Cloud Beds, Planked Bathroom Walls & Friends

{Cloud Beds, Bathroom Walls & Bloggers}

This morning I had a funny conversation at breakfast... 
with this girl

Em: "Mom! I REALLY love those cloud beds!  I think I want one!  Did you see it?"

Me: (completely clueless)  "WHAT are you talking about, girl!"

Em:  "MooooOOom!  You know... the beds that feel's like's clouds in the sky!?  And then you can push them? But they don't pop or any'thing.  They just come back ...and feel the best!"

Me: (still clueless)  "Um... okay Emberly.  That sounds... great.  Guess you'll have to show me your cloud bed one day" (me thinking:  Whatever girl!  You are WHACKED out!)

Em:  "Okay Mom... I will.  When it comes on again"

Me:  (at this point I had lost interest in the weird "cloud bed" conversation)
30 minutes later...
Em:  "MOM! MOM!... Come here, QUICK!"
Me: (jogging into the living room) "What?"

Em:  "It's the bed I want!"

Oh for the LOVE of all things Tempur-Pedic!  I've GOT to find something for my kids to do today, besides watch TV!!!

Onto the bathroom...
Well... it's no surprise... that the Master bathroom is getting little if no attention.
I've been swamped with vinyl orders for Christmas (yay!)... so things will just have to wait, till I can get that part of my life under control. LOL
But here are some pictures of how things are going!
 We put up the fake-out baseboard trim... still to be painted
 And Cason busted out some boards, with the chop saw, and I nailed them up.
It actually went REALLY quick!
I'm hoping to get the big window framed out, this weekend
xx fingers crossed xx
We'll see how much work I get done today :)
But I DO love how it's turning out so far!
We talk too much
We laugh too loud
We make up words (Nakidity??)
We all "get it"
'nuff said  :)

Thanks for such a fun night out, ladies.
"talkin' blogs" and eatin' cheesecake...
Nothing gets better then that :)


  1. WHAT?? What-EVER lady! If you are out talking blogs AND eating cheesecake - I had better get an invite asap!! Now that is just rude. And now I am hungry for avocado egg rolls and I can't do a thing about it dang it!!

    ps..your kids watching temperpedic is like LuLu watching Diego to the point where she calls turtles "tortoises" - in English AND in Spanish. Yah, I'm a GREAT mom! LOL!

  2. I am loving the fake out baseboard idea! I thought of putting a flat board above it...but your solution is genius. Why am I not suprised! Sooo wish I could have been there last night! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. If you do want a "cloud bed", go to one of the Mattress Warehouse stores (in the greater Salt Lake area) for a fabulous deal!

  4. I had such a fun time talking to you until you almost peed your pants - LOL. You are the best girl! Love ya!


  5. Always fun getting to meet bloggers in real life with the same passions and talents!! Looks like you gals had a great time!

  6. bah hahahhaha! that's HILARIOUS. I love kids. So funny.
    How lucky/blessed are you to have bloggy friends around? so fun!

  7. I CANNOT wait to see the bathroom reveal!!

  8. I am jealous I want to go out with you girls. Good luck on the vinyl orders and the bathroom. Have a good night, Jen

  9. I AM JEALOUS!!! So not fair that all of you live in UT! ;D

  10. Looks like you girls had lots of fun!


  11. You're so darn cute Shelly!! I am so glad we finally had a chance to chat while you were down here!!

  12. How did I miss out on this gathering of amazing women???? I SOOO need another GNO where I get to spend time with you!

  13. That was some serious fun. I'm still trying to come up with an embarrassing moment...

  14. The funny part about your conversation with your daughter is I already knew what she was talking about. See, I have a 4 year old who wants the SAME thing. And a Wonder Hanger. I need to get her out more lol!

  15. I love the convo with your daughter! LoL! ;)

  16. You're "nakidity" word immediately reminded me of an episode of M*A*S*H when Radar used the word, "nakeditity". SO FUNNY!! Looks like you had a great time. =)

  17. I love the wood panel wall! That is going to look great.

  18. I guess I must live under a rock because I didn't realize until just now that you live in Utah....just like me! Maybe next time I'll have to hook up with all you lovely ladies! I've been wanting to meet some other Utah bloggers!

    I sooooo love your blog! You are just amazing!

  19. I just found your blog today and am now mildly obsessed (should I not have admitted that? :) I LOVE your style -- it is exactly what I look for! I can't wait to read more of your blog -- I have already seen sooooo many things I want to do to our home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Thanks for inspiring me to start blogging! I enjoy your projects so much!! You have given me such a creative boost, just the motivation I needed!

  21. So jealous too! It looks like such a good time!

  22. Lady! Nakedity is so underrated! I'm actually in a sate of nakedity as I type this! I kid! maybe! High five friend!

  23. Dude whats with my wonky finger? I loved meeting you for reals shell! You are the best!

    love your guts

  24. okay how in the world did you guys all get together?! Do you all live that close to each other? wishing I were there.



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