Magazine Rack & Thoughts

{Magazine Rack & Thoughts}

I've had a lot of emails about where I got my galvanized steel magazine rack.

I almost hate to tell you, because I don't have a reliable source for you to reference!
I got mine at Home Again consignment, here in Utah.  There was one other there... but that was about 2 months or so ago.
See!  That doesn't help :(
Here are a few more pictures of it though...
Don't know WHY I'm showing you these, it's just gonna make those 20 people who asked me about it, and who probably can't get it, more bugged...
But since I DID take the extra pictures...
(shrug) ... might as well! lol

Oh, and I meant to mention before, that I didn't actually "screw" this into the wall.
I used my trusty Command Picture Hanging Strips, and lined the back with those, so if I want to remove it later, I can :)
Then I just super glued some bolt...topper....thingy's.... to the open holes,
where the screws would have gone.

stop looking at me like that!
"Bolt-topper-Thingy's" are a legit name for those guys!"

I've also looked online for similar models, and it appears that Pottery Barn carried these exact magazine racks, but don't anymore... Weird!
I'll for SURE keep my eye out, for some more,
now that I know so many of you want them :)

Speaking of "Weird Things"  I'm having a kid issue lately.
It involves that sweet-faced little baby of mine, that I posted about before.

Well... I don't know how to say this, but...
She's into..."Destroying FOOD" lately....???
I know, right!

Exhibit 1
Muffin death, by ball point pen:

That was a few days ago...
Then today, she brings me this...

Exhibit 2
The 'Mato Massacre:

Me:  "Hey baby... what's that?"
(me half paying attention, but realizing something is in her hand)

Aub's: "Oh, Mommy, it's okay.  You not have to be mad, I fixed it"

Me: "Fixed what?"
(slightly worried, now that something had to be "FIXED", by a 3 year old)

Aub's: "My 'mato, Mom!  It got's broken, so I fixed it!"

I threw the tomato on the carpet upstairs, probably while swinging it around and playing "baby" with it, and it gushed open on one side, leaving a huge stain, you will now have to scrub out.
THEN I attempted to tape the opening up with scotch tape, so I could keep it for "lunch" later.

Jeesh, CHILD!  You wander upstairs for 5 SECONDS unsupervised,
and some poor food item gets wounded!
What am I gonna DO with this girl?  I'm hoping it's just a stage.

In other news, I have a new hobby :)
Don't worry.
It's not craft, home, or business related.

I currently have an addiction to transferring money into our savings account.
I don't even REALLY have any reason to be "saving" money, right now.
(okay, let me rephrase that...)
There is ALWAYS something to save money for.  Unexpected car repairs, projects, college... Need I go on?
But in this case, I just... LIKE using the
"transfer money, from one account to another" option,
online at our banks website. (shrug) It's so... slick! LOL
Although very cool... ?  It's kinda turning into a problem.

Cason called me on the phone today and we had a conversation that went a bit like this...

Cas: "Hey!  Where's all our money?"

Me: "Oh, it's in savings"

Cas: "Weeeell, we need groceries."


Me: "Uhhhhhhhg!!"


Cas: "Um... I'm sorry we have to eat???"

Me: "Oookay, fiiiine!  I'll put some back.... "

I know, I know!
I didn't FEEL as crazy when I was in the moment, but now, as I type it out, I sound a bit psychotic, no? lol.
AGAIN...the weird part is that I have no "reason" for doing this.
It's just like...... my new hobby...?
...Check the bank account, transfer some money around... la-de-da-de-da...

What's the deal?  Is it just because it's so easy to do?  Right in front of me, at my fingertips?
Am I trying to "surprise myself" with money that will magically add up in our savings account, overnight?  Like how you find a $20.00 bill in an old winter jacket in the back of your closet, that you forgot was there?

Whatever! Either way, it's weird.
And I'm stopping it right now..........
Well... AFTER I round out our checking account to the nearest dollar.

WHAT?  I just like seeing the ".00" at the end!


