Happy 28th to my Personal Handyman

Although it's a little late, and things have been quite busy around here,
I didn't want to forget to publicly wish my "main man" a very happy birthday :)

His celebration a few weekends back started with our best friends
(my brother Mike, and his wife Karlie) at Cason's favorite celebration spot

The night was completed with small cakes from here...

...and then came the "BEST birthday present EVER!!!"
(HIS WORDS... by the way)

... Just in case you can't tell
(because most people have a hard time reading Cason's expressions)...
this look is saying a few things:

A: "Um... should I REALLY get excited, that there's an iPad2 in here, or is it just a new shirt in a used iPad2 box?

B: "Where did you find the $$$ for this?  Are we going to be able to make our car payment this month???"


okay, so maybe "C" was more MY interpretation... but still, it's kinda true :)

Case & Point...
Saving up for 4 months, secretly ... was TOTALLY worth it!

A special thanks to my big bro. Mike, for all the fabulous photos of the night.
He's not only a great brother, friend and photographer, but absolutely hilarious as well...

This was the victory "hand slap" line-up,
for such an awesome night spent with the cousins.
Mike always knows how to make a "could-be-sad situation"
(like leaving some of our favorite little people)
into a "fun event"... so as to not have any tears.

I love that about him.

And PS.  I don't think that I've seen these kids laugh this hard... EVER.
Family Rocks.

Thanks for the great night Mike and Karlie.
And Happy 28th, you Handsome Stud, you :)
It's gonna' be great!


  1. So I would have never have guessed that your hubbie was the same age as me! :) Happy B-day to your hubbie!

  2. Wow, you are definitely a better wife than I am. My husband's bday was today and I got him nothing.

  3. That's so awesome!! I love that you were able to SURPRISE him like that!

    Wife of the year!! :)

    Happy Bday to your Hubs!

  4. you are so sweet to save up for months---what an awesome present!!! i love seeing your happy family. sure sounds like your brother is awesome!!
    happy birthday cason!!!!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day! Nothing Bundt Cakes are THE BEST!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    Great pictures. Your brother is brilliant. That is an excellent way to keep the kiddos from crying.

  7. Okay, that hand slap thing is HILARIOUS!

    What a good wifey you are :) Happy Birthday Cason!

  8. Happy birthday! What a great surprise! You really are the best wife ever! ;) My husband wants a new set of Shuns. I think that would make me the best wife ever!

  9. Happy HAPPY birthday to Cason!

    You’re right....that it s pretty sweet gift!

    Love the little bunt cake. For some reason tiny things are always so cute!

    Oh and a high 5 line as your leaving is a GREAT idea. Your bro is a smart man!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  10. The photo of him blowing out the candle over that not-even-a-cupcake-cake is priceless. 28, really? i could be his mother! *cringe

  11. I love birthdays! how fun!! happy birthday to your hubs who is only one year older than me {and a few months} ;)

  12. Happy 28th to Cason!! I turned 28 on March 25! :) What a great surprise!!! :)

  13. Hi.....
    Congratulations to her husband

  14. happy birthday!!! Might I ask how you managed to save the $ and he not notice it was missing from the budget....my hubby notices all missing $'s. Ill never be able to get him somthing awesome unless I get some advice/lol

  15. awww HBD! this was sooo sweet! :)

  16. What a great gift. You do deserve the Wife of the Year award! :-) Just wanted to tell you it's "case in point" not "case & point."

  17. Only one problem with this post...we're not there and Abby is not hanging out with her cousins. :-( But still SO funny seeing the kids get all excited. Can't wait to see you on Wed!

  18. Well a happy fun buffday to hubby!

  19. Thats awesome ! Happy Bday to your hubby! What an excellent gift! The ipad is great !!

  20. YAHOO! Isn't surprising the love your life )in a good way)the best?! Looks like your kiddos had a fun night too!

  21. Happy birthday to your main man! And you ARE the best wife ever!

  22. 28???? reallly? oh my gosh I feel so OLD now!!! Your husband is just 7 years older than my oldest kid. Excuse me while I go stick my head in the oven ;-)

    Maddie - obviously old

  23. That picture of the kids laughing is so perfect and awesome!! There's no greater sound in the world than children's laughter :)

    Happy birthday to your boo!

  24. How sweet!! I love it when you totally suprise them!! :)

  25. As usual, your commentary had me laughing aloud.

  26. Cute post! Wondering where you got the adorable pink striped shirts on your twins? Thanks much!

  27. Aww.. how awesome!!
    Happy 28th to your hub! That'll be me this year.


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