What Happens Between Projects

{More Going On's}

What we do, between projects:

Play in the snow
We're suppose to have ANOTHER huge blizzard tonight... here's hopin'
that we don't lose power again...

 Eat cookie batter Bake Cookies
Before I get comments about this...
yes.  We.eat.cookie.batter.
I know.  Raw eggs... blah, blah, blah

Visit Cute new Nieces 
My sisters baby, Abigail was blessed earlier this month!

Receive Gum Wrapper Manicures
...from your hubby who needs to entertain himself, during church
Don't ask me how he did it.
I was actually listening to the speaker...
He was pretty proud of them though, so I thought I'd snap a picture. lol

Get blown away at the New Hoover Dam Bridge
This thing is MASSIVE...and so amazing to see in person.
If you're ever passing over it, stop and take the short hike to the top, and enjoy the view!

Let the Kirby Guy Clean my Carpets...
While you make your poor neighbor and her daughter watch the whole demonstration
.... because your hubby and kids aren't home, and you don't want to be alone with the
overly excited Kirby Sales-guy. 
...and then BECAUSE your hubby isn't home...
buy a vacuum from the said, sales-guy... that you can't afford, because you're a
clean freak, and the amount of dirt he pulled up from your carpet makes you want
to vomit!

Fake out our Readers :)
Remember this shot?  Looks so clean and nice...

and then...if I juuuuust... turn around...
BAM!  What the.....
Story of my life. LOL
Sometimes it's all an illusion.
I'm okay with that, if you are :)

Alright... I'm off to work on a project...
for a cute neighbor gift idea.
I'm totally stuck on what to do.  I feel like it's all "been done"
wish me luck!


  1. Oh Im so envious of all your snow! It's unseasonably warm here and it just doesn't feel right this time of year! Enjoy!

  2. Shelly ok I once had the Kirby person come to my house. They stayed for 3 hours! Finally I said I really need to get my child into bed. Please wrap this up. I think I said that several times. They didn't leave until almost 10 at night! I didn't buy their vacuum but sure wanted to. I have learned those kirby sales people will end up moving in with you if you don't ask them to wrap it up already.

  3. LOL! I love your view when you turn around, looks more like my house! Glad to see that sometimes it is an illusion!

  4. I love your blog! I love that you have a real life and eat cookie dough (it's fantastic and if you don't eat it you are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures) and have a messy house sometimes. It happens!!

  5. We, too, eat raw cookie dough & enjoy every tasty bite! :) We, too, bought a vacuum from the said Kirby salesman because of the insane amount of dirt he pulled up, gross! He, too, stayed until 10 o'clock at night. The snow, however, we don't have in Vegas. Enjoy it!!

  6. yeah, I loved that Kriby demo (just not how LONG it is!!) but I passed on the salesman and right when he left I looked one up on Craigslist for a steal - score!

  7. Wow!!! busy busy! Hope you didn't get too much snow (just enough to have fun in). A messy house is a happy house... just sayin' ;) Happy Thanksgiving week!!!

  8. I LOVE this post! It's so my life too! Play outside *check* eat raw cookie dough *check* meet new nephews *sorry no girls this time, two little boys* camoflauge (butchered the spelling) the house for pictures/ visiting teachers *check*. Thanks for keeping it real!

  9. Love the beautiful picture of your Christmas decor and how you turned the camera! Priceless...I remember when you posted that picture I was so envious I thought how in the heck is she doing it!! Great job!

  10. LOVE cookie dough!!!!!

  11. My Mom had a Kirby...you will LOVE it! They are an investment, but you will for sure love it! My Mom's had a bunch of crazy attachements that you could do really random tings with!
    I'm in Utah as well, the news is advising people to leave work at 3. SCARY! But we have expected big storms before and nothing happened. I'm anxious to see if we really have a blizzard! I don't recall ever having an actual blizzard warning issued! Love your blog!

  12. Ok, you're SO awesome and so is your blog. I'm pretty sure I'm officially addicted to your blog now. Thanks. :) You're on my top FAV list...yay! lol....

    Also, do you home school?

  13. love it!
    and if anyone wants to buy a kirby half price let me know! i was suckered, but its an amazing vacuum!

