OCRF, Electrolux, Kelly Ripa & House of Smiths ... Oh my!

{Our Adventures, in the City!}

If you follow us on FB or twitter, then you know that we've been getting ready for a trip to NYC, these past few days!
Well, after todays events, I'm so excited to finally share with you what we've been up to!
House of Smiths has teamed up with  Electrolux and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, to help spread awareness about ovarian cancer.
The OCRF's purpose, is to fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer.
We all know, or have at least seen and heard about how amazing Miss Kelly and her Electrolux appliances are, right?

* State of the art cook tops that boil water in 90 seconds,
* Refrigerators that have endless amounts of space,


* The quietest (and may I say, sleekest) dishwashers around,


* And the largest capacity washer and dryer out there,
with total wash-to-dry time being only a measly 29 minutes!!!

Well, not only does Electrolux have all the greatest cutting edge appliances, but they have an "even more amazing" (hee hee) company backing them up!

Electrolux and Kelly Ripa hosted a fabulous event in NYC this week, to kick off this special effort to raise awareness for the OCRF!
And they invited all my little chicks, and their Momma of course, :)
to their "Chari-Tea Party" event, that took place at "Eloise at the Plaza"!
Definitely the pinkest, loveliest space EVER!

It was such a privilege to meet up with other fun, talented Moms, their beautiful daughters, a great company and adorable Kelly, to help support such an amazing cause!

The girls had oodles of fun!  And we were so happy to be invited!

We have lots more to share, but for now, we hope that you'll help us support this great cause as well, by teaming up with Electrolux TOO!
yes... You!

When you visit www.Kelly-Confidential.com and choose a fun outfit and tea party set-up for Kelly's Chari-Tea Party, Electrolux will donate $1.00 to OCRF, as part of their $750,000 commitment, to the cause!
While you're there, you can enter to win the ULTIMATE tea party accessory!
A Perfect Steam washer and dryer!
You know... to get all of those strawberry tart stains out, with  :)

You don't even have to make a purchase, or donation to enter!
AND you can enter one time EACH day!
official rules available at http://www.kelly-confidential.com/

I'm LOVING all the fun colors, perfect for ANY style laundry room!

Plus!  This is the only front load washer and dryer that can get 50 Mommy and Me outfits ready in time for all  the tea party fun!
Talk about cutting your laundry chore in half!

You can also keep updated by following Kelly Confidential on
Facebook and Twitter!

We are beyond thrilled to be teaming up with such great people, and can't wait to share with you, our adventures that we've had in NYC, and our further partnership with Electrolux and OCRF!

Now I'm off with the girls to enjoy New York some more, before we have to fly home, tomorrow!

Can you say NY style Pizza, and site seeing in the rain!?
Welcome to the CITY!

My participation in the "Chari-Tea Party" Campaign was sponsored by Electrolux who provided me with transportation arrangements, to and from New York City to participate

Thank you!

Clothing and shoes for all the little girls, were provided by J. Crew, Gap, & Children's Place


  1. Eeeek! How exciting! I love Kelly Ripa! She seems like she would be such fun! Your girls are darling!
    Scissors & SPatulas

  2. That is soooooooo awesome .... totally jealous that you guys got to meet Kelly!!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  3. Oh how fun is that trip! The girls look adorable! And congrats on teaming up with such a great cause! :)

  4. I am {GREEN} with Envy! So FUN! and your girlies look DARLING! Have lots of fun!

  5. AWESOME buddy! Awesome! Lily and I are going to have a Mommy and Lily trip to new york in August, I can't wait! :)


  6. You ROCK My friend! Glad you're having a fun time, and what a great cause:)

  7. That is great!!!!!!!!!!! Can you explain how you came to be invited?

  8. That is amazing! Love those Electrolux commercials. What a great way to spread the word about ovarian cancer, and such fun for you!!

  9. Can I just say that I am obsessed with Kelly? My dream would be to have her wear one of my hair accessories. She is a total classy diva. Love it!

  10. Thats awesome !!!!!! How great that you got to go & to meet Kelly! Love her ! And for such a good cause too !

  11. Oh how exciting for you girls! It just goes to show that great things happen to those who promote positivity!

  12. Um, can I say WOW?! Awfully generous of them and how lucky for you!

  13. This looks like so much fun! Your girls are darling, and sheesh, Kelly just glows!

    29 minutes? That is amazing.

  14. How fun! BTW, can you steal Kelly's arms for me? I'd love to sport those babies around! LOL!

  15. that is the COOLEST THING EVER!!!! i'm so excited for you. and kelly ripa is amazing. kewl. i wanna go to NYC. have SOO much fun for all us followers. mmkay.

  16. This is fabulous! Have a great time in NYC. There is so much to do!


  17. Wow! Shell, that is awesome! Lucky girls!

  18. you met kelly ripa?!?!
    <----- JEALOUS! Hope you had so much fun... Lucky girl!

  19. So I know your dad's store connection, but are you like related to the President or something? Can I just come to UT & follow you around because you are just the coolest chick, with the funnest (and funniest) life. Your girls are darling. How fun to share in that with them. And btw, as much as I would love to be there I never want to be standing next to Kelly...she is beyond gorgeous!

  20. Ooh, it looks like you're having so much fun, you lucky ladies! And can I just say, that teal washer and dryer set is kind of sexy... Who knew that could be possible?!?! Have a great time!

