Christmas Cookie Exchange

This past week I popped over to Jen's house for a really fun cookie exchange that she was throwing.
Can I tell you that I was SO impressed with the amount of talent and time that these ladies put into their amazing treats they brought!?

I'm just sayin'... I may or may not have paid my Mom and Grandma to whip up a batch of decadent, soft, cake-like, triple chocolate cookies... for the soiree... lol.
No judging ... This is a busy month ... and my cookies always turn out gritty and dry :(
I will NOT be starting a baking / cooking blog anytime soon. ha!

Anyway... it was a blast!  Hanging out with all these fun ladies, meeting some new friends and wandering around Jen's beautiful home... (with her permission, of course) ha!
Jen, Kami, and Me

Jen even took the time to make this fabulous chalkboard tree, painted on canvas.
We all signed it with chalk pens, when we walked in.
Genius much!?  SUCH a cute idea!
This girl!... how does she do it all???

Kami, me, Jen, Amy
Let's pretend I'm in this fabulous group picture below, because I was on time... and not lost in the eastern part of the valley, that I'm SO NOT familiar with. LOL.

Thank you SO much Jen for hosting such a fun Christmas cookie exchange and opening up your gorgeous home for all of us chatty ladies!
PS.  When I told Cason that Jen had invited us all over for a cookie exchange party to her home, he promptly chimed in with...
"You would NEVER do that... huh?"  LOL.
He knows me ALL too well.  I would be SO paranoid... that we would be cleaning for WEEKS prior! LOL.

PPS...Thanks to Jen and her adorable Mom, for all these amazing pictures!


  1. Shelley --

    I adore you and I'm so happy you could come!! Your mom's cookies were delicious too!!

    Love ya girl!


  2. Wow...you Utah women know how to throw parties! What fun!! Kirsten's get together at Alice Lane looked like so much fun too.

  3. This looks like so much fun!!!! And the treats look delicious :)

  4. Awww you guys are all so cute. I was just talking to Amy (Ameroonie Designs) that SOO many of you live in Utah. If you would have asked me a few years ago what Utah was known for I would have said....uuhhh ?? Now...crafters. Utah has crafting magic dust in their water. I'm sure of it!!


  5. I love it Amanda! Crafting dust in the water is right! LOL!

    I wanted to come to this but it was right during school pick up time. But I'm sure my cookies would have been FAB! (um, right?)

    We need a west side party hosted in a non house place where we can all hang out and chat. (Notice I am not offering my house because I would be cleaning for weeks also!)

  6. K...i thought those choco yummies were Jen's for some reason. Well who's ever they were, they may or may not have caused an embarrassing wrestling match between me and my 8 year old son. During which I got nasty, and totally pinned him with my brute strength. (and 100 lb. advantage) Then I popped the last one in...one bite...and laughed like the evil villain that I am. It wasn't pretty. But it WAS yummy.

  7. Oh to be a "cool" blogger in the SLC area! Looks like fun! It would be great to meet/party with you all in person. I'll keep dreaming!

  8. now THAT's the way to celebrate! Will any of these cookie recipes be shared on the blog? *hint hint* :)

  9. Looks like so much fun! I have been thinking about the purse in the picture of Jen, Kami and you since you first posted the pic. Where did you get it?


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