  14. Shelley,

    Your so stinkin cute!!!! I love how you display your life w/your cute family. When the boys were little I would let them have cake for breakfast.. What it has flour, eggs, milk... see balanced right? Yeah my mom didn't think so either but they were my kids LOL...

  15. I like you even more now that I saw the other half of that photo

  16. oh so hilarious!!
    love the "real life" photo to make me feel good about my own reality. Which is 90% of the time messy with 3 kids. Yeesh.

  17. HaHa! Love this! So my life too. All I can say is thank goodness for the crop tool! Good to know everyone is pretty much the same. We LOVE cookie dough at our house :)!

  18. Loved this post!!
    I love raw cookie dough!! Been eating it all my life and my kids do too. Cake batter is yummy too!
    I agree with many of the above posts....thanks for keeping it real!

  19. I'm okay with the illusion if you are! :) Looking forward to stealing your neighbor gift idea. Muchos gracias in advance!

  20. Oh My Gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping it real! It seems as though I can't even get a clean shot some times.

    Yes, I too am totally addicted to your totally fun personality! I would have loved to come over and sit and watch the Kirby guy with you!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained and always in awe at your craftiness and inspiration!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. you are too cute. Love the fake out! :)
    BTW, I am a raw cookie dough eater, never gotten sick BUUUUUT.... I will say for *anyone* interested I recently read in BHG that you can buy pasteurized eggs if you're truly worried about the raw egg in dough thing. Which I'm not. Just sayin. ;) Happy Thanksgiving Smith family!

  22. Hey long time no see, I want to check out those nails. And who would watch someone elses Kirby demo? Come say Hi before your snowed in!!! Love ya and your cute girls!!! I have some red treats for Aubrey!!

  23. Love that last pic! Sometimes when I read all these cute blogs about decorating, I just get depressed because my house will never be that organized, & (frankly) unrealistically tidy. It sure is good to know that at least one blogger out there has a real-life house!

  24. You are too funny, love cookie dough and my kiddos love licking the beaters. I for one am okay with your illusion we all have one, but I think you posting reality is awesome.

  25. Oh those cookies look amazing................ I need one right now.

  26. what about winter scented kitchen hand soap from williams sonoma or rest. hardware? it smells so yummy. it's a nice hostess gift!


  27. Auh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last photo when you turn around. It makes me feel just a little more normal :) By the way your girls are so super cute! They are getting so big!

  28. I just laughed out loud at the last two photos. That is SO my house too! I am usally pushing stuff out of the way to take blog photos. It only stays nice and clean for a short time around here. Your baby niece is too cute!!! And that bridge is AMAZING. Wow! All great photos!

  29. I never have enough cookie dough left over to bake any..my kids gobble it up fast! Anxious to see what cute neighbor gift you have up your sleeve..I know you will come up with something great as always!

  30. Regarding cookie dough - I've eaten at least twice my weight in cookie dough in my life and have never once gotten even a tummy ache. I don't buy this ridiculous 'don't eat raw dough' nonsense for one minute! ;)

  31. This is one of the funniest posts! You are always funny, but, this one rocked. I too stare fate in the eye and let my whole family eat raw cookie dough...but my favorite is the Kirby guy. My mom bought one when I was in jr. high after the demo he did and I so wish I had one!

  32. HA!!! Ya know what is so funny. I actually had a melt down one evening telling my hubby that "all these blog women have such beautiful clean houses and I CAN'T KEEP OUR APT CLEAN" *Sob sob sob* "and they have beautiful things everywhere and if I put up anything nice Alie steals it and I find it crushed in the bottom of her toy box" *sob sob* I figured it out tho....it's all about the picture and whats NOT in it! :)

  33. YES the cookies do look amazing...care to share the recipe??

  34. Awwww....the snow pics make me pea green with envy (we're still wearing shorts and flip-flops here in Dallas)!!!! And the illusion part made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! We have five children under 13 and often tell friends and family that half of our house is designated as "backstage" ... just like at Disney, only the cast and crew is allowed in that part of the place ... for safety's sake and all! LOL!!!

  35. Hilarious!! Love the "Fake out" the gum wrapper manicure and the cookie dough eating--just hilarious!!


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