New York City Trip 2011 & Electrolux Kelly Ripa Chari-Tea Event

I've been getting requests to hear more about our fun trip to NYC, so I thought I would share way too many pictures, from our adventures!
We were SO lucky to be able to spend a few days in the city, all thanks to Electrolux!
They took care of all of our reservations, and transportation to and from wherever we needed to be.
And it was BEYOND nice to have my Nammy with me, to help with my kiddos too.
Nammy = Nanny/Mommy (only the BEST kind of childcare around!)

We started out bright and early on Wednesday Morning.
The girls were SO excited to go on a plane, again.
At this point I hadn't told them anything else, besides the fact that we were flying.
I don't know about YOUR kids, but mine would have asked me a TRILLION questions about the "Tea Party" if I would have said anything, sooner then a few hours before the actual event occurred. LOL
So, I decided to hold off.

After a 5 hour plane ride (thank goodness for TV's in planes) we arrived in the Big City!

I learned a few things very quickly:

1.  If you want to be in the "middle of it all", in this town, this will be the view from your hotel window... and the size of your hotel bathroom ... hee hee.

2.  Space is limited in the city.
You may feel larger then normal when maneuvering through hallways and elevators.
Be Warned... This is the case in MOST areas of NY. ha!

3.  Three-year-olds in hotel rooms with two beds,
situated closely together = Endless amounts of "jumping time"
(pretty much the only way to exert energy in such a small space, during rainy weather)
I didn't notice till now, but not ONLY can she jump from one bed to another with lightning speed, but she can also hold a decent conversation, all at the same time... That's my girl

This is where I spent a LOT of my time.
Desk, Laptop, Me, and random mirror that is probably suppose to be in the bathroom, but couldn't fit on the itty-bitty counter ....
(please reference photo, from earlier, to view the worlds smallest bathroom) hee hee

The next morning, we finally told the girls what was up.
A Tea Party with ALL the trimmings!

They were excited, to say the least.

Breakfast and lunch were served...
Again.  When in a "space, jam" impromptu picnics always work!

And then we were off to the Plaza!

We were greeted by friendly helpers,
who spoiled us with lots of new adorable clothes, for our tea party.

So we changed quickly, and headed off to our fun, very PINK event!

First we heard from Kevin Scott, CEO of Electrolux major appliances, and then from Miss Ripa!
Both had great things to share, and even kept all those little girls entertained.

Can we pause for a minute and talk about how I feel the need, all of a sudden, to paint my laundry room pink, and back a wall with this shimmery material ... just to have a set up as ADORABLE as this, in my home!?
gah!  Who ever thought laundry could be cute!?!?

Moving on!...

While I had a little photo op with some lovely ladies ...

The girls were busy getting prettied up, by hair and makeup artists.
(jeesh, lucky chicks!)

And "accessorizing" with the best of 'em

We had some good chats with Miss Kelly.  The whole event was really laid back, and fun!
Kelly's just the sweetest, most down to earth person.  Loved her!
Oh, and let's not mention, she's probably the prettiest and tiniest human, I've ever seen up close. lol.

After all the girls were gussied up, it was "time for tea!"

Aren't you just loving all the fun details in each of these rooms!?
Eloise at the Plaza was the picture perfect place, for this event.

A little paparazzi time for the Smith chicks ... hee hee jk

And some tea with the hostess!
What better way to spend the day, right!?

I tried to hang back as much as possible, to let the girls just play, and have fun.
(Plus, there was absolutely no room to even stand, with everything going on.  Photographers, Videographers, Mic and Lighting men... whew, "es muy loco!")

It was a hoot to watch and listen to the girls from afar.
I'm pretty sure Aubrielle told Kelly twice, that she doesn't like "seeds" in her bread.
 (sesame seeds) lol
And at one point Kelly said something along the lines of...

"Girls... you know who you look like?"

Emberly: "Who?"

Kelly: "My friend, Reese Witherspoon"

Emberly: (with a scrunched up nose, shaking her head) 
"Oh........ We don't know her."

Gotta love kids. ha!

And PS.  The resemblance has GOT to be those pointy chins... LOL

After we took our last sips of "tea," admired the decor, just one more time ...

