A whole lotta Sass

{Smith chick Sass heard around the world...}
and seen by one of our readers... ugh, greeeat.

Is it because we didn't wear green?  Or even acknowledge the fact that it was St. Patrick's day today?
I don't know what it is... but today has been ROUGH, and full of sass!
And not the cute kind, where people smile and say...
"She's just got such a spirited personality on her!"
But the kind where onlookers turn away, while opening their eyes as big as they can, and shove their heads back into their necks ... to get that perfect,
"Holy crap, that kid is a brat!" expression.

It all started this morning, with this conversation...

Emberly: "Sissy, where did you put that favorite brush of mine, last week?"

Me: "Honey, do you mean, yesterday?  Last WEEK, would have been a long time ago"

We're having a problem with "time frame" around here, so I'm just trying to teach them the difference.

Emberly: "Moooom!  I know what I'm saying!  It was last Tuesday, in the morning, at Ten o'clock,!
Stop telling me what I mean!"

WOAH! ...

. . .

Another conversation later on today...

The girls are obsessed with tape this week.
(shrug) I dunno.
So I had a roll of clear tape that I let them go crazy with.
Mostly they just put it on paper, and stick stuff to walls, and the fridge.

Jocey grabbed a pair of my sharp scissors to cut off a piece of tape with, and was being a  little too rowdy, and dropped them on the ground, next to her feet.

So naturally as a Mom, I replied quickly with...
 "JOCEY!  You have to be careful!  You're gonna hurt yourself!  That could have fallen on your foot!"

She snapped back with:
"Oh Mom... stop worrying, I HAVE my shoes on, gosh!"

... well exuuuuuse ME!


Today I went to lunch with the girls.  We stopped at this cute little shop that I like.  They have a FABULOUS bakery called "The Hungry Bear," that we love to eat at.
It was a stressful lunch.
Everyone was hungry.
I was on edge.
And the girls, like I mentioned before, were filled with EXTRA attitude today.

Mostly, I thought things went pretty well.  Besides one meltdown over a stolen Cheeto...

Yes.  You read that right.

One twin stole another twins CHEETO... and all hell broke loose.

At home, when we hit, scream, fight, or just full-on have a "freak fest" ...
I require that girl, to do a time out.

But we were in public... so no time out, right?
I walked that ball of crazy, known as Twin #1, quietly over to a corner, and we had a little time out session, and "chat," about sharing and such.

Now for the "awesome" part...
are you ready?

After clicking through emails for a while tonight, I come to this one,
from a reader:

"I saw you at The Quilted Bear today!! I was totally on my way to say Hi, but you were having a little drama with a crying princess and I didn't want to interrupt as you were walking away with her. =)"

(Hand slap to forehead...)  faaaaabulous :(

I proceeded to apologize to "said reader", for witnessing our "princess meltdown" as she so nicely tried to put it,
(honestly, I love my readers ... who else can make a breakdown sound "cute". LOL)
and promptly invited her to intervene next time, as I ALWAYS welcome "backup" in situations such as those. LOL

I then finished up the humiliating apology email, with a (meant to be funny) quote, that I will leave with you all, as well...


Now is St. Patrick's day OVER YET!?!?
jeesh! ... LOL

Disclaimer:  I know that this poor defenseless, green holiday has nothing to do with my girls's attitude issues today, but I'd like to think that I can blame it on something else, rather then on the fact that we just had yet ANOTHER "off day"

PS.  I promise it's not JUST me, to blame for this sassy behavior.  I swear it was part of them, when they were born... 

Weird.  These videos were taken about 3 years apart, and I have the EXACT same response for both of them. LOL!


  1. Oh boy do I hear you. Except my twins are boys and a fight means fists and blood. They could go from best friends to Van Damme fight scene in 0.0001 nanoseconds when they were little. Very unnerving to me but husband (middle of 5 kids, 3 of which were boys) would just tell them "go bleed outside".

    Don't worry, we have ALL been there and understand how it is. :)

  2. Honestly, this is encouraging to hear, I know weird right? I have 2 girls, and one more girl on the way. It makes my 3 year old's 20 min meltdown about her shirt seem normal. (she didn't like the shirt she was wearing, nevermind that it was 4:00 and she had been wearing it all day!) I am not the only one dealing with the sass and drama! I love your ideas, and your style! thanks for sharing. Oh and that tea party!?! HELLO my kids would have died to do that! SOOO cute!

  3. Awesome. Seriously awesome. I think we've had fights--and timeouts--over half a stolen Cheeto!

  4. Oh my gosh I love that first video. It STILL makes me laugh. I'm sorry that this was a sassy, sucky, St. Patty's day. Love you.

  5. It's those darn Leprechauns! Lauren cried for over 15 MINUTES over....(gasp) a banana. Yes. That's right. A BANANA. She had to wait for mom to finish washing her hands before she could get LuLu a banana and the next thing I knew, crying, doors slamming, howling through the halls of the house. Whaaaa???? Seriously????

  6. what? I"m not alone in the sass department?
    EVERYDAY is a sassy day with my daughter. I often want to pull my hair out and cry in a corner because I don't know what to do.

