Spring Shopping @ Pier 1

This post brought to you by Pier 1. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who's ready for spring!?
I know I am!!!

Remember how fun it was to go shopping at Pier 1 for pretty Christmas decor, this past year?
Well, spring time is no exception at "the Pier."
Their store is chuck full of fun colors and designs, this time of year, and just walking through the doors literally put me in a better mood!

Camera in hand, I headed up towards the checkout counter and informed the nice workers that I would be rearranging, staging, & photographing away ... and to not be alarmed, lol.
They were kind enough to smile and nod slowly, but really, I think I caught a hint of
"that lady is a little bit ca-razy"

I have a weird magnetic pull towards decorative chairs and fabulous pillows, so I scoped those out first.
I was really surprised that a lot of the pillows I was loving, where great for indoor AND outdoor use.
I'm going to go ahead and reason, that if a pillow can withstand wind, rain, sun, and cold ... then it will probably be able to take on the torture of 3 small children ... right?
hee hee.

Here were a few of my favorites!

Check out these lamps!
Are you just dying over how adorable that lampshade, with the cute flowers, is!?
And the turquoise lined shade, and glass lamp base, is stunning!

So, speaking of indoor/outdoor pillows... I was on the hunt for not just pillows, but an ENTIRE outdoor living space!
Remember our huge cement pad, we laid in the backyard last summer?
Well, I've been on the prowl for some fun outdoor decorating ideas.

There was a lot to choose from,
but look at all the great ideas that I got from just the Pier 1 website, alone!

Not to mention, that they have other great pieces in-store as well!
I LOVED these green glass jars.
You could put snacks in them, or fill them with sand, shells, decorative rocks, or other earthy things, to display on your patio table.

Ooo, and while we're displaying things... let's pop an adorable tray in, underneath them, mmkay?

Oh, and these rick rack trimmed napkins are beautiful as well, with the MOST adorable napkin ring holders, ever!
Eeek! ... SO easy to get carried away in this store, I swear.

You MUST check out all the fun spring items that your local Pier 1 has!
Their outdoor collections are fabulous, and they have everything you need to complete a chic outdoor setting, for YOUR space this spring and summer :)

Oh!  And remember the Pier 1 Christmas Tweetup I was involved in last year? There are more! Check to see if one of these Pier 1 Tweetups are in YOUR area!
They are fabulous to get in on, if you're looking for an even better deal, the day you go shopping!


  1. I was just in there yesterday and was practically skipping through the store, hahaha! EVERYTHING was gorgeous and wanted to come home with me. Thank God, for my wallet's sake, Izzy had a meltdown and we had to leave empty handed. But, I'm planning a Mommy and wallet date night at Pier 1 asap!

  2. I am so ready for spring! Your post was so bright and Cheery thanks!! Must. Get. To Pier1 those lamps are callin my name!

  3. Lovely post!!!! I like your "Outdoor Ideas" moodboard, and those trays are to die for! =)

  4. I love Pier 1. I just wish you could order their stuff online. Living in Tooele means it is a bit of a drive to the closest one.

  5. We're lucky we have 2 Pier 1's in town - no Pottery Barn, no Ikea - it's nice to go browsing though their stores, and I will go hit one soon for some Spring stuff!

  6. I love Pier 1! My bedroom lamp is from there and I just love it. Was just in there the other day, such a relaxing time just walking around and looking at all the new things.

  7. Thanks for this FABULOUS POST!!! I went out TODAY and got that GORGEOUS antique white tray. DARLING!

  8. Going to Pier 1 is actually a little bit PAINFUL for me right now b/c I have to bite my nails and clench my teeth to prevent myself from going home to my husband with an "I want this, and this, and this" attitude. I just have to keep reminding myself that this budget crunch is for a good reason: our daughter. Ahhh!!! But I ADORE everything you pictured!!!

  9. Hey Shelly!

    I finished my painted rug, and wanted to show you. Thanks again for the awesome tutorial! You absolutely rock!



  10. Sadly this post was posted to late for me :( :( march 9th, i missed it! sad day but thanks for the heads up on all their pretty things :) :)


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