Master Bedroom Paint and Pre-Halloween-ing

{Pre - Halloween Celebrations}
Just a quick paint change... hee hee

Today the girlies got to dress up in their Halloween costumes for school.
They were SO excited!...
Never mind that I had to wake up about an hour earlier to not only get MYSELF ready, but 3 other girls, as well...  "special hair-do's" and all.
Yes.  We are princesses... again. LOL.
They love it, and "we" don't care if we were princesses last year, or not! ha.

Aubrielle isn't in school yet... but she wanted to get in on the fun too :)
I LOVE this picture.  Ooo... definitely the cutest bumblebee I've seen in a LONG time  :)

Speaking of doing EXTRA work today...
Remember in our video when I was talking about how our bathroom looked... purple or blue... or... just NOT the gray we thought it would be?

Well... Cason and I were standing in our bathroom this morning getting ready... Aubrielle walked in,
sleepy-eyed... sat on the potty and said, in her scratchy morning voice...
"Mommy?... Daddy?... You gonna paint your baf-room blue???"
And it didn't stop there... The twins were both asked what color they thought it was.
Emberly plainly said... "Oh!  It's blue, Mom."  And Jocey also agreed... but only after stating... 
(in her serious voice)... 
"Mom... stop it.  Why are you asking me that?  You already KNOW what color that is!"
LOL.........Uhhhh... apparently NOT!
It made me laugh this morning.

Sooooo ... obviously I had to go find a new color today, to "warm" up the look that we are going for.
I think I found a GREAT one :)
what?... you don't have a crazy kid who touches and plays with everything, and princesses in YOUR Home Depot paint department?
Weird. (shrug)

I'm heading up to start on the new color, now... I want to get it done tonight... and have it drying, while we put up the boards on the walls!
I'm SOOOO excited for that part!!!
This weekend is going to be crazy, so it's kind of our last night to get some stuff done, till next week.


  1. I saw your darling princess' today and your "Bee"-utiful bee! Love the costumes! Good Luck on the Bathroom redo too!

  2. Your girls are just adorable, they must be so photogenic, their pics are always so cute! Happy Halloween!

  3. Those are awesome princess costumes, where did you find them?? I for one despise the disney ones, ugh!

  4. I love their costumes! Your littlest makes me want to be a bumble bee for Halloween! So adorable!!!

  5. Your girls are so cute! Those are the for reals princess costumes. Plus Aubrielle as a bee with that sassy pose is to die for. Good luck with the gray. We just went through that too!!!

  6. Those are some STELLAR costumes!!

    And the princess in the paint department! LOL!!! sooo funny!

  7. Wow the girl's costumes are SO cute! Aubrielle looks adorable.

  8. oh my gosh your little bumble bee is the cutest little thing I've ever seen. adorable!!

  9. Have fun!! We are trunk or treating it tomorrow night, but Thriller sounds like a blast! Maybe next year...

  10. I guess we never get tired of being princesses!

  11. So cute -- especially the little bee costume!


  12. LOL! I can totally relate to this! I was so excited to paint my coffee colored walls a light creamy color from Benjamin Moore. It was a splurge for me to get paint somewhere else other than Walmart at the time. It was from the Aura collection and they said you didn't need to prime and would only need one coat---well, instead of the beautiful color I thought it was going to be---I have everyone say "I like your yellow walls" UGH! I don't have the energy to repaint all the living area walls a second coat to see if that works. So, yellow walls it is for now :)

  13. The kiddos look darling! Love that bumblebee! Good luck with the bathroom project. Date Night sounds like a lot of fun, have a good one!!

  14. Haha! Love the Home Depot pics. I cannot take my children to home depot without them insisting that we visit the paint department (who am I kidding, that is usually my destination, anyway) so they can pick out samples. As we drive home, I listen to them discussing the various merits of their colors and why I just have to paint their rooms neon green and aqua blue....or whatever combination appeals to them at that moment.

  15. Just found your blog. Love it!

  16. Your girls are just too cute! What a happy family you have!

    From Virginia

  17. found you on whatever dee dee wants!! you have a lovely blog and the girls are soo cute!!!

  18. Such pretty girls! Loving the costumes, we had a little bee one year, one of my favorites.

  19. Awwww... I love the Princesses and the cute little bee!!

  20. They are too stinkin' cute!! I can't believe how big Aubrielle is getting :(
    Too funny about the paint color! We're just getting ready to paint our bedroom too, also a gray..why in the world is it such a hard color?!?

  21. Your kids are so cute. I love the twins costumes and she looks so cute in the bumble bee costume. Glad it ended up fitting and working out. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Now can you get your Christmas done now so I can get some fabulous ideas?? Just kidding. Can't wait though.


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