  7. I LOVE the hungry bear! I always get cheesy broccoli soup with one of their giant cinnamon rolls! Yum!

    Anyways, good for you girlie! We do time out in public ALL THE TIME!! So I hear ya!

  8. Somehow, you did manage to make it sound cute--as frustrating as these days are you will miss them--my kids are not near as cute now that they are getting older:) I wasn't being too careful with the scissors last summer and they fell--i jumped to miss them and they managed to fly open-find the open spot in my keens(yes they count as shoes) and sliced my toe open. Can i just say blood everywhere? Luckily i had my kids to administer first aid and chastize me for not being more careful with my scissors--dang i hate when your words come back to haunt you--hang in there

  9. My girls are 5 and almost 3. Can we say "helllooooo sass?!". I don't know where it comes from either! I mean, not like I let them watch TV shows that encourage that or anything. Oy vay! Guess it just comes naturally! The new thing in my house is my 5 year old TELLING me to do something instead of asking. And when reminded of using manners (and basically mommy is not a servant) I get the sassy multi-syllable "pleeeeeaaaassse". (Yep...doesn't go over very well with mommy.) But I will say that I had to laugh at the first video. My almost 3 year old was "shushing" us at 2 years old the same way. Ha! Too funny!

  10. I totally know what you are going through. My 5 year old daughter was born with some sass too. When we tell her not to do something or to be more careful, she always comes back with, "I already know that mom! I know EVERYTHING!"

  11. So funny that you posted this today. I don't have kids myself but today I was leaving the grocery store pushing my cart thru the parking lot and there was a woman unloading her groceries with her kid sitting in the shopping cart seat. I'm going to guess she was close to 3 yrs old. She was singing along in that way that kids who want attention do and when I looked over she said "fogh off" to me. Of course it was obvious what she meant even though her pronounciation of it wasn't that perfect. I immediately and totally laughed out loud which I know isn't the right thing to do but come on a 3 yr old just said eff off to me??!! The mother was horrified and apologetic but to be honest it was just too funny to even warrant an apology. But maybe that's just cuz I'm not a mom with kids picking up my own bad habits. LOL.

  12. Ok I think we have the same life!
    My twins girls give that same sassy attitude! I swear when I was reading about your day, I was reading about a day in my life!
    I am sooooo not looking forward to having three teenage girls in my house, when we have those "off days"
    Jeeze! Don't these girls just drive you up the wall!? LOL
    Thanks for making me smile and for not thinking I have the only twins in the world with drama.

  13. Ahhh! St. Patrick's Day! Now I know why today was a little off! (Of course, my family member with an attitude was a little bigger and older! *cough hubby *cough) I guess everyone has an off day once in awhile! Hope both of us have a better day tomorrow! LOL!

  14. Well its glad to know you have SOME normalcy over there!! I was starting to think I could NEVER keep up ;) Just think of your "off days" as a chance for your readers to catch up to your creative geniusness =)

  15. Haha!!! Did you miss the part where my daughter threw a tantrum in the hallway at school?!? It was super fun. Oh, and then when the other one threw a fit in front of the school and threw all her papers on the ground.... ummm, she also willingly peed her pants at school because it was during centers and she didn't want to miss out on playing. So, when Ms. Neibaur asked her to clean up, she peed her pants to avoid helping!!! She is a monster. Ugh.

  16. Raising kids is humbling. I once gave my son a time out, and made him stand in the "corner" for backsass in public! The "corner" was 100 year old oak tree while we were on a hike in a park. The people walking thier dogs must have thought I was insane!

  17. I have to tell ya, while not funny at the time, these will be some of those moments that you will talk and laugh about later! My girls are 17 and 21, and to this day they STILL laugh about a meltdown my youngest had in Dillards when she was about 2 or so. Let's just say a "flying flipflop" landed somewhere in the middle of the perfume counter!!

  18. As a mommy to 4 girls, each 2 years apart (what was I thinking??) I have to commend you and be extremely thankful that it's not just us :) Sorry you had such a rough day! I, too, had sass city over here, even to the point where I pulled out the "someday you'll have a daughter just like you" line! Good luck and may your princesses have a great day, at least for mommy's sanity sake :)

  19. My 3&1/2 year old daughter has already started rolling her eyes at me sometimes. And the other day she cut a big chunk out of her hair. She has never had a haircut and her hair is down to hear waist. I hate to say it, but her hair is kind of my pride and joy. And she cut it. Ouch!
    Don't even get me started on my teenagers- seriously.
    Don't worry, it's not just your kids!!!

  20. Ironically this makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who has to deal with a situation like that. I have 4 kids and I am always expecting a fight when we are in public. We live in the "sticks" and when we do go to "town" the kids seem to get overly excited and forget all manners.

    The meltdown at our house this morning was because my youngest daughter didn't want to wear a shirt with a collar....sigh!!!!!!

    Love your blog!!!