  1. !!!!!! I TOTALLY do that!!! So funny. It's a click addiction and I feel wealthier that way. (riiiight)

  2. Oh my goodness! She's funny. I like to do the same thing with my savings account too! Love that feeling. =)

  3. Your poor hubby.........hope he did not try to use a debit card and get denied. I will not be happy if Dave was playing move the money on me! :)

    And here's hoping the food destroying is a short lived phase!

  4. bolt topper thingies! heehee! i did a lesson plan with my 8th graders today and they had to write out IKEA directions, you know the ones that only come with pictures and make our husbands so irritated at us that they have to put it together (maybe not yours, but mine hates me for a good 3 days!). anywho...back to the kids, some of the names that they were coming up with for the parts were cracking me up and when i read bolt topper thingies, i giggled! definitely my lingo for sure!

  5. Your daughter is so cute, but I am wondering if the food thing is somehow related to starting school...just a though... I have a weird kid too-lol, she's almost 5 and refuses to wear underwear or socks I think it might be some control issue. Well hang in there from one momma to another.

  6. I totally did the same thing before. I thought I was doing so good with budgeting. The BAD thing though, was that when I wanted to pay bills I mistakenly transfered lots of little amounts BACK into checking instead of one lump sum. Who would have thought this could be a problem? Well....Wells Fargo, that's who. They CHARGE for TOO MANY transfers back into checking. Who do they think they are? Haha. You can have as many transfers as you want INTO savings...just not the other way around. Needless to say, after a few transfer fees from the bank, I learned my lesson. SO, not to be the bearer of bad news...I just wanted to warn you about my problems, and to make sure your bank doesn't have any wacko rules like mine. Haha. Happy no fee transferring! :]

  7. Oh no!!!
    That SUCKS! I would be so bugged!
    Our bank doesn't do that. Thank goodness! :(
    But I would be SO mad it that was the case!
    Thanks for the warning, girl!

  8. I saw a magazine rack like that yesterday at Home Goods, well not exactly but it was same shape but wire baskets. As for your new "habit" I think you daughter going to preschool has left you with too much time on your hands! Have a great time as blissdom!

  9. Daughter Tips: Try playdough or something creative that can be taken apart. Maybe she is "ruining" food because she's interested in transforming. Don't think I'm crazy :) but these kids have crazy thinking that goes on in their brains. lol :) Oh, and obviously make it an area away from carpet. Since you're creative you can make your own - 2 1/4 cups of flour, 4 tablespoons cream of tartar, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons of oil, and 2 cups of boiling water. And if she's interested in tranforming...I'm sure she would love to help you make it! Hope it helps!

  10. Be careful how many times you transfer per month. A lot of banks have a certain number of 'free' transfers. I bank with wells fargo and it's 6 times per month. Then they start charging transfer fees. Be careful!

  11. Oh! No need to approve that comment, I just read Kayla and Andrew's above.

    For Kayla: it depends on what kind of acct you have with Wells. Ours is a free checking acct, therefore, only a certain number of things are free. The price you pay for a free checking account!

  12. bahahaha can we be neighbors, please?

    not only are you brilliant, but you are freaking hi-lar-ious! honestly, sometimes your posts get me crying because i am laughing so hard. i decided one day we will meet and be best friends. just sayin'

  13. Oooh...my dad actually works with sheet metal like that...I am forwarding this to him now I hopefully will have one hanging in my house soon!

    Also...I have an almost three year old...and she went through the "naked at night" phase...basically she stripped down (even took off the diaper) at night when we put her to bed. Then the next morning was...well...I'm sure you could use your own adjectives for the mess. I finally stopped her by cutting the feet off her sleepers and putting them on backwards. She finally grew out of the phase...yay!

    I dont know what to do about the food mutilation. Maybe stop feeding her? Oh yeah..I guess that's child abuse. Good luck!

  14. OK. SO we are friends, but you don't know it....I am certain that in the pre-mortal existence we were neighbors or something! I love reading your blog, and have VERY little spare time in my crazy life--but I choose to spend a fair amount reading your hilarious posts. --I am getting to my point---sorry for the blabbering...
    ANyway--point being-- Have you seen Mint.com? YOU ARE gonna LOVE it if you haven't! We have a LOT in common, and that is why I am confident that you will be a fan! Hope you enjoy it!

