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I've been SO excited to share this with you ladies!
This next Wednesday, the 15th, me and a few of my closest blogging friends...
 will be hosting a fun
shopping night out, at a couple of Pier 1 Imports stores... here in Utah!
I'm so excited!
You MUST come!!!
I can't wait to meet you all!  This will be a really fun opportunity
to get lots of one on one time with our most favorite people!!!!

We will have two $500 gift cards to Pier 1 Imports to giveaway
at each location!
Awesome, right!?
 So tell your friends! Invite your neighbors, and get yourself to Pier 1, this Wednesday!
Pier 1 is also offering a special promotion just for all of our fabulous guests!
For every $50 you spend
you will receive a  $10 off  coupon
and you'll also earn an extra entry in the giveaway!
You do NOT have to be a blogger to attend.
We really wanted to have a fun location
for you to find your holiday gifts, chat, and meet all of YOU!

I'm THRILLED for the opportunity to hopefully be able to socialize with such great ladies, and
I'd love to be able to meet as may of you as possible!  So don't be shy!
Come on out and let's do some SHOPPING!

Hop on over to our Events page, over on Facebook, and let us know if you can make it!
Can't wait to meet you all!


  1. you're officially a celebrity.
    You. Are. A. Celeb.
    Congrats on your celebrity status ;)

    Wish I lived in UTAH!!!

  2. Oh...I'm jealous...I want to go! I wish I could come and meet ya'll, and shop.

  3. Very cool gig! I'd be there in a flash if I wasn't buried in BC Canada. Maybe Pier 1 can ship you all out here. For ME of course. :)


  4. Wish I lived in Utah :( for occasions like this

  5. Wish I could be there!! We will be on a plane on our way to Knoxville to visit my in-laws for Christmas.

  6. MAN.... I totally live in the wrong state! You ladies always do fun stuff out there Utah!

  7. Is it impolite to say that you are the one I'd like to meet, most :) (Char is my friend and neighbor, otherwise I'd want to meet her, too.)I don't follow the other blogs, but now I'll look forward to getting to know them better!

  8. Again, I wish I could come, what a fun group to hang out with!!!! Texas is a little far away tho. Ya'll have a fantastic time and know I will be with you in spirit! Question, what did you use to create that bloggers night out invite? I need to learn more about what is out there and what I need to purchase to create such things! Merry Christmas!

  9. OMG that is so cool. I wish I was in UTAH for a chance to meet you!
    Have fun!


  10. Oh, I would so love to come and meet you. But, alas, I am in MD so don't expect it to be a possibility...I love your blog so much.Can't wait to see what you have come up w/ everyday. We just put up a chandy in my laudry room I want it to look like yours. Wish me luck w/ that ceiling!!!

  11. I commented on this earlier and asked a question, did you get it?

  12. Yes yes yes I will come!!

    -vanessa inevergrewup.net

  13. I'm planning on being there and I can't wait! I'll make sure to bring my camera and my autograph book. ;)

  14. I am SO excited to go. I am going with my sister, Jennifer Jensen. WE can't wait :)


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