The Perfect Zebra Rug & Shopping with Jen

I know, I know...
I owe this blog an AWESOME "couch post."
That was totally my intention tonight, but then I lost my little video camera with some of my couch shopping footage on it!  Ugh.
I can almost guarantee that it's in a really great "hiding" place that a pair of twins found for it. LOL.  
So for now, you get to see what else I've been up to :)

Friday Jen and I headed out for a little shoppin'.
What?  Me? dragging a friend along, and shopping around for a great deal?  Weird! ...

Our first stop was Home Again...

ha!  yup, that's Miss Char.  She kinda had a love affair with this couch last time she saw it,
so I wanted to make sure that I said hello to it, for her :)
btw, she's doing great Char, and she's even marked down!... just FYI.

Yup.  LOVE this place!
They have TWO locations in Salt Lake:

1019 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City - (801) 487-4668
7490 Holden Street, Midvale - (801) 255-5457

I've talked about them before, but they are one of my favorite consignment stores in the valley.
Mostly because their stuff is always in great condition and staged so fabulously!
Jen picked up some fun organizational items and I just snapped pictures of great things.
Specifically this antique milk crate, like the ones that are in my pantry, that everyone keeps telling me they can't find. lol.
Well...I found some, here! :)
You just have to keep your eyes out.  They are usually used to display other things.

Anywho, after we were done there, we headed over to
Home Fabrics.

73 West 7200 South
Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 561-7746

Again, I know I've talked about them before, but they really DO have such great fabric and rugs at AMAZING prices!

Jen and I even bumped into Miss Kirsten while we were there!
She was looking for fabric to upholster a chair for a client.
6th Street Design School
If one of my favorite interior designers is there, then you KNOW it's good :)

Ooo!  And remember when I found my Laundry room rug here too?

For only about $40.00?
Ya baby! 

Well, let me tell ya, that I was SO excited when we decided to stop and brows around at their large rug selection, because this beauty, stopped me right in my tracks!!

Ooo... Ahhh...

I KNEW I had to have this rug for my living room.
It's an 11 x 8 ft rug and for only $199!!!
I've been doing a bit of research and a lot of browsing around on how to mix in animal prints to our space, without "overdoing it"... and this was IT!
Definitely the color and size I needed, with the right kind of pattern we were looking for.

 Ya, I even made the poor sales guy get that thing off the stand so I could
lay, walk, dance on, and take a picture of it :)
Really, I had to get a few picture to send to Cason at work,
so I could get the "go ahead"  on it, before I purchased it...
But when I am spending more then $50 bucks on something, I want to make sure it's EXACTLY what I want... do ya feel me?

I think the sales guy could tell it was a "big decision" for me, so
he even offered to get a picture of me and Jen standing on it.
What a good sport.

please note that Jens legs START at my  bust line... and I'm in platforms...
oh the joys of being, so-very-short.

 Speaking of "good sports"
Uh... ya... Jen was willing to drive around with this rug in her FACE, for the rest of the night, and even shared my extreme excitment, when we finally placed this baby in my living room, for the first time!
Thanks for helping me with this monster, girl!...lol
What a great friend :)

Okay, let's see what else is going on...
 Oh ya!...  

This is a small sideboard that I've had in my garage for a while.
I got it for free, from a guy that my Dad was helping move out, a few months back.
There is some damage on the top from cups and such and one of the doors needs a little repairing... but the lines, craftsmanship and details are so pretty!  I couldn't pass it up.

 Today my Dad picked it up, to take it home and paint it white for me, because he was spraying some other furniture, anyway!

I'm planning on putting this piece behind my couch, maybe with a matching set of lamps, to add some interest and height.
A bit like this fabulous dresser/lamp combo that The Nester sports.
She's such an inspiration!
photo location

I'm THRILLED to share with everyone how the room is coming together!
I'm off to look for that dang video camera.  I'm sure that when the twins wake up, they'll know exactly where it is, ha!
Till then!...


  1. LOL - that was one of the best days ever!! I had such a wonderful time. Driving down the freeway rocking out - hahaha.

    You are a great friend!!


  2. I just moved away from Utah and loooove Home Again and Home Fabrics. Sigh! Thanks for taking me along on your shopping trip vicariously! You do such cute things. I'm having fun blog-stalking ;).

  3. Oooo... what a fabulous rug! It actually almost looks like a faux wood grain instead of the zebra. But that price can't be beat!

