I've got to know where you got those cute headbands and your youngest's top from. Sooo cute!

  25. Hey! We go to Dr. Stewart too! If you want the best for your kids, he's the one to go to! I'm glad you jumped on the Little People's train! Woot! Woot! They're the best! :D

  26. I just clicked over here to see if there was info on WHEN to take your child to the dentist.....

    Do you say ONE?? On my I thought it was 5 or 6!! Great info Thanks!

  27. Thanks Dr for the wonderful treatment of my kids!


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