  15. Okay, I just laughed for nearly the whole time I was reading this. Thank you for that! I love that you call it your hobby. Sooooo funny! Even thinking about it is making me laugh!

  16. I love that magazine rack. Maybe someday I'll find one out on my adventures. I am sure it's just a phase with your little destructo girl. :) Just keep reminding her to not destroy food. She is so cute!

  17. I am so in love with that magazine rack! What a lucky find!! Wish I had several! Lol :D

  18. HAHAHA!!! That is SO funny! We can only bank online. We have USAA and there are no banks so I'm so used to doing everything online. I'm ALWAYS messing with money, paying bills, transferring money, scanning checks to deposit and I know when Travis spends money before he even gets home, I check out account so much! lol I'm a stickler for trying to have those lovely .00 at the end of everything as well. Whether it is paying bills or transferring money, I'll try to make it even!

  19. This post is SO random. I adore it. <3 Smashed food, broken fruit that should be considered a vegetable, saving money for no apparent reason...ALL good. Lovity love it all!

  20. Um...your little girl is so cute...dressed adorably...and that zebra print rug looks phenomonal. Just sayin'!

  21. Pottery Barn did sell the galvanized magazine rack sometime ago. A friend of mine got it shortly after PB opened in Salt Lake City. That's where I was thinking you got yours at first glance before reading your post. You scored on the purchase!

  22. That photo is precious! Of course, I am sure mom wasn't thinking that when having to clean up that mess! The scotch tape cracks me up...she certainly is creative like her momma!!

  23. HAHAHAHA. Funniest post ever :D

  24. Food destruction, haha! For some reason, that totally reminds me of a super cute children's chapter book, that I loved when I was a second grader. It was called "Bunnicula", and told the story of a pet vampire rabbit. Not as creepy as it sounds....he wasn't blood thirsty. Instead, he sucked the water out of vegetables. (Bizarre, I know, but so funny to a kid.) The family dog and cat discover what is going on and....oh, you'll just have to get it from the library and read it to your girls. It's a great book.

  25. Greetings. Love your post. Hilarious. I love that you went from galvanized magazine racks, to death by ballpoint, to your new hobby of transferring money into savings. I just discovered your blog not too long ago. Love it. I check in daily. Trying to navigate this whole blog gig and learning a lot through sites like yours.
    THANKS from the little people like me.

    Keep up the great work, laughs and good ideas.
    Oh and I'm a new follower!
    Thanks again.

  26. Thanks for sharing, it's nice to know I'm not the only one collecting these stories.
    Yesterday I made granola and left it to cool on the kitchen counter only to find it had become a Thomas The Train play yard. Later in the day I left the 2 yr old at home with daddy while I went to the grocery. I came home to discover the 2 yr old COVERED in an entire 4oz. oz tube of A&D ointment.
    Can't help but squeeze them when this stuff happens!

  27. I love the buckets and ever since I saw them I have been on a mad woman search for them with no luck to be found, not even a next best thing...oh well going to The Container Store hope to find something almost as nifty there! As for the bank issues, I have the same one....except...I am always transfering money OUT of my savings into my checking and money hubby calls and says were is all our money now???? Um babe it got invested in that cute little project sheesh.
    Come check out my new blog, would love some new blogger friends!!!http://organizedcleandesign.blogspot.com/

  28. I'm pretty sure my husband would die of a heart attack should he find that I'm saving "extra" money. I never considered the potential dilemmas of saving money (plenty of them with spending it, though!). I'll remind myself of that next time I'm tempted to stick away some money for a rainy day (as IF that would ever happen). ;)

    New subber here, but I just love everything you do. Will you adopt me?

  29. How funny! My little guy is also into destroying good. He would rather squish his little fingers through it and maybe, just maybe.... throw it on the floor, than actually eating it.

  30. Shelley you crack me up! Thanks for your post today. And I like even numbers when I transfer money too, so you're not weird. I don't know what to tell you about your daughter though except treasure these days - they grow up way too fast. Have a great day!

