Getting Rid of Mold


Whew... yes.  It's gone!
Relieved ... is putting it lightly.

If you missed out on our "Surprise MOLD visit"

In order to find out where the leak was coming from we had to do a little prep work.
Take off the closet doors in the playroom, remove nasty wet insulation, and cover all the toys to keep down on the dust.

Then we started cutting away.

Okay, really it was my Dad.  He's the pro.
I was doing the MOST important job, though.
ME = Flashlight holder-er and Tweeter-er
(ya... I was tweeting about "mold removal 2011"... WHAT?  Someone had to do it!)

We made quite the mess, but ya gotta do, what cha' gotta do, right?

Send the MEN in, to do the dirty job...

It didn't take too long to figure out what was wrong, as soon as I was sent upstairs to turn on the shower in our bathroom. 

One step on the surrounds floor, and water went dripping everywhere!

Here's what was happening:

The seal that was put at the base of the drain screw-in, had slowly been exposed to water, each time we took a shower, because the bottom of our surround wasn't anchored properly...therefor, it would expand and contract, each time we moved around...
Making the "drain, pipe connection" wobbly and exposing the putty to water, and "lessening" it's anti-leaking power.
Does that make sense?

I'm not gonna lie.
When my Dad pulled down that first piece of drywall in the ceiling I did a little...
All I saw was brown "drippings" on the pipe. :( (bleehhh... I think I'm gonna be sick)
But my Dad assured me that it was just the old plumber's putty, that had dripped down, due to the leaky water.

still looks nasty :(

Usually the bottom of a shower surround is held up really well with multiple 2x4's or cemented in.  But ours was just pretty much, free floatin'! 
Making that pipe connection wobbly...
 the surround a bit squeaky...
and the drain a bit leaky!
(I sound like a Dr. Seuss book)

So heres how "The Guys" fixed the problem:

First Cason and my Dad took the drain apart, cleaned and dried it all up.
Then they used some more, GOOD plumbers putty, and put it down to create a new, better seal.

After that was all done Cason took this "Great Stuff" (literally... lol)
and with that little tube attached, sprayed up this foam (that hardens), to create MORE support under our entire shower, so that it wouldn't expand and contract anymore, meaning...
No more leaks and MORE importantly... NO . MORE . MOLD!...
ew.  that "U" on the bottle looks like...........well, just... ew.

After that was all done, and we made sure it wasn't going to leak anymore, it was time to,

My Dad had to head home, but he gave Cason some great tips on how to cut the wall out, right along the studs, so that putting the drywall back in place would be a lot easier, later.
Making sure that when we DO patch everything up, we will have some studs to actually SCREW the new drywall into, instead of just a random hole in the wall.

Gotta get those boxes all out of the way, to get to "the mold"...

Cason:  "Oh look, some old papers and pictures and stuff from college.  Cool!"

My Dad:  "Oh yeah, let's see"
Me:  "BOYS!  Chop! Chop!"
"That mold is growing by the minute, and it's not going to cut ITSELF down!"

 Men!  Sidetracked so easily!
Gosh! You would think that "flashlight holder-upper-er" would be enough around here, but apparently I'm a project manager as well!"
:) jk jk jk

After a little reminiscing, Cason got right into the action.

He cut the first piece of dry wall down, flipped it over, and....................
Well, we'll let the picture do all the talkin' ... hee hee

He says he wasn't, but tell me it doesn't look like he is
"holding HIS noes" in this picture. LOL LOL LOL...

After we got all the damaged wall down we mixed water and bleach into a spray bottle, and cleaned the
"infected areas".


I may have a few holes in my walls still, but I'll take those ANY DAY over the green furry stuff.

Please excuse the AWFUL photography.
This mold had to come down no matter WHAT the lighting conditions were! lol


  1. Gross! So happy for ya and man what a fine job you did at holding up that flashlight!

  2. HAAAAAAAHHAAA ohhh i laughed through the whole post. flashlight holder upper-er and project manager.. hehehe you're so cute. i'm glad you figured out the mold problem and got it taken care of. whew!

  3. Yes, please take better pictures of "The Mold".. But, I will forgive you. Because your feet drawing has it's nails painted! SICK, makes me wonder if I have mold somewhere.