... parted with hugs,

and snagged some fun "little girl, swag" ...

... it was time to roam the streets!

It WAS raining, so we didn't stay out long at all ... and I may or may not had almost had a panic attack while walking through the rainy streets of NYC with three kids, people bumping into me, and only an umbrella as protection ... 
...but we still had fun, all the same. LOL

Our first stop, of course, was for a slice of New York style pizza  :)
Have you ever seen a happier face?
The slices were HUGE, and there wasn't a crumb left!
It was Delish!

After our belly's were full, we walked down to Rockefeller Center. 

Visited the LEGO store,

and the worlds biggest and MOST stocked Anthropology.
ha! :)
It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

The perfect ending, to a fabulous trip!

Again, we are SO excited to be teaming up with Electrolux for some other fun posts, and can't thank them enough, for all the memories that we were able to make this past week.

New York City,...you have FAR too much to see in one day.
I'll be back.
Next time, preferably with 3 more days, zero kids, and a Husband.



  1. That trip looked AMAZING! You are one lucky chica! Makes me want to plan a tea party with my three little girls.
    Looking at your blog is one of the highlights of my day! Thanks so much!

  2. Oh, it all sounds so fun! Love the pics. My own daughter has reminded me of Reese Witherspoon so many times, and it is ALL about that cute pointy chin. Your daughters are all darling.

  3. What an AWESOME trip!!! Kelly Ripa, New York and what an AWESOME washer and dryer!!! WOW Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing that. I love your blog!! You have some of the coolest ideas!!! julie :)

  4. One of my favorite places in the world. Your girls will never forget that experience! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fantastic trip! My youngest was a HUGE Eloise fan when she was little, she would be jealous!! And, there is nothing better than NY Pizza.

  6. Looks like u guys had a blast!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. looks like so much fun! i'm sure you had a wonderful time, here in my city. and yes, all of the halls/streets/homes are really...that tiny! LOL

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  10. Awesome !! What a wonderful trip :)

  11. These just bring back memories of my nannying days in New York (20 some years ago...dang!). What a fun trip!

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  13. What an amazing trip this was! And although they still looked adorable in the outfits Electrolux gave them, your matching pink dresses were GORGEOUS and looked alot better!:) I can see that they wanted muted pinks on the set but whatever.
    And I totally share your nerves for having kids in the Big Apple. I live about 3 hours from there and as such have visited a handful of times but each time I go I tell my husband or whomever we're with "I could never handle bringing my girls (5 &7) here. Id be a nervous wreck!
    Glad you had such a great time!

  14. Shelley, When I saw you tweeting that you were going to NYC without Cason I thought you were a VERY brave women to take 3 kids by yourself. Thank heaven for the Nammy!! What a fabulous event, you gals are very lucky. I actually saw Kelly on People's website and your girls were in the background of the photo. Cool beans!!

  15. Ok this is the most fun thing ever! How were you able to team up with Electrolux? What a fun thing!

  16. Oh my goodness, that looks like it was absolutely a blast! One day I'll get to visit New York and see those tiny bathrooms...I mean...the Lego store. Haha!

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  19. it's like a blogger's fairytale.
    SO well deserved. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  20. NYC is amazing and I wanna go back too! Loved all the pics, even though I have to say I liked those pretty pink dresses the girls had on before the tea party sooo much!! glad u had fun.

  21. i love new york city! it is so fun and fast paced and there is so much to look at and do! :) your little girls look so cute in their tea party dresses and how fun to get to hang out with mrs. ripa! can't wait to see what the future holds for you and electrolux! :)

  22. How fun!!! You and your girls have such a blast together, it makes my heart happy!

  23. I had read your first post about your trip to New York and then went to people.com (because I am an addict) anyway I say this photo and in the corner is one of your daugters. You can't see her face, but still she made it onto people.com!!! here is the link:

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  27. how fun! and i bet you're the best mom now after that trip! what adorable little ladies you have!

    loved all of your pics! i now want to paint my laundry room pink and glam it all up!

  28. Welcome back! What a fun trip for you and the girls (and Nammy :) ). We look forward to seeing the pink/sparkly laundry room. I'm not sure even a sequined backdrop could make me really excited to do laundry, but it would add a touch of glamour, huh?