  31. Oh my heck, you’re so funny! So I have two of those magazine racks also, and I got them from Emiliejayne. I used to work there, the perks of seeing something first! I love mine though, yours is really cute with the numbers. I re did a lamp shade using Jen's (Tatertots and Jello's) Quatrefoil stencil on yesterday's post. Probably would have been a lot easier using a stencil, but fun anyway!

  32. keep the online transfer addiction.. all things in moderation! I've been following since October! We were in SLC for a tennis tournament last week and I was thinking, I wonder if some of my fellow bloggers are out and about in the city! Happy Day! Laura

  33. Hey! I love your magazine rack so much! I actually saw something similar - definitely NOT as cute as yours but might please (ie ward off) the masses. It was at Ikea in the home organization section - I bought one because I had just read your post and loved the idea so much! Here's the link!


  34. You crack me up...and I needed to be cracked up today! :)

    So here's an idea...I round everything in my checking account to the nearest dollar when I balance my account and then, at the end of the month, or after a couple weeks, I transfer the "extra" money into savings...it adds up! (and you can use that transfer button!).


  35. I love this post, because I relate to it on Soooooo many levels! I have a kids that does that same sorts of things right now...you have my sympathy.

    And making ups words for things...totally do that, too.

    And the transferring money thing...I think I just might show this post to hubby so he'll understand that I'm NOT crazy!

  36. Thought of how you have inspired me and how you have made me chuckle with your everyday adventures when I posted this blog:
    Wanted to say THANK YOU! You were my first blog LOVE!


  37. totally hilarious with the tape on the tomato...so, it should be good to go...no? just whip that puppy out next time you have company, gently remove it's "band-aid" and chop it up and put it in a salad. no prob!
    so funny!
    oh, and i know what you mean about transferring $$ to savings...i don't know what it is...is it january? and we are going to learn from all our crappy mistakes of 2010? and THIS time, when we want that new rug or a vacation...we are going to have every penny we NEED in our beloved saving account? i don't know. but i know that for the first time in 14 years of marriage, i am getting onto my husband for trying to take HIS money out of MY savings account.

  38. That was hilarious! How many of us wish "saving" money was our new hobby?? My hubby would be ecstatic if I told him I was doing it as a new hobby. He might kiss the ground you walk on. As for food destroying... huh. I guess it's better than food throwing which is the hobby of my 2 year old. :)

  39. I love this post. I also love when you find money in an old coat. We call it money pockets in my family:)

  40. Love the post as well, but I wanted to tell you that with our bank if you transfer money out of savings more than 3 or 4 times a month then they start to charge you :( This was a suprise to us one month.

  41. Yes, I am just a wee bit heartbroken that I cannot go find that galvanized magazine holder online and have it on my doorstep by the end of the week. :) But thanks for letting me know. Too bad I can't hit up that consignment shop of yours in Utah; it sounds like a place I would really enjoy.

  42. I'm pretty sure my husband would LOVE it if my new hobby was saving money ;o)

  43. I have the same magazine rack. Bought is years ago through Pottery Barn. I love what you did to cover the holes.

    As for your little one....I'm sure it's just a stage.

    Have a blessed day.

  44. Maybe your dear daughter needs to do some cooking with Mommy. My kids destroy food too. I think they're trying to discover how it's made. Give her a plastic serrated knife and a tomato next time you need some chopped, and let her have at it.Then let her know she's only allowed to do this with Mommy, and not by herself. I almost hate to make muffins because my 5 kids do the same thing. All over the living room floor! Hang in there!

  45. Oh my gracious! You are hysterical! Wish I had some extra $$ to transfer to savings. My durn kids are too expensive!

    I have the same magazine rack that I got from Pottery Barn like 7 or 8 years ago. Love that thing!

  46. Nice post. Do you know what your cursive font is called (used in your header as "taking it one space at a time"? I love it! Love your blog too :)

  47. Ha ha! Sounds like your little sweet monster is picking up some strange habits involving food. At least there are no knives involved! Maybe she's a budding chef? As for transferring money, I tend to transfer ONLY into my checking account! You make me laugh!