  4. Wow, you are sure lucky you have such handy men, and didn't have to call a plumber!! So smart. What can't they do? And I love how you were the project manager. Fun times.

  5. Love ya girl!! I'm glad you figured out the problem when you did :)


  6. Good job flash light holder-er and tweeter! I would have lost my dinner about three minutes in! Love the drawing of the feet in the shower! Too, cute! (Psst! Psst! They're both right feet! Shhh!)

  7. Yay, I'm so glad it's fixed!

    We live in an apartment (on the second floor) and every time we step into the shower it makes a creaky noise...like a rickety staircase would...we kinda always thought we might fall through it. Maybe it's not supported enough either? Yikes.

  8. I can breath now. I was holding my breath for your untenable situation!

  9. I'm so relieved! You got that done fast!

  10. I love how your dad is there fixing stuff up in his neatly pressed pants and shirt. That's totally my dad too. So glad you figured out the mess and the reason behind it. Onward my friend.

  11. Lots that I loved about this post-- first-- GREAT INFO! love the step by step. Second-- hilarious asides. :) I've dealt with similar issue, but alas, it was without handsome family handymen and with one cigarette-smoking plumber. Lucky you. :)

  12. History clearly demonstrates that behind every great project, there's a light holder upper and project manager with fab pink toes! Way to support your family!

  13. we found out we had a little mold/rotten siding problem this past summer. holy buckets!! the mold went clear through the plywood and insulation. it was a huge project and that means lots of money.:( but its taken care of for good now. mold.... gross!!!

  14. So glad they fixed it! That happened to us a couple of years ago and prompted a MASSIVE bathroom remodel (yeah me!;-) since the entire floor had to be removed!

  15. Great do-it-your-selfers! You guys saved a lot of money there. Great job and I am glad you got it out of your house!

  16. Glad you guys figured out the problem. You're lucky to have such a handy dad!!

  17. I LOVED the recap! You are hysterical! I am so glad you were able to find some humor when mold was involved. ick!

  18. ugh! We had mold in our apartment before we bought our house....one thing is for sure...it's enough to freak you out! It's like hearing about a child at church getting lice....All of a sudden you go into FREAK OUT mode. Get all itchy, swear you must have it or worse your 20 month old!.... oh wait I was talking about mold here sorry! lol. Really I'm glad you guys get it taken care of!

  19. Buahhaaaaha! Not at you or the mold...Promise! I'm buahhaaahaa-ing at your comical story telling skills. So happy you're icky mold is gone! I'm sure flashlight holder and tweeter-er was simply a distraction to not be a gagger-er during this horrible project. lol.

    Blessings hun,

  20. Ok, love the drawing of the painted toe nails! :) And eewww! I am so sorry you had to do that but glad that you got it taken care of! Been there done that and it is just gross! Breath easier my friend! :)

  21. Whew! Glad you caught it before it was a bigger problems. Love your cute toes in the shower LOL! You sure do have access to some handy guys! Good thing for brave dads and hubbys!

  22. I'm glad you guys solved the problem and got rid of the mold. I love that Great Stuff stuff. ;) It works great! ha!

  23. See I told you that is what it was! ;D

    I am SO glad it is fixed and you can get back to making things pretty for me to admire!

  24. I enjoy your blog and found it funny that you mentioned your husband being distracted by old photos and such ...this is my husband. I can't ask him to help with anything like that in the basement as I look over and there is is with an old book, photo, paper, etc EVERYTIME. It is pointless. Glad it is not just him! Thanks for your insightful and inspiring ideas. I am wondering how and where you get all the cute fonts you use on your blog...I could use some trustworthy advisement here.
    Thanks - Stacey :o)
    Stacey at http://staceyembracingchange.blogspot.com/

  25. Bleck! So glad you guys were able to get it fixed -- with how not-awesome the workmanship is on our house, I'm pretty sure we are going to find similar issues as time goes on. You are lucky to have your dad and Cason being so handy and fix-it-y!

    I also like your cartoon self's pink toenails... unless that was a drawing of Cason's legs in the shower...

  26. Oh, shelley, I'm so sorry it's been such a mess! I get it...we had it in college under the flooring and we were staying so sick. I'm glad you're getting it taken care of quickly, though. I'm still loving my Christmas subway art and am about to tackle some of the other ones you sent me. Talk to you soon, friend. -shaunna :)


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