19 Kids and Counting: The Girls's Thoughts

{Today's Kid Conversation}

Aubrielle: Mom, I wish I had that kinda' family...

This is what we're watching on TV this morning

Me: (wide eyed, with one eyebrow up) "Why?"

Aubrielle: " 'Cuz they have lots of 'puters (computers) and lots of friends and baby sisters."

Jocelynn: "Aubrie!  Our house is too little for that many people, and we don't need anymore babies!  YOU'RE our baby!"

Me: (thinking)... "AMEN, girl! ...  Preach it!" lol

Aubrielle: "Nu-uh! I'm not a baby! And I can share my bed, AND my toys, it will be fine!"

Jocey: (in her sassiest voice) "Well ... I'm not sharing MY bed.  I would be WAY too squished with 19 people in there!"


Okay.  Kids are funny.

And just so we're clear.  There will be NO more "babies" welcome around here, unless they are birthed by someone else, or made of plastic :)
Just sayin'...

Can't a Mommy just enjoy ALL of her kids potty trained for like, TWO seconds!? gah!


  1. LOL!Kids can say the funniest things! Although adults aren't really much better, my twins were less than a week old when my mum asked when we would have more!

  2. Amen!! Agree! ;)
    Happy Friday!!

  3. i'm not sure i could keep up with one kiddo - let alone 19! have a great weekend!

  4. lol thats hilarious!! sooo cute! I wouldnt wanna share my bed with 19 people either ;-) I know how you feel about the no more babies thing. I have an almost 2 year old and today im babysitting a 6 month old...its great birth control for me!!

  5. Kids are too funny! I like the show too, but just thinking about being pregnant that many times wears me out.

  6. Haha! Aubrie is too cute. Here's the thing.... those 19 kids seem to have ZERO drama! My girls are HIGH DRAMA! We ain't adding anymore to the mix cause mama is not dealing with anymore arguments about which one of my ladies will marry Justin Bieber. No thanks.....
    Between me and you, listening to Dani talk about how EVERYONE wants to be friends with her, Jocey, and Em has me fit to be tied."It's not our fault we are so awesome, mom." Add a little eye roll and I am ready for a drop kick!
    What are ya'll doing today? We should go to the farm or something... if not today, maybe next week. I am sure it will provide us both with PLENTY to blog about. :)

  7. So funny! I love what little ones have to say. And their perspective on things. GOsh, can you imagine? 19! Heck NO!

  8. Amen girl!! Your girls are hilarious!! Can't wait til my baby gets old enough to have conversations like this with his brother! They make good stories! Lol! Thanks for sharing...made me smile! :)

  9. Right!!!??? Plastic or someone else's. I love it!!!

  10. Jack used to want us to have sextuplets, like Jon and Kate. LOLOL

  11. But how sweet of Aubrielle to want to share!

  12. That's a better approach than my 4 year old saying "ooooh Mama, your belly is growing! must be a baby sister in there for me".

    "Uh, no. There's not.
    It's my hibernation fat mmmkay? HIBERNATION!
    And I JUST gave you a baby brother."

    Then the rest of the day I spent thinking what I would name -said- baby sister.

  13. ha! and i love that your little girl goes by "jocey" i still do...but spell it "jocie" not many of us out there... it made me smile :)

  14. HI!!!
    I LOVE WATCHING THAT SHOW TOO!!but would NOT have wanted 19 kids under my 2 feet!!!
    I think it is far to many if you ask for my H.O.
    I say 3 or 4 is plenty!!
    I so enjoyed my 3, my son may have needed a little brother when growing up to pound some of his boy energy on, but he is glad now he did not!!
    mine are 31-29 and 25, so all grown up happily!!
    Hugs 2 U,

  15. Amen to that sister! My 3 year old keeps asking us for a new baby now that her baby brother is 10 months old. She wants a "wittle baby". I keep telling her unless she's having that baby she's out of luck. So today she started telling everyone there is a baby in her belly. :)

  16. So cute!

    Just this afternoon my oldest quietly suggested that I might get a baby in my belly if I eat more. Wish that would work!

  17. That's so cute :) Seriously though, don't say that too loud cause I did & then 9 months later we had a bouncing baby boy on our hands! No lie, 3 girls and 1 boy. Oh dear, lol :)

  18. Ha! Love it!! Out of the mouths of babes.

  19. I love that! I say the exact same thing in our house! My twins and one more baby girl are PLENTY for me and I love having girls.

  20. ahhahaha...this has me laughing out loud!! I totally feel the same...if I could only GET them all potty trained!

  21. agreed! no way on the face of this earth...but perhaps i should be quiet. as to this very topic of this very family got me in trouble at blissdom of all places.

    so, i'm keeping my mouth closed. ;)


  22. Those people need to QUIT having kids! I think God is pleased with you having 19 so no reason to keep replenishing your seed lol

  23. Sooo... what you're saying is you're planning to adopt a child, Shelley? :oP

    And I know how you feel. I'm currently pregnant with our second, and last one to come out of my womb.

    Though... I would be open to adopting a baby... Maybe... Perhaps...

  24. I just found your blog and wanted to say hello and let you know that I am your newest follower! :) Love your blog! Erin


  25. I totally agree!!! Sing it sista! lol

  26. Amen..My thoughts are..."When is enough, really enough?" My fourth is about to turn a year old and people are like, "What?? Your not having anymore"....No, No, and No...I have BETTER things to do now...LIKE, try to copy all of YOUR crafts!!

  27. Holla! My 5-year-old regularly asks, "But what IF you and Dad decided to get another baby?"


    "But what IF?!"

    He's pretty sure his little sister needs a sister.

  28. So cute!!!

    You, "Can't a Mommy just enjoy ALL of her kids potty trained for like, TWO seconds!? gah!"

    I am personally longing for the day. My 7 kids range from 17 years to 16 months and I have yet to have a break from diapers. I'm done, though, so it will be happening soon. :) :) :)

  29. I have eight myself and I love when the kids say they wish we had more. It doesn't mean your daughter isn't content. It means she loves having/being siblings. Isn't that what it's about? They're a blessing, and people who say "I couldn't do it!" really mean "I haven't done it!" because it really isn't hard once you get going. It just means more people in the house to love!


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