  48. I just found your blog and I'm you've got me laughing hysterically at this post. I love your wit!! I adore your magazine rack so add me to the list of sad faces who can't have one as well.

  49. I love your blog! You're hilarious!

    Do those command picture hanging strips really work? What's the maximum weight they can hold? I see infomercials for them all the time but I've never known anyone to use them.

  50. LOL! You are soo funny! Your daughter is just darling!! And I am sure her food destruction is just a phase!! p.s. I love that magazine rack!!

  51. Your daughter's antics are too cute! Of course, that's coming from someone who didn't have to clean up the stain on the carpet. But hey, she did save the tomatoe. Win!
    IKEA has a few magazine racks like that for really cheap. They're not galvanized, but one IS metal. Hope that helps!

  52. Acorn nuts. Seriously, that's what they're called! ;) I was looking at them at Lowe's last week, which is the only reason that I know. Sometimes I feel like a fountain of completely random and useless information...

  53. I just have to say I totally <3 you after reading your whole saving account ordeal. I got the best laugh I have had all day! Thanks!

  54. omg, first the food attack stories and now the banking addiction, you just made me choke on my gum. you are so funny.

  55. Bolt...topper...thingies. BWAhahaha! I'm sitting here at my computer, laughing like an absolute loon. Everyone is looking at me as if I've lost my mind, but the joke's on them! Bolt topper thingy is now the official term in our house, and I refuse to allow the use of any other. You made my day!

  56. i have 2 of those exact magazine racks and 2 cd racks. pottery barn made mag and cd. funny because i was just saying i was going to get rid of them!

  57. At first I was thinking wow this is a long post, but then I realized it was all so random and it made me laugh! I like the .00 in my accounts too! My husband asked if we had that automatic transfer feature, and I said no, I just like to keep it on the dollar!

  58. I really love auto transfer too. I have like 5 savings accounts and every time I make a deposit I make 5 little transfers to them and it makes me so happy. (I'm a dork)

  59. what a beautiful blog and thought. Your girls are so adorable. Love all your work and don't stress yourself, that is just a phase. Take it easy! I am your new follower too...

  60. You should check out mint.com. It's my new addiction. My husband set it up thinking it would be useful tool for budgetng this year. I don't think he was thinking I'd be an addict and track every tiny expense!

  61. Just found your blog through Centsational Girl, and I already love it!

    Looks like you have twin girls, from the pictures? I also have three children- a daughter and twin boys!

    Going to "follow" now! :)

  62. I am so glad you were a guest blogger on Centsational Girl else I never would have found you. I love your re-dos. They look great. I think light pastels can transfer a room's entire atmosphere.

    Love the stories about your little girl's "stage" and your new money-saving obsession! Cute!

  63. i recently found this magazine thingy at ballard designs. they are sold in singles but you could buy more than one to acheive the multiple virtacle magazine thingy look. ;)


  64. As other people mentioned I am pretty sure that rack is from PB, Check out this link...

    Too bad they don't sell it anymore, LOVE how you put those numbers on it! Clever.

  65. Just felt like I needed to tell you this! I used to do that too and our bank never charged us. Then, I got a letter from the bank saying we are only allowed to make three transfers a month according to federal law. When I did it again they told me it was my second warning and the third time they would close my account. So...just a heads up!
    Love your blog. :)

  66. Blog love to you.

    Don't worry about anything your kids do because tomorrow (honest, that quick) they will be 30 and you can laugh at all the problems they're having with their own children...I speak from experience!

  67. :-D

    I just saw you guest post at Centsational Girl and I had to stop by to tell you that I really agree. I am in the process of transforming our house from boring-looking into a modern, white and new scandinavian home. Feel free to stop by if you have the time. theredhousebythelake.blogspot.com

  68. Hello!?!?!?!? That is the cutest thing ever! She fixed her mato! Oh my! What a sweetheart and cutie patootie!

  69. I too just saw your guest post on CG and was blown away by your home makeovers. I heart your pantry! I love your motto of taking it one space at a time. Living by that mantra really makes all things seem possible. Thanks for continuing to share your creative and inspirational projects with us. So happy to have found your blog. Muah!

