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Gimmie Some More Cabo!

Woah!... okay, okay!
 I've had a ton of emails asking me about WHERE Cason and I actually vacationed in Cabo, and if I had any more pictures I could share of the resort ...after my last post!
Sorry guys, I wasn't even thinking that you would want to know or see more.  Didn't want to bore anyone with our "vacation slides" haha!
Here are a few more pictures and info:

When we finally arrived in Cabo, after a little bit of a layover. lol.

We drove up to our resort from the airport.
It took about 20 minutes or so.
Here is the entrance to our resort.
Our Resort was actually called
The Fiesta Americana!
It's BEAUTIFUL inside.
When you walk in, they hand you cool eucalyptus scented towels, and fresh fruit!

This was our room.
The view from our porch.
LITERALLY you could feel the mist from the crashing waves if they were big enough.
This was the common area.
It has a full kitchen.  So we just bought a bunch of groceries in town, and made most of our meals at home.
Deck off of the common area

Hotel Grounds:

Fire Pit and Restaurant
Walk down to the Pools
There were these shaded hammocks everywhere.
Ya... we napped on them at LEAST once a day. LOL
Our favorite pool.
My new friend.
hee hee. jk

This was down at the beach

They had a bunch of shower areas to rinse off the sand, before you hit the pools again :)
Everyone kept asking me what these were...
They are outdoor massage booths, on the beach.
Oooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! ha!
So the one thing about this resort, is that it's LITERALLY built ON a mountain.
So it's REALLY hard to walk anywhere, other then to the pool and the beach, so you have to take golf carts EVERYWHERE.
We didn't mind :)  Just make sure you have a lot of "pesos" if you get my drift :)
This cart driver was our favorite.
He actually gave Cason and I bracelets at the end of our vacation. lol
"Friendship bracelets" he called them.
I thought it was sweet.
He said his wife made them for only his "favorite customers"

Really, it's SO beautiful EVERYWHERE you go, on the coast.
But we LOVED the Fiesta Americana.
GREAT accommodations, AWESOME views, and an outstanding staff! :)

My parents and little bro went with us too.
SO MUCH FUN with family!
(and a "mucho loco" guitar singer...lol)

one of the most asked questions...(funny enough)
"Who took the pictures of you and Cason???". lol.

My little bro did :)

Some of our MOST favorite "couple" pictures of all time!
Thanks Jeff! :)

Hope that answers your questions, and gives you a little more info about our trip!


  1. I only hate you a little bit for posting that awesome pool pic. ;) ;)

  2. THat vacation looks amazing! Just wanted to let you know I featured your blog (again). I can't help myself. I just love what you come up with...it's always so adorable! I've created a featured button if you'd like to grab it. :)

  3. Oh wow! How I envy you!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How much fun is that!! Love the couple pix you two are darling !
    Hubby and I are heading to Cancun in January

    Having a giveaway and would love for you to come enter and help spread the word too : )

  5. I love the pic of Cason looking out on the balcony and how it just looks like a silhouette. You guys look so happy and refreshed. Ah, vacation.
    I need some :)
    Even just a trip to Wal Mart sans kids would suffice.

  6. Ok I need to go there right now!!! I am booking my plane ticket and room ASAP!!!! Thanks for sharing this info!!!!

  7. This looks amazing! We went to Cabo on our honeymoon a few years ago and LOVED it! What a great place!

  8. What a dream vacation! Sounds so so nice...I'll come back in January when we are hit with 100 feet of snow and I'll drool over the pictures again. (Of the sand, not weird and ones of you and Cason - although those are pretty fang cute!) HA!

  9. Looks beautiful! My husband and I just went to Cabo in April and our place looked so much like that but it isn't the same. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, over in the mountain area. We also had the carts to drive you through the grounds with tons of pools. We weren't allowed to swim in the ocean where we stayed. It was gorgeous though so I didn't care!! :)

  10. OH Shelley!! BEAUTIFUL! Those pictures of you and Cason are WONDERFUL. They would be my most favorite too! When my hubby get home from work I'm going to show this post and the other one to him. Then I'm just going to give him "the look" and we'll see where that takes us! LOL

  11. I've just added Cabo to my list of must see places. It looks so beautiful and relaxing. BTW, You 2 are the cutest!


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