Centsational Girl: House Proud, on the Nate Berkus Show

{Kate on Nate... was guest posting, fate?}

Dear Kate,
I saw you on Nate ... You did GREAT!
Always so classy and cute,
and your "I heart Nate" chalkboard was funny, to boot!

Remember when you ask me to guest post, while you were away?
And how I jumped at the chance, cuz' your blog makes my day?

Well, who KNEW that my post would end up with YOU,
struttin' your stuff on the Nate show.... Whoo hoo!

Probably as close as I'LL ever get,
to being with Nate on his fabulous set.

So, in a weird, totally random, roundabout way...
Thanks for sharing the spotlight on YOUR special day :)

I know... I know....
Probably NOT the post that the talented Miss. Kate wanted to pop up on her blog, on the show....
Sorry, Kate. lol.
But kinda humorous, just the same.
There's nothin' like watching one of your favorite bloggers on a national television show...
and all of a sudden, saying to yourself...
"Oh... weird.  That looks like me........ WAIT, that IS me!"

Okay, that put a little "pep in my step" today...
Now back to...emptying the dishwasher, putting clothes away, and scrubbing down the bathrooms.

I thought TV was suppose to make your famous...?
Don't famous people have maids?........
hee hee... jk



  1. OMGoodness....I saw you :) Your day with Nate is soon coming my friend :)

  2. I hope that maid shows up soon, S! ;) Can you send her my way when she's done mopping???

  3. I noticed you too. I think you are a star :)

  4. I love your blog and I totally think you could appear on Nate's House Proud segment too. You should submit a video! I have twins also and you amaze me with all the stuff you accomplish.

  5. Love Kate, and I love Nate! What a fun House Proud segment.

  6. I spotted that immediately on yesterday's show. It's totally fate. :)

  7. I watched this very show too yesterday and saw your picture on her blog. I felt so smart because I follow and love both of your blogs!

  8. That's awesome...I'm gonna have to watch that this afternoon!

  9. I heart Nate! I was watching to see Kate's segment and smiled when I saw your familiar face and thought the same thing: prob not what Kate had in mind. Someday I bet you'll be on Nate so can rub your hands through his hair for me? Ha!!

  10. So cool!Both of you are like my blogger big sisters. Thanks! I look up to you both.

  11. That totally would've made my day to see a little picture of myself on someone else's blog on TV! :) Awesome!!!

  12. I was watching yesterday too, and when it popped up, I said to my hubby..."that's Shelley!!" Congrats on your debut!!!

  13. Haha, that's hilarious! I'm not worthy! Maybe you can convince the hubby that you are a star now and you need a maid!

  14. Dang I missed it! Too funny that you were featured as well! Pretty awesome actually...

  15. You're so funny!!! *giggle* And I saw YOU on The Nate Show! I was like "Hey, look it's SHELLEY!"

  16. that is fantastic. congrats on your shining moment!

  17. I love it! That is awesome! Go Kate AND Shelley!

  18. I saw that yesterday too! How cool! You could/should be on Nates show too. You inspire me!!! Keep up the good work. :)

  19. And now I'm tearing up. Seriously, just don't know what to say. What a delightful surprise to read this, feeling just overwhelmed right now. Tears. Down my face. Speechless.
    Much love,

    Oh, and I have no doubt that someday soon, you'll be getting the "Nate" call. You have such flair, such taste, such style. I adore you.

    Tears my friend, tears.

  20. Now that's funny. I have it on DVR...I have to re-watch it again.

  21. Loving the little poem! And who knows, manbe the folks over at Nate's place have had a look at your blog now and you'll be there next!! Robyn

  22. So funny...I saw your cute little face when they showed Kate's blog!!

  23. Ha! I love this. Too funny b/c I watched the episode and I was like, "WAIT, back up . . . that was SHELLEY!" LOL. You're just as good girl and I know you'll end up doing BIG things. I just know it.

  24. I saw you when it popped up! I was like that Shelley! I think you need to turn in a House Proud video to him. You'd TOTALLY get picked!

  25. I saw the blog shot on the show and I thought, "Oh my! They're BOTH on Nate! How awesome!" Can't wait for your appearance on the show! :)

  26. I saw you and was so excited! Loved it!!!

    And your poem is cute too!

  27. That is so funny! You ARE both famous!!

  28. I just spent all day on your blog. love it. :)
    I'd love to feature one of your children's rooms on utah baby blog. we post a lot of nursery's but would love more children's spaces and yours are beautiful. :)

    jen herem

  29. I SCREAMED when I saw this on The Nate Berkus Show!! My daughter was with me and I kept saying, "there's Shelley from my favorite blog, there's Shelley from my favorite blog!" Hahaha

    All of your followers need to band together and write to his show about YOU!!!!!!!

    anyway, just wanted you to know that I saw that too (and I felt strangely "special" that I "know" that girl......)

  30. I love the Nate Berkus Show. I got a few chances to see it last week since we were stuck inside most fo the week due to ice and snow.


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