  70. I used to work in the banking industry and yes, it is a federal regulation on how many transfers are allowed out of a savings account. Your bank may not charge you but they could very well get in trouble with the government for not doing so. I just came across your blog through Centsational Girl and will be staying!! You had me LOLing!

  71. You find some of the best stuff around your city! Well done!

    Many Blessings,

    PS - I love the pic of your sweet daughter hiding her face....it's almost as if she thinks it didn't happen if you can't see her beautiful face! LOL! Kid's are so funny!

  72. Okay, okay... so let me say, everyone was right! I can't keep transferring from savings to checking, without a fee... Or that's what the "big bank" people say. lol.
    So I shut down my savings account, and put our "savings" into a free checking account, so I could transfer to my hearts content :)

    Thanks for all your tips, ladies!

  73. OMG. I thought I loved you when I saw your guest post on C.G. yesterday... but I know I love you now! You. Crack. Me. Up. The scary part is... we THINK alike!!!!!! AAAAAHHH! :D You're totally my new favorite blogger {coming from the girl that follows about a hundred craft blogs!!!!}

  74. Hey I was just gonna warn you about the too many transfers out of savings also! I think the limit is like 6 a month. Don't take my word for it though just in case it's less. But here I am living in a house without flooring (because we had to rip up old nasty smelling carpet and are trying to save up for something new) and the bank charges me 60 bucks in December right before Christmas-for putting my own money from Savings into my own Checking account! Great job trying to save-but be forewarned! :)

  75. Oh just read your last comment! Awesome thinking on the free checking account :) Hehe you are so smart!

  76. I mentioned your fab magazine holder on my blog as an inspiration piece for my family command center! Just wanted you to know! However, being new Im not sure how to link it to you...

  77. Hi,

    I stopped by from 'Centsational Girl' and I'm really glad I did! I really enjoyed your guest post and I think your blog is truly AMAZING! I can't wait to read much more as I have time.

    I also wanted to comment on your new 'magazine rack', which I totally love! I haven't read all the comments yet, so someone may have mentioned this already, but I'm wondering if something similar could be found at a store that sells supplies for physicians/dentists offices. The reason I say that is because during the many years I worked for a large family practice, we had a rack very similar to this, only it was wood and was labeled with each provider's name instead of the numbers. When a patient would sign in, our front office staff would prepare the patient's chart and then place it in the rack according to the patient's provider and order of appointment. Once the chart was up, we knew the patient was ready to be called back to a room.

    I hope that helps some and I hope you have a truly wonderful day.


    Teresa <><

  78. I have the same magazine rack - from Pottery Barn years (as in 10!) ago - and I've had more questions about it, too! Clearly they need to put those out again!

  79. Haha! Your blogs totally crack me up. And...I totally GET it! Like, I follow the thought processes completely! Maybe someday I will sit in that gorgeous living room of yours and we'll be BFFs. Haha, kidding. (I'm not a creep, I promise! ;)

  80. lol your daughter is so cute, that cracked me up! and i need a bit more of your save tenacity!

  81. I am the lucky owner of the other rack from home again! :) yay.. great taste! :)

  82. Get down with your bad self! save away!!!! your babies are funny and cute!

  83. OMG! I love your blog and love your design style!!! I tried to comment the other day and I don't think it actually went through. If you got it, sorry! I am dying to know where your fabulous barstools came from. I've got to get some! Thanks!

  84. I just scored 4 of these beautiful racks from a wonderful woman and I can confirm they are from PB and about ten years old (I have the original receipt! I only need one but knew I couldn't pass these up for the price. So, I have three extras if anyone is looking to purchase one you can email me your information.


  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. I just scored four of these amazing magazine racks on Craigslist from a wonderful woman in Chicago, and I can confirm (I have the original receipt) that they are from Pottery Barn and are about ten years old. I only need one, but couldn't pass on the other three because of the price, so I do have three more available. If you are interested just shoot me an email. thebreiers@gmail.com


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