My Ultimate Vacation

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Okay... so let's talk, ultimate family vacation, people.
I could SO use one right now. LOL

Remember Cabo?
NO?  You don't?  because I never posted  about it here?
Well... you just hold onto your cold fruity drink then!...
(need a good image to get you in that "relaxed on a beach, with a cold drink in hand" frame of mind?)

hee hee.

So last year, before I even STARTED this blog, Cason and I went to Cabo.
It was Ah-MAZING!
And sadly, the FIRST time I'd EVER been out of the states!
Um... passports are expensive, yo!
We stayed at an amazing resort, RIGHT on the beach!
It was like Heaven.
I know... it looks so great, that you don't believe I even took that picture.
Wrong. lol.
here we are obstructing the beautiful view with our red cheeks and sweaty faces.

Anyway, it was probably the FIRST time, in a LONG time that I had been in total "Aw" of my surroundings.
I immediately knew, I wanted to bring my babies back here someday, so they could see what I was seeing.
The colors, the feeling... it was so amazing.
Don't get me wrong, I was MORE then happy to be with "my man" for the whole week... Just me and him...
but there's just something about Cabo, that makes you want to invite EVERYONE you know, to vacation with you there!
(hmmm... I know... I sound like an ad on the radio... MOVING ON!) ha!
Pictures are always good.
SO I'll stop talking, and show you some:

So...  Who's in for next year?
I may or may not have just mentally deposited the first $20 into my "Cabo Fund"

Side Notes:
1:  Yes, you saw me in about a 1/4 of my bathing suit.  Ew.
Please note, that will NEVER happen again.

2:  Also, I had my hair cut up to my chin last year.
It was nice and cool, and I might need to revisit that style here soon, I feel like I'm in a "hair rut"
When does the "hair saga" of my life EVER end.
Cut it... hate it.  Grow it... hate it.  Cut it... hate it.
You get the picture.

3:  Why do me and Cason look about 5 years younger and 20lbs lighter?
It's the tans...............(shut up... it's the TANS, okay!)

4:  Cason needs to rock a "chin strap" again.
That thing was "Muy Caliente!"

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  1. i love your writing! you freakin crack me up. You are just gorgeous! be proud of yourself!!

  2. We went to Cabo last year too for our honeymoon. It's so beautiful I would do just about anything to be pool siding with my man and cold drink. It was HOT HOT we were their in August.

    I can total relate to the hair thing,girl

  3. I'd LOVE a vacation with my family darn near anywhere! We've still never done the obligatory Disney vacation (though rest assured, that is NOT on my list as a 'dream' vacation).

    If we could go anywhere, I'd pick Tahiti. The Hubs and I were SUPPOSED to Honeymoon there until the IRS got our Honeymoon money (don't get hitched in tax season!)

  4. SO much fun! I know I look at pictures of my husband before kids and it looks like we were still in high school! Yikes!

    Also..be careful getting your man to grown anything on his face. I told the hubs that I liked the little goatee he had...and now he won't stop growing it...yeah...he is a heavy sleeper...so maybe a trim is in order? Kidding!

  5. That trip looked so wonderful. Beautiful!! Count me in for Cabo: Round 2 - LOL!

    I could use a vacay too - serious.


  6. That picture of you and your hubby on the hammock...ADORABLE! I just found your blog recently and I just love it, you're stinkin' cute :)

  7. I was LOVING your hair and then you said how you were considering going back. I'm voting YES on that one.

    You rocked it.

  8. Wow- I want to be on a beach somewhere!!! So I have to tell you, if you win a vacation you should totally do Costa Rica! Seriously! My husband has earned several trips the past 3 years through his work, and we have been to Kawauii, Seaside OR, Cabo, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. Out of all those places Costa Rica was hands down my favorite! Ten times prettier and more magical than Cabo! If you check it out, look up La Fortuna (not sure on spelling) it is a place where you get to sleep at the base of an active volcanoe and you even can see it erupting! The most amazing hikes to waterfalls that you could swim in - zip lining, and hot springs are there and we were surrounded by monkeys! (and it's cheaper than Hawaii!) Worth checking it out! I swear you two are the cutest couple ever!

  9. What a FUN trip!!! I need a vacation like that SO SO bad!!
    I am agreeing 110% that tans make you look super svelte and skinny! I blame every picture I take from October to April where I look 30 lbs heavier on the fact that I am pasty white.

    Hey - fill a girl in on where the Salvation Army is around here. I have tried to find one (since I think DI prices are going up) and I have yet to locate one that is up and running! Since yard sale season is winding down I need a backup plan!

  10. You guys are so cute! I have only been out of the states once too, I am kinda chicken. We went to Mexico for our honeymoon 10 years ago
    :( I would love to go to Hawaii. First we said we were going for our 5 year anniversary but that came way too quick and then our 10 year well ummmm well we have 3 kids who the heck can afford Hawaii? Maybe for our 50th LOL!

  11. awww... you guys are sooo cute! Jan or Feb is usually when I'm itching to get out of snowland! Cabo looks it would really nice to visit.. sans kidlets.

  12. I'm down for some Cabo! We took our honeymoon in Riviera Maya and it was phenom! Loved it.


  13. I found your blog through another blog from another blog . . . and so on and so on and so on. I've been stalking your blog for two days now ~ reading and studying and sighing and totally smiling with happiness! I don't even know you, and I feel like I've met a new friend! Thanks for sharing your creativity and your thoughts on your blog! I feel very blessed this weekend! ((HUGS)) Cheryl

  14. That vacation looks DIVINE....ahhh I could go for a yummy drink on the BEACH! Could you share what resort you stayed at and any other tips?

  15. can i just tell you how beautiful you are? Your face beams with your personality, and makes me want to meet you in person!

  16. love your hammock kissing pic. so sweet. :)

  17. lisaaanderson@hotmail.comOctober 17, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Love your blog! The Cabo pics are great, even bathing suit ones. You are beautiful!!

  18. I can so see my fluffy self in Cabo...now to convince Mr. Wonderful ;o)


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