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Who's ready for Christmas!!!?
you're not?
Okay, well then I have some really fun, beautiful, totally amazing Christmas/Everyday decor that you're definitely going to want to check out, at Pier 1.
First... can I just say, that I was SO pleasantly surprised by the vast array of items that Pier 1 offers now???
I haven't been there for quite a while, and after the other day... I'm totally putting Pier 1 on my
"Saturday Shopping Hit List"
I was practically drooling over things, as I wandered through the store.
Particularly these few items...
 Yellow Flower Stick Wreath - for my front door
White Ornate Frames - for my twin girls's room

Colorful Chic Bird Canvas Prints - for my office remodel
Quatrefoil Pearled Mirror - for my "someday" guest bedroom

PS.  I can also think of about 10 different people I could GIFT any one of these items to, for Christmas!

But I was REALLY there to find the last "ta-da" piece for my Christmas Shelves, I had been decorating...

When it comes to Christmas decorating, or really... ANY kind of decorating for holidays, you know that I like to try and stick to decorations that will stay in my "homes, theme".  Meaning... I'm probably not going to have a purple and red Christmas... because it just... wouldn't "go" with everything else I own.
I love when Holiday decor is just "lightly splashed" around a home, instead of becoming an "eyesore" of sorts.

I think that's what I loved so much about Pier 1.
They had SO much to choose from, that you could have gone ANY direction with your decorating.
So there was something for everyone!
I'm not gonna lie.  I was REALLY drawn to the beautiful color of red, that Pier 1has this year.
It's that really pretty, deep, classy, cranberry red.
So warm, and cozy!  Red just screams "Christmas" to me.
Even though I didn't go with red this year as a theme... I want to show you what I WOULD have done, if I had.
Everything here is Pier 1.  Isn't that AWESOME!? One stop shop!
I LOVE this Window Wall picture / Christmas card, frame... because it can stay up year round!

Okay... so the look, as most of you know, that I had already gravitated towards this year, was a
"Winter Wonderland" of sorts.
The whites, blues, greens... that sort of thing.
It has been SO much fun gathering new pieces for my Christmas decor collection.
Here were some of my absolute FAVES from Pier 1, that I plan on adding.
Okay... so I guess that's a lot. HA!
But, for the time being... I DID snag this beauty.

Isn't he just the perfect addition for finishing off the "Christmas look"?
And the best part, is that he goes with either the "warm" or the "cool" tones.
Love him!!!

Okay... so I have to tell you, that Pier 1 had LOTS of great deals!  And they have GOBS of holiday entertaining dinnerware to look at too.  Even made ME want to throw a dinner party (and I don't even cook!) LOL.
You MUST check them out!
Oh!  And on your way there, pick up a toy or two, to bring to your store.
This year Pier 1 is doing Toys for Tots.  And they are taking unwrapped toys, for donations.
Also... during the month of November, Pier 1 will be donating a $1.00 to Toys for Tots, for every "like" that they receive on facebook.  So head on over, and support a good cause, with just one little click! :)

Now this post wouldn't be complete, without a low quality...set to my favorite Christmas song (this year)... video, from me, and my shoppin' buddy :) Ha!

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  1. I love Pier One. They have great stuff and I'm always pleasantly surprised at the prices!

  2. Love Pier 1...tho I don't often take something home.

  3. I LOVE LOVE your video! It completely put me in the shopping spirit. It was awesome! And the star of the video is a CUTIE. ;)

  4. Wow...Pier 1 has got some good looking stuff...thanks for the sneek peak and the cute video...your daughter's a natural in front of the camera :-)

  5. When my husband and I first started dating, he worked at Pier 1. I loved picking him up from work because he smelled just like the store. I still remember that scent! Now my sister-n-law works there. She loves it! She gets the most amazing discount and is always buying us the best stuff from there. My house is chockful of all kinds of Pier 1 stuff. Love that place!

  6. ok so now I totally want to go to Pier 1. I havent been there in years-I actually forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder! PS LOVE your Christmas display!!!!!! Im going with blues, whites & silvers this year too! I is fun but sometimes hard to pass up all that Christmas Red goodness!

  7. I LOVE Pier 1!! I just took a trip to Pottery Barn and grabbed a bunch of cute items on clearance! LOVE me a deal!!! :)

  8. Going there today! I can't wait. I love those black and white ornaments!

  9. I love Pier One! I got a couple things there so far this year! Love the deer that you added, your display is so pretty!!

  10. Oh I love all of this!! I love all of the red decorations... Why can it not be Christmas all year round?????

  11. My son wanted to watch the video and he started waving vigorously at your little girl. He even had to watch it again and he said "My have a friend. My wave to my friend". Hahaha.

  12. I was there today!! I saw many great things, but only brought one little thing home. A glittery "Noel" ornament. I put it in a wreath in my kitchen, love it!

  13. They are going to hire you for their advertising department...LOVED that video!! :)

  14. Love your Pier 1 picks. I was trying to find the black window you have featured online but can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  15. What is that song? I love it! Couldn't help but dance in my seat! ....btw, you have great style and you're inspiring me to make my everyday "prettier"! Thanks!

  16. I love your blog- How Do I get sponsors or do you have any tips for me? :)


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