Project FAIL

Remember when I posted about how Cason was helping me start a really great project, by painting this board?
Well, in reality, it wasn't just "a board"... it was THIS board.  Actually... a table top from IKEA, that I found for about $6.00.  I knew I could use it somewhere cool... NOT as a table top!

Well, doing exactly what I told him to... Cason just went to town with some high gloss gray paint.

He DID question my "no primming" tactic, but I just said...
"pfft, pfft!... no need!"

Don't you HATE when husbands are right?
... lol.

Check out what happens if you don't sand and prime your projects properly...

It was the craziest thing I've ever seen!  After 4 days of drying... the paint STILL just peeled right off, in sheets! Boooo... PROJECT FAIL!
I was NOT happy!

As I was yelling at the girls to get in the car, because "Mommy had to run to FREAKIN' Home Depot, to pick up a new FREAKIN' board, for her FREAKIN' project, that she just ruined...!"
... I started backing out of the driveway, and this baby caught my eye...

Propped up behind some other wood, was a scrap piece of plywood from another project I used.  My thoughts:
"FREE!?  yessss... I will MAKE it work!"
Thanks to my neighbor Ronda, and her table saw, I only needed one small cut, to make this new piece of wood work, for what I was doing.

And I have to be honest.  The direction that this project is taking, is SO MUCH cooler, then the idea I had before :)

Lesson Learned from THIS craft fail:
brought to you via poem, by yours truly ... hee hee

Sometimes Craft Fails, can leave you biting your nails.
When throwin' a fit or gettin' lit... just chill out, and think for a bit.

You might have something 'round the house you can use,
that will pull you right up, from your "crappy craft blues"



  1. heheheh the poem made me giggle, I cant wait to see the completed project!

  2. ummm, you are a nut! lol And now we know another one of your talents... poetry!?

  3. Oh those darn project fails are soooo time consuming!!

    You're a poet?? WOW! Learn something new everyday!

  4. I can't believe you wrote a craft fail poem. This is epic.

  5. Cute poem! Sometimes project failures are so disappointing, but I always believe things happen for a reason. Can't wait to see how your new project turns out =)

  6. you crack me up! so nice to know i'm not the only one with craft fails!!

  7. he, he! I had the same problem the other day. I was refinishing an old mirror. I thought that spray paint was the magic elixir... so not true!! The paint bubbled up... yes bubbled up! I'm sure you may know the reason why, I don't. luckily I could sand it off and start the project over the proper way... sand~prime~paint. Yes I will repeat that 50 times and promptly forget for the next project!!

    kisses my dear!

  8. Can't wait to see what you're up to this time!!

  9. stopping past to LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! love it when you stumble across a blog that goes perfectly with a cuppa and a curl up in the corner of the couch!!


  10. Cute poem!

    I've recently painted some IKEA furniture. It's usually laminate, which you can't paint over. Peels right off.

    You gotta get a good primer, like Zinsser Cover Stain, and then paint over that. Even then, it still peels if it's scratched. Laminate is my nemesis. :(

    Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  11. Love the poem. Can you still use the top from IKEA if you sand it down? Just wondering since I probably would not have primed it either :) Glad you found something free to use in the meantime.

  12. Hmmm...was the gray paint latex? Love the poem, and can't wait to see what you are up to!!

  13. I had to learn this lesson on the walls of my house!!!
    We painted the entire living room dark chocolate BROWN only to come in the next day and peel it ALL off!!!!

  14. Yep I had a FAIL earlier this week too. Oh well. I am sure this new one will turn out just great!

  15. I LOVE THIS BLOG! It really makes me smile every time I read it! Thanks for being simply you!

  16. oh my goodness. that stinks terribly bad. but! i really enjoy that you seem to make it funny instead of breaking the board in half. that is something i might do... since, you know, it is all the boards fault (in my eyes). :P

  17. Can't wait to see the end result!!! (And YES I hate it when hubs is right, hehee!)

  18. you ladies make me so nervous with all the paint action on your beautiful countertops!!

  19. Oh my heavens, I can totally relate. My hubby and I decided we wanted to paint the rooms for our girls (22month old and one on the way in a few weeks). We did prep work, but didn't prime since we'd bought and primer/paint in one that we'd bought from Home Depot as well. Well days after, my little girl had peeled off the pain on the lower portion of a wall!! WHAT?!! That wasn't supposed to happen.
    I think my hubby was devastated, since he's the one painting since I'm preggo. But we're hoping the second time around the paint will stick!!
    Can't wait to see your finished project!!


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