5 things I love about being a Mom

* How much more FUN it is, then I thought it would be.

* How my children are a reflection of the BEST parts of me.
And how much I learn to be a BETTER me, through them... daily.

* The kisses, hugs, loves, and endless amounts of forgiveness and patience...
 that come with each sweet baby.

* The laughing, The conversations ... and the CLOTHES!!! :)
ohhh, all those adorable kid clothes!  SO irresistible!

* The knowledge that, no matter what else I succeed or fail at, in life,
that nothing else matters, because I've got the three BEST accomplishments I've ever made... waiting at home for me, with their bouncy curls, and infectious giggles.

Since Mother's Day is on a Sunday, and SO much of my faith is tied into who I am as a mother... I felt that this would be a perfect time to share with you one of my favorite videos, about being a mom.
It testifies of motherhood, as being an amazing gift, and makes me think of all of the mothers and mothers-to-be, that I know... and how uniquely special they are, to receive such a profound calling in life.

I am SO incredibly grateful for all of the mothers in my life, and wish everyone of YOU, a Happy Mother's Day, today... too.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Shelley! Did you feel your ears burning today? Emilie and I were talking about how cute you and your sweet girls are!

  2. You are very very beatiful!


  3. Thank you for that video Shelley! I love hearing Jeffrey R. Holland speak. Such an inspiration to all us mother! Hope you have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY!

  4. thank you for sharing that! I'm so happy to be a SAHM, and grateful that I have that opportunity to spend these precious years at the beginning of their lives so one-on-one with them.

  5. You always seem to sum it up so well, thanks for sharing and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  6. Happy Mommy's Day! May it be filled with hugs & kisses. Enjoy!!

  7. this video made me cry...happy mothers day to you, too! your family is darling!

  8. You have a beautiful family and it always brightens my day to come to your blog and see all of your smiling faces! Happy Mother's day to you!

  9. so sweet! i loved your thoughts on this.
    i also have to say that i never knew how funny kids are until i had my own! kids are hilarious!

  10. Thanks for the video. I haven't seen that one yet. Holland is one of my favorites. And of course the video made me cry. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

  11. Ohhhhh you guys are just tooo cute... but I suspect dressing up all my crew in matching outfits would be a bit crazy at this point given that they are 21-9. Enjoy these days.. even the bad ones. :)


  12. Thank you for posting that video! I watched it right after I spent half an hour cleaning up two Diet Cokes that exploded after somebody left them in my freezer yesterday. It helped me so much to get over the anger I was feeling! I am so grateful that we have the Prophet and his Apostles to give us these messages from our Heavenly Father, what a gift that is. I love your blog, keep it comin'!!


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