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We're getting so excited for a fun arrival, that is coming to The Smith House, on Monday!
Let's see if you can guess...

It's stainless steel, has wave touch controls, and will fit nicely,
 riiiiight here!

Yup!  A new Electrolux Oven/Range!
Cason and I have been chosen to participate in the Electrolux test drive program, (along with a couple of other great bloggers) hosted by the fine folks at HomeBuzz!
(which is just an extension of the fabulously yummy FoodBuzz community!) 

The timing worked out perfectly, because my older brother was looking into purchasing a new range for HIS home, so we just did a little switch-a-roo! :)

Speaking of the "switch-a-roo," Cason and I were out shopping yesterday...
and so when my brother came by the house to pick up my range, we weren't home.  I told him how to bypass our alarm, so he could grab the range, without having to wait for us.

When we finally got home last night, I flipped on the kitchen light and was greeted by this...


I laughed at first, but then actually looked down, and had the same reaction...

warning: please discontinue reading now, if you ever consider coming back to our blog.
This image might gross you out, throughly.

EW sick!

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who apparently: 
Clips her hair back, then puts on a pretty green plastic ring, to paint her toes, while eating cookies, and drawing with chalk...
ALL on the kitchen floor?
 OH! and then shoves all remnants of this activity under the stove??????

I guess I'm suppose to move the stove, when I sweep the floor, eh?
After a few paper towels and some hot soapy water,

hopefully NOW the installation crew, that comes tomorrow won't feel the need to hold back a dry heaving reaction, when presenting us with our new oven/range.

Oh!  And while we're on the topic of Electrolux,
I wanted to share this cute, short video of the NYC "Chari-tea" party event, that we went to a few weeks back!

Again, we're thrilled to be working with Electrolux and HomeBuzz, on this fun campaign, and are looking forward to sharing with you some great posts, about using our new over/range!

Yes... this means that I will have to hone in on my cooking skills. ha!
It will be a journey for BOTH of us!
Thank goodness I picked up this baby, yesterday at Costco!
I can't WAIT to dive into it, yum! :)

This is part of a series of six posts, sponsored by Electrolux as part as HomeBuzz.
I am receiving an Electrolux appliance in exchange for my participation.
The opinions stated in these posts are all mine.


  1. Your girls look so sweet in that little video!! Congrats on your new stove!! so awesome. Well deserved for all the work you put into your home & your readers!!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA!! The toe separator really caught me off guard and sent me laughing!

    Excited to see your new stove!

  3. What a great post. Made me laugh :D

  4. I'm so excited for you to be getting a new stove! And, honey pie, THAT was NOT gross. LOL! Mine is 200x worse!

  5. Can't wait to see your new range! I want a new gas cooktop electric oven. Wonder if Electrolux makes one of those?

    P.S. I cannot imagine what it looks like under mine..............

  6. Woo Hoo! So exciting! Happy baking! :)

  7. Did you have any wishes for your new range?

  8. hahaha, i love you, your so real, & i wouldnt like to see under my stove either right now, at least you have the guts to take & before & after picture x x

  9. Just visited the virtual tea party! What a wonderful cause. Thank you for spreading the word.
    YOU are the BEST Shelley! Happy Week! Enjoy!!

  10. That is very exciting! I would not dare look what is under my stove. I guess you had a reason to. So when I get a new stove I will clean there as well!

  11. First awesome about your new stove! Can't wait to see it. And I am sure under my stove is even more disgusting. There may not be a toe separaters under there but I know there are some interesting things under there!

    I love the video of the tea party you and your girls attended. What an amazing opprotunity and an wonderful cause.

    Can't wait to see the new stove!

  12. So exciting that you are getting an electrolux range! We have an electrolux refrigerator and LOVE it! Does you range have the induction cook top?

  13. Ha! I just recently moved our frig out, yuck!! So, I can totally relate! So glad my other appliances are off the floor or aren't going anywhere (ie. the dishwasher!).

  14. we just got a new refrigerator a few weeks ago and low and behold living under our old fridge was about 4 'mice toys' from the cats, at least 3 pony tail holders and multiple twist ties....It happens to all of us.