  29. Awesome, thanks for sharing!! Your girls are just beautiful. I'm so glad you get to blog about this so your girls can always look back at their trip to NYC at such a young age. Thanks for sharing

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  31. My husband and I are headed to New York in a few weeks all by ourselves and I can't wait! Your pictures made me that much more excited. :)

    What a great trip for you and your girls. They will remember it forever.

  32. What a FUN trip!! Looks like you guys had an absolutely fabulous time! What a special memory for your girls :)

  33. SUPER fun trip! How exciting for you and the girls! My favorite is the snapshot of the bed jumping action--with cell phone in hand, no less!

  34. Looks like so much fun! So jealous that you got to meet Kelly Ripa...love her!

    My first time in an Anthropologie shop was the one in New York...years ago...before I even knew what Anthropologie was (was there actually a time like that?) My Father-in-law took me in there telling me that there was this shop I "had to see". Ha ha! Little did he know the can of worms he was opening. LOL!

  35. How fun that looked!! Your girls are adorable, and are so lucky they got to experience that. I got to go to NYC my junior year in high school, and have been wanting to go back ever since. Lucky girls!

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    I LOVED reading this post....thanks for sharing the pictures....I also seen the girls pictures over on Kelly's Facebook page..

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  41. how fun. this will be so much fun to look at in 10 and 20 years from now. memories like these are priceless. love the picnic on the floor in the hotel.

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  43. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I love the pink with those shiny appliances got me thinking one day I want a pink laundry room.

  44. oh my gosh how FUN!! Your girls have to be the cutest EVER! Thanks for sharing- I love LOTS of pictures. :)

  45. Looks like you had a great time. Where did you get the girls pink dresses and shoes? They looked so cute all matching.

  46. I am 26 years old and I am so incredibly jealous of your daughters!!! How amazing is that room - it's like a little girls' fairytale! What an incredible experience.

  47. LUCKY, GORG.-GIRLS, NYC, SO FUN, love that you shared it with us. winks-jen

  48. oh your so lucky!! you definetely have to get back to the city!! it is the most wonderful city in the eastern US. I have been with my girlfriends, the family, on business, and just because. I love, love, love the energy of that city!!! Lucky you!

  49. Looks like fun! I'm pretty sure I just saw your girls on "extra". They were doing a segment on Kelly Ripa and had some quick shots of the tea party. Pretty cool!

  50. Looks like fun! I'm pretty sure I just saw your girls on "extra". They were doing a segment with Kelly Ripa and showed some shots from the Electrolux party. Pretty cool!

  51. I would love to know more about how you teamed up with Ovarian Cancer research. Please email me!

    thank you,
    From Virginia

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  54. How much fun!! You guys looked like you had a blast! And how awesome to meet Kelly Ripa...I'm glad to hear she is as down to earth as she appears to be! And what girl doesn't love a tea party! We were in NYC last April, my brother got married in Queens and then we took a few days to explore the city! My daughter was 18 months then and we also had my 14 year old niece with us...their favorite thing was the American Girl store! I fell in love with NYC on that trip and can't wait to go back! Do you happen to know what kind of material that is behind the washer/dryer?! That could be awesome behind the new headboard I am making for my daughter's room! Thanks!

    P.S. Love the blog!!

  55. That looks like so much fun. The girls looked so cute all dressed up.

  56. WOW!! What fun! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. They were just as much fun to look through! :)

  57. Magical! a trip you will all never forget! Ahh! To play dress up again & have a tea party. Now those were the days!! ;)

  58. Okay, so I saw your girls with Kelly in a short segment on "Entertainment Tonight" a couple of days ago and I was like "Hey! I know them!" and got all excited. Then I realized I don't really KNOW you and your girls, but have ordered from your shop and read your blog all the time, so I'm really not THAT crazy...am I? Looks like it was a BLAST!

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  62. What a fun trip!!! NYC is awesome. I try to get there at least once a year - usually around the holidays (where the crowds are even MORE insane!!!) Next time you are in NY, you need to let me know. I'm only about an hour outside NYC. :)

  63. How DID i miss this post?? SO excited for you...you deserve all of it! And so glad your girls got to have so much fun!


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