    (PS, what an awesome cause to be involved in!)

  21. Oh I am soo happy to hear and see that you got to participate and meet Kelly, she is amazing and what she is doing for ovarian cancer research is great! I was diagnosed w/ stage 3 ovarian cancer july 09 at the age of 28 6 months after having my 4th child!! they say its rare for it to hit someone my age, but the trickiest thing about Ov cancer is its usually detected when its to late and the symptoms are usually what us women have during that time of the month anyway! I have to thank my family and faith in my heavenly father that has gotten me this far,as women we take care of everyone else and sometimes forget about ourselves and put our health back burner, listen to your gut and take the time to see a Dr and do those things that will keep us running like the energizer bunnies we are!! House of Smith's I love what you do and Joy and cheeriness you bring to my life! thanks again and keep up the good work!

  22. That sounds like so much fun!!! Kelly is so adorable, and well as your girls!! Oh, and as for the appliances, I will take one of everything, please??? LOL!
    Have a FABULOUS evening!!
    ~Christina ;-)


  23. Holy Cow!!! That is totally amazing! What a great opportunity for you and your girls! (And I must say, I am jealous that you got to meet Kelly Ripa too. Seriously. Jealous. And this whole time I thought it was that "other show" you were headed to the big city for. What do I know?) xoxo

  24. What amazing fun, and even better it was for a great cause!! Wow, congrats!! Janell

  25. What an awesome opportunity! Looks like so much fun, and for a great cause! Congratulations!

  26. Wow! Congratulations!What an honor . . . and what a great cause! Can't wait to hear more about your trip to my home state and one of my favorite cities!

  27. AHHHHH!!! are you for realsies?!
    this is amazing. I SO thought you were doing Nate Berkus, but this...is crazy amazing.
    Your girls look so awesome and gorgeous, did they get discovered by a modelling agency while there?! hee hee.
    Love it.
    So amazing.
    I've been a Kelly Ripa fan since her All My Children days! lol

  28. How fun, it looks like a great time! I just saw on people.com there is a picture of Kelly and one of your girls is in the background! Lucky girls!

  29. What fun! And, for such a great cause!! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  30. Aw so fun! Kelly looks like a Disney princess in some of these pics. And your girls look so pretty!


  32. How awesome is that. I heard the tea was for a bunch of mommy bloggers! Very cool. Can't wait for details. laura

  33. ahh you lucky girls. and i am tooootally jealous.

  34. How awesome is this!!! Love that it's for a great cause and you and your girls got a fun trip together!!! Headed over to check out the site now!! :)

  35. that's so awesome!! Love those appliances, and Kelly Ripa!

  36. WOW!! So exciting!! You need to give us the WHOLE story on how you got teamed up with these awesome companies. Did they contact you? You LUCKY GIRL!!!!

  37. I've been checking in waiting for your gallery wall and WOW!!! This might be even better! Thanks for sharing moments of this awesome trip what a great experience for you and your girls! They will never forget it!
    I'm excited to go pick my outfit and tea party to help make a donation to this cause!
    Have a great, safe rest of your trip!

  38. Very cool. This is a great story, one that your girls will treasure when looking back.

    Very cool...

  39. WOW! So cool. I love Kelly. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  40. Did you know one of your twins is on people.com..Its only the side of her pretty head but I knew who she was! Love your page!

  41. Wow! What a great cause. You have to tell us what you thought of Kelly. Was she nice? Is she as thin in real life as she is on TV? lol! C'mon! Give us the scoop!

  42. That is so exciting! Isn't this one of your angels in People magazine's Star Tracks? Eek!

  43. wow, that is awesome to be part of something so wonderful! Congratulations!

  44. Congrats to you and your daughters! What an awesome cause to support and raise money for research. Look forward to hearing more about it and all the fun you had!! Have a great weekend


  45. SHelley!
    How wonderful is this? I am sooooo excited for you guys!

    I love you lady!!


  46. How exciting!! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  47. See, even more reasons to love Electrolux! I have the washer (waiting on the dryer), and it's great. They also have the BEST customer service ever. way to go Electrolux! And I'm happy to see that the girls had a good time!

  48. Oh my goodness!!! That is SO fun :) I am so glad you all got to go! You are a celeb!

  49. Wow! Green with envy! That must have been exciting.


  50. Are these your little ones on people.com?

    I see the wings and a feather boa, so my guess is yes!

  51. WHAT?! K, I'm jealous!!! How?! I need details...shells!! Awesome congrats!!!!

  52. My little sis, I knew your fun personality and design sense would get you places. Look at you now with the full on celeb treatment!
    Starting at 500 Pounds

  53. How fun!! Great pictures!! I so want that washer/dryer set!!

  54. Oh my star's what an amazing and exciting thing! Mazel Tov for you and your family! This makes me want Electrolux appliances even more!

  55. Oh my goodness! That is so amazing! Your girls are absolutely darling and look like they are having a ball! I love your blog and your style! I just saw your cute face on the Nate Berkus Show. He featured Centsational Girl on his show and your face was on his blog! I saw the clip of the show on her blog! Your going places sister! :)

  56. OMGoodness!!! How exciting! I can't believe how far and how fast things have gone for you..so inpsiring and excited for you! :)

  57. Oh how fun and what a great cause! Your girls are adorable and look like they are having the time of their loves!


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