  21. LOL! Too funny, Shelley! Girls can be SO dramatic. I've definitely got some stories from over the years.

    Just yesterday, I took my 7 year old to the doctor for strep, and the doctor told me to treat her with Motrin and lots of liquids, etc. Emily said out of the blue, "My mom is WELL aware of that!" Oh my gosh, I was SO embarassed!!! Another time (at the same doctor's office - no clue why she is such a loose cannon there), the doctor was checking her weight (she has had some stomach issues/not gaining enough, etc) and Emily said, "I'm surprised I gained any weight - my mom never feeds me!" I wanted to DIE right there!!! And don't get me started on the fights - she and her sister (who is 12) fight all.the.time. UGH!!!

    Hang in there, mama!!!! We've certainly all been there!

  22. Too funny! My boys are 2 1/2, so the meltdowns when we are in public are frequent these days. A friend of mine who has girls close in age, said to me yesterday, "I think it would have been easier if they were twins." LOL. Little does she know.

  23. You're awesome. I am a total blog stalker of yours, and just finally had to comment. Love that you put your kiddo on time out in public. I think you should!! Why should they be able to have serious princess drama out and about instead of just at home? No, mam!! I love it! I have an 8 yr old, then a set of 5 yr old twins (boy/girl) and a 9 month old baby. And we have seen many time outs in public. Or should I say, the public has seen many of our time-outs? Even at church. Putting a kid in the corner of the foyer for everyone to see is actually kinda funny. Not that I let that said child see me laugh... I just giggle on the inside. ;)

  24. Honestly it is moments like these that make a mother worry for her sanity and make me wonderful why in heaven's name I had 6 children. Luckily mine are more know for "at home sass" than public sass but our biggest blow up of all time ( I am talking 21 years here!) was basically on the side of the road in town where I think that everyone we had ever met drove by that day while my then 3 year old had a meltdown so bad that we ended up in a huge parking lot with him screaming for well over an hour.. an HOUR.. 60 minutes ( felt like 3 years I tell you !) . He was a like a pint sized wolverine. i could not pick him up so just had to stand there and let him blow apart until he collapsed.

    For YEARS people would come up to me and mention it.. I thank the heaven's that there were no easily portable video or blogs back then since this thing would have gone viral.. but I live to tell them tale.. lived to go on and have 3 more kids..but there are days that make me wonder!

    Hang tight mama!


  25. Thanks for your honesty. I only have one girl, but we are going into the sassy stage ourselves. Glad to see that spring break is having the same effect on other people's children too. Keep up the great work. Always look forward to your daily entries.

  26. Hang in there. Let me help in anyway I can. Oh, and thanks for making me feel better about my day yesterday, lol. Have a great day!!!

  27. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This is so hillarous!! And it is truly great to know that I'm not the only one that has girl drama in there little ones! I have 2 girls and if it doesn't go just perfect we have "princess meltdowns" too!! Thanks for making my life seem normal!

  28. I am a twin and it was great growing up to always have someone to play with but my poor mother! Really she had twice the mess on her hands and fights. I'd like to say it gets better but I don't think it did until we both went to college. The joy of having girls:)

  29. You are HILARIOUS!! Nuff said.

  30. It's a girl thing.
    My daughter, and now her 3 year old daughter, have that attitude. Hmmm, come to think of it, my mom says the same thing about me. LOL

  31. back in the day, when the kids gave me 'tude, I did this thing where I'd make them do different exercises. 10 push-ups, 20 jumping jacks, 1 minute jog in place, that sort of thing. Well, 4 kids in the car at the gas station one day and the 2 youngest boys start going at it with the teenagers getting more and more upset. I made the youngest two get out of the car and do jumping jacks by the gas pumps. The oldest two were MORTIFIED! Friends might see!!! Needless to say, our car trips were MUCH calmer from then on.
    Way to stick to your guns, even though it's never fun to do it.

  32. Hahahaha ... pretty cute. I only had one 'princess' but, believe me, she had some attitude. My princess just got married and had her fairytale wedding. She has grown into a lovely young woman and as good a friend as anyone could wish for. She sure could give me attitude when she was small but, I consoled myself with the ongoing belief that she would never be anyone's doormat and she definitely is not. I believe that children emulate what they see and if mom is a wonderful woman (which it is clear that you are) then the girls will turn out just great.

  33. I've got news for you Shelley, it doesn't stop! Mine is 16 and those are daily words I say to her, except the part about the bed now it's.... did you want to use my car tonight? Girls and tude are like bees and honey! Hang in there girl!

  34. I totally love this post, I can totally empathize....I've got a 20 month old that is dramatic and can be quite bossy. And I've had to do a few time outs in public. HATE THAT!! But at least they know they can't get away with it right!!? Way to go Shelley

  35. Oh my! I have four girls (4, 2 and 1 yr-old identical twins)...and it can be crazy here too! The twins have already started little tug-a-wars with each other...I can only imagine what it'll be like as they get older! Good thing they're usually really sweet with each other! =)

  36. I'm one of those mom's who has no problem putting my child in a time out in a public place! Looks a lot better than not correcting a child. And with children it's best to be consistant!

    Sorry your day was so sassy!


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