  4. I LOVE your new rug! Very pretty! And I am totally feelin' ya when you are talking about making sure it is perfect! I am the same way when it comes to spending a lot of money! Love that the sales guy got it down for you and let you try it out however your little heart pleased! Also love that he took your pic...too funny! BTW, your camera bag looks fab that you are carrying in the pic as well! Love it!

  5. I love the rug and can't wait to see your sideboard when you're all done! I have a new (to me) 90 yr old buffet sitting my my entry way, just waiting to be refinished. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate it!

  6. Love the zebra rug! I just purchased one for my Lil' Miss' nursery and I'm SO excited to have it delivered to my door =) {Got it on CSNstores WITH a gift certificate for a killer price!} What fun places to shop, don't know why I can't find fun places like that here! But at least I've got some good shopping buddies.

  7. OMG! I love the rug and I just realized that I have a Home Fabrics right in my neighborhood and never been there. I will be sure to stop in now. Is there a style number for that there rug? Love it! -Christy

  8. OMG! Love the rug. I just realized there is a Home Fabrics right in my neighborhood and I have never been. I will definitely be checking it out this week. Is there a style name or number for that rug? Love it!

  9. Love the rug! Wish I could find a deal like that in NC.

  10. I love that table you got. Your plan sounds great. I can't for tag sale season again in NY so I can find some good furniture to redo also.

  11. I'm going to have to do some investigating to find that store....fabulous!!!!

  12. Love that rug so much - especially that it's not in screaming Zebra in your face!!!

  13. I am loving all those fabrics! Oh the pillows I could make with those beauties!

  14. Nice rug! I can't wait to see it in your house? Do you happen to remember how much that crate cost?

  15. Nice rug. I can't wait to see it in your house! Do you happen to remember how much that crate cost?

  16. I LOVE the zebra rug! And at that awesome price, was there really any doubt that it was going home with you, in Jen's face and all!? ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing how your sideboard looks with a fresh coat of paint (lucky you to have a paint sprayer in the family!), and can't wait to see your completed living room with that fab rug :-)

    Good luck on your camera search....

  17. Awesome rug, can't wait to see the room! And woot woot for the free sideboard, free is one of my favorite words ;)

  18. I love the rug...did you happen to see a darker brown one?

  19. Love that rug! I too also love all the stores you went to. Home Again is in my neck of the woods, and I'm constantly stopping in to see what they've got. Can’t wait to the see the sideboard!

  20. The rug is gorgeous! And a totally great deal! I honestly think rug shopping is the hardest thing to do! Can't wait to see it in the room!

  21. That rug is awesome...and what a great deal! Can't wait to see it in action!

  22. Thanks for saying hello to my couch. That pic cracks me up!

  23. Home Again has long been my favorite store! They have the best stuff! I get to go whenever we go to Utrecht, which is often b/c my hubby is an artist! Thanks for Sharing! Katie, www.stampingwithkatie.blogspot.com

  24. wow wow wow!!! I just love everything about this post.
    Especially the rug. $199...are you serious?! that's super cheap for that size!!
    You and Jen look superb, as per usual ;)

  25. Your living room sounds like it will be absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it!!


  26. So I'm super jealous of all the fabulous stores you have in Utah! Little Pensacola just doesn't have that kind of variety!! But I am so stoked that there is a Home Fabrics store in Orlando and we are going down there in 2 weeks!!! I'm so stopping in there. Good thing we are renting an SUV bc I forsee a rug or 2 coming home with us! :) hehe

  27. I am so jealous of the fabulous stores in SLC area. I live in Iowa and there is a serious lack of home decor stores. I love both your rugs. I am not really into animal prints but this one doesn't scream zebra to me. Your sideboard is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your finished living room.

  28. ok.
    that did it.
    i am out the door to check out HOME AGAIN. i am relatively new to slc, and i have actually been needing a tiny table for a room in my house, and now, i am HEADED OUT the door.
    thanks for the great tip.
    looks like you guys had a great time!

  29. Good Morning! I read this post, moved on to another blog, and then couldn't stop thinking about commenting so I came back on over. :)

    I adore that rug! It's way too wild for my hubs (and doesn't really fit with our house decor) but I still love it!