  15. Lucky! I can't wait to see it!

  16. i am so happy now to know i am not the only one. we just did a mini kitchen reno & when we moved the stove, i was grossed out. i am jelly that you get a brand new stove! lol

  17. When we got new hardwood floors last year, the installer, who moved all the appliances, came and found me in another room in my house to give me the opportunity to clean the sides and under the stove when he pulled it out. How bad must it have been for him to do that?? I was super embarrassed! Congrats on the new range! That is so exciting!

  18. Congrats on the new range, that's a sweet deal! How in the world dos stuff like that get under ranges and fridges? Must be some kind of house elf or something LOL.

  19. That is awesome! I love the play on words with
    "chari-tea" haha

  20. Oh yay, I hope our Costco has the cookbook!! :) And where your stove was looks NOTHING like mine did..it was about 10x worse just add 2 dogs to that!! Nuff said...NASTY!!!

  21. lucky you! and dont feel bad about the stove. we pulled put the "drawer" on the bottom that holds the pans, and found some pretty gross stuff too.

  22. Congrats!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the new stove. And can I say I am just a little jealous LOL.

  23. No worries! that is exactly what the space under my range looked like too. Except we had just moved in, so it was the previous owner's "yuckies" we were cleaning. I definitely broke out the rubber gloves for that one. If you want to feel better about the stove, just move your clothes dryer!!! hahaha

  24. Really not that bad considering , but um...what kind of cooking did you do in that kitchen! Hilarious!

  25. LUCKY!!! I am so HAPPY for you! What time is dinner? LOL!


  26. You are sooo lucky! I would die and go to heaven if someone offered me a new stove. Mine is so old it doesn't even have a window in the door. If I want to see what is going on in there, I have to open up the oven…which lets hot air out and cool air in. Oy Vey! Congrats on your new stove and a clean floor!

  27. LOL - I love you Shelley. Cute video too. Can't wait to see your new range and partake in your yummy desserts and/or dinners LOL! I really want that recipe book too. I've heard so many good things about it!


  28. just to let you know:
    if you have ZERO kids, you would have ZERO items under your stove. thank goodness for those swirling, snacking, toe-nail painting little balls of energy, right?

  29. Ok.. would you believe me if I said I was laughing with you not at you???.. honestly last time we had to move our monster range ( double ovens, 6 burner gas jobbie) I nearly doubled over in horor.. like want to die now sort of stuff since the repair guy was right there. He looke at me and said.. "that is pretty awful but last week I was at a house that had a dead rat under their range". Have to admit while I still felt pretty bad about what had to be at least a full bowls' worth of cherrios and cat fur under my stove.. at least is was not a dead rat! :) There is always a bright side!


  30. Congratulations, girl! So fun to see who the other Electrolux gals are. Can't wait to see what you cook up on your fab new range.

    Now, I'm off to do some more laundry. :)

  31. i can guarantee that under my stove does not even look that good, who moves the oven to sweep?!
    i love my best bites cookbook! you'll be so happy with a new oven and recipes!

  32. super jealous! mine has been taking like half hour to boil water!! but i bet underneath my stove looks way worse than yours! hahahah!! Congrats on the electrolux! I swear every time I see Kelly looking all perfect on the commercial with her perfect house and appliances i yell d--- you Kelly Rippa!! Seriously, I really do- you can ask my hubby. :) Kelly is adorable. anyway, quick question for ya- what kind of hardwood do you have? We are getting ready to buy hardwood and your color looks VERY similar to a couple we have chosen. did you do laminate or the real thing? Has it held up well? any recommendations? Thanks for your help! and thanks for your adorable blog and refreshing honesty too. ;) ~Melissa

  33. That is hilarious;) I'm sure none of us want to know what is under our stove/fridge, etc.

  34. I would die & go to heaven if somebody offered me a new stove. Mine is so elderly it doesn't even have a window in the door. If I require to see what is going on in there, I must open up the oven's which lets hot air out & cold air in.


  35. ooh, enjoy the book girl! Fun blog you have- love your style! -Sara

  36. I finally caught up on your blog. How funny is that, I was out range shopping this weekend myself due to a little accident the yongest son had on the second floor (drip, drip, drip). So happy for you on the new stove! This is definately one of the contenders. Although I'll be getting a gas range please let me know what you think. Cheers -Dianne-

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