    Everytime you post about goin shopping I think, I HAVE to write down the name of that place! Maybe one day this summer I will be able to take the drive up there and go to all these wonderful places. The place I dream of the most is..... I can't remember the name but I remember the picture you took of CHAIRS and CHAIRS and CHAIRS all stacked on top of each other in a huge room. I want to go there!

    Also - the Jo Totes bag looks as cute "in person" as it does on their site and their product pics.

  30. Is it weird that I'm jealous of your friends that get to go shopping with you? I love a fun shopping trip! Awesome find on the rug :) Can't wait to see more pictures of EVERYTHING! I'm definitely going to have to take a trip to check out Home Again. Looks like a cool store.

  31. Get outta here! That is a consignment store. It is fantastic I wish we had one here I would never leave!

  32. I love that rug and am so envious that we don't have any stores like that around here! That's a great deal. I can't wait to see the console when it's finished!

  33. I have totally been blog stalking you for awhile now. I totally think you are hilarious and I HEART your house/decoration style so much. It makes me all happy...okay and a little jealous to see all that you accomplish.

    This story of your shopping trip totally felt like I was back in UT on a shopping excursion.

    Thanks for sharing all your fun and making me feel like I was along for the ride.

    Not-so-secret-blog follower now :)

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  34. What an awesome find! Hey did you ever finish up your collage with the zebra print? I am excited to see your finished room. I so wish I lived in Utah, you guys have so many awesome stores...and great company!

  35. Love it!! I, too, was on the quest for the perfect zebra rug once upon a time. I found it!!

  36. I am so insanely jealous that you have a bloggy friend to go shopping with!!
    I've never heard of Home Again, but I'm coming up to SL this weekend, so I'm going to try and check it out. Thanks for the tip!!
    Oh, and I can't wait to see your room all put together. :)

  37. OMG! Your new rug is fan-freakin-tastic!! I love that pattern, it reminds me of tree bark! I have some scrapbook paper with the same pattern, I'm trying to figure out how to incoporate it in my living room. You have inspired me! Can't wait to see what you do with the table!

  38. SO glad a friend linked me to your Blog. I live in Layton. I wanted to start decorating but didn't know where to even begin looking for stores. YAY now I have a starting point.

  39. Puhleeze, take me shopping with you sometime!!
    I am loving our new decor but I need some vision in the little things that finish it off!

    I can't wait to see the new living room. The little sneak looks (like the side of a white Victorian side chair) are just not cutting it!!

    Love the rug!

  40. I love your blog! You are so cute, talented, creative, and funny! I have a random, weird question: How do you write on your pictures? I draw the pictures that are on your blog??

  41. Did you video the mold removal? That may be where the camera is!

  42. Great rug, I'm quite sure it would be called faux bois, which is fake wood. Can't wait to see where you put it!

  43. Okay, Ms. Smith...I'm pouting over here. Two of my favorite bloggy buddies go to two of my favorite stores and I'm not there. sigh. Just kiddin! ;-) Glad you guys had a good time...and really glad you found that zebra rug you were looking for!


  44. Wow, Shelly, you have some great finds there! We don't have too many great shops like that around here :(
    If I drive there from NC will you and Jen take me shopping? :)

  45. LOVE the rug!! What a fun shopping trip. I'm horrible at decor, I need you! And it was so fun to meet you last night!! Let's do it again soon!

  46. LOVE that rug!! You have such an eye for things - can't wait to see how the room turns out! Funny I live up the street (literally) from Home Again and I've never been... I'll have to make a visit! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas!!

  47. Lovey love all o it can't wait to see it all put together....you have been a huge inspiration for me to finally do something with our fist home bought over a year ago! The entry was is done and I am trying to work on my living room but just can't seem to find the inspiration needed! Can't wait for the BIG reveal! I love having a room you can't look at enough...that's how you know it's perfect!

  48. hey! man i'm in love with that rug too! score!

  49. Hi Shelley. I love your blog! I would like to enter the giveaway. The first project I would do with the craft cutter is etch a beautiful mirror that I have. I now follow the Silhouette blog and left them a comment. I am also a public followers of "House of Smiths". I also tweeted one of the comments you created to my hlschuyler twitter page. Thank you!!

  50. Yes, I'd also call it faux bois (false wood in french). This is even better than animal print, more versatile and less trendy. Great find!

  51. Loving that rug - what a deal too! But most of all, where did you get that turquoise purse!? I've been looking for the right shade for a while and love yours. ;)

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