Fish Tacos

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know that Cason and I, are on a MUCH needed trip in Cabo San Lucas, this week!  It's one of our most FAVORITE vacation spots.  Not ONLY is it a fabulous way for us to spend time with each other, (without kiddos), but it also gives us a chance to reconnect and fall in love all over again, in a beautiful place.
We are FIRM believers in the idea that ALL couples should do this at LEAST once a year, to keep "in sync" with one another and rekindle that "spark!"

This photo is from our trip to Cabo, in 2009.
I'm excited to share some of the beautiful pictures that I've already been snapping, of this years vacation, when we get back!

Not only is Mexico one of our TOP "relaxation destinations"
but it's also home to our most favorite types of foods.
Chips, Salsa, Fresh corn tortillas, guacamole, tacos, carne asada... you name it!
If it's Fresh Mex, We don't just like it... we LOVE IT!
So, in honor of our trip this week, I wanted to share with you a yummy Salmon Taco recipe that Cason and I tried out a few weeks back... when we were feeling "the itch" to leave on vacation... during a snowy day, at home. ha!

I'll be honest, I'm not a "fish eater" but after we made these babies... I think I'm jumpin' on board!  Thanks to the Our Best Bites cookbook, and a few additional online recipes, we had a killer dinner!
We wanted to share with you where we found everything, so hopefully you could give them a try too!

We started out by marinating our salmon fillets in some store bought Tariyaki Lime sauce, and then got to making some Creamy Tomatillo Dressing, just like the kind you can get from Cafe Rio. YUM!

While those were both chilling in the refrigerator, we moved onto our Cilantro Lime Rice.
One of our favorite recipes for that, is found HERE.

While that was cookin' up, I chopped some tomatoes, onions, extra cilantro and a jalapeno, to make some fresh salsa.  Add a little salt to these fresh chopped ingredients, and you're done!


Since we still had some time to kill, before the rice was cooked, we tried our hand at some homemade tortillas.  Recipe HERE.  They were delicious!  A little labor intensive, but totally worth it!


While we cooked the flour tortillas up, we also set the salmon under the broiler.
It only took about 3 or 4 minuets on each side, and they were perfectly done!
We kept our broiler on low, because there was sugar in the teriyaki sauce,
and we didn't want it to burn under the broiler on high.

After everything was finished, and assembled... it was time to eat!

Follow up these fresh Mexican style fish tacos with some strawberry shortcake...

And you've got Dinner, people! :)
I have to say, that this is definitely worth trying, if you're looking to "shake things up" on your weekly dinner menu.  Your family will thank you :)
ps.  I made up a chicken breast for my kids,
and put it in their taco, instead of salmon, and they loved it!

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I am receiving an Electrolux appliance in exchange for my participation.


  1. Those sound amazing. I've made fish tacos with tilapia before but I HAVE to try them with salmon. Thanks for sharing the recipe ... and have a great time in Mexico!

  2. Oh My heck those tacos look amazing! Not only have you managed to make your house look beautiful, but you have also turned into a pro at cooking:)

    Hope you and cason have a great trip! We were in utah over the weekend and we couldnt believe that the snow followed us from montana. Haha

    Soak up lots of sun rays chicka!


  3. Those tacos look delish! Which is unfortunate bc now I'm craving fish tacos, we don't have any of the ingredients on hand, and since today is Sunday there is nothing I can do about it :-/

  4. Well those look just divine and I hope that you are having a most wonderful time "re-connecting" with your darling man.


  5. mouth. salivating.
    Hope you're having fun in the sun, you lovebirds :)

  6. This makes my mouth water! Delish. (awesome photos too!)

  7. Those fish tacos literally made my mouth water!

  8. Best cookbook ever!!! I'm going to have to make these for my hubby. I think he'd love them. Have an awesome time on your trip!!!!!

  9. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time. The fish tacos look incredible. I miss you already!!


  10. I'm so jealous of your trip, but yay for you guys!! :) Those tacos looks SO good, I'm not a fish person either, but those look so good I would totally try them! :)
    Have a fun & safe trip!

  11. ummmm, drooling I love salmon and tacos, great combo! Have a wonderful trip, I am a firm believer in getting away with hubby, so smart to do this!

  12. love fish tacos, love Cabo, love your blog.....

  13. oh my yum! these look delicious! definitely need to try these. oh... & have a blast on your trip.

  14. my mouth is watering. seriously that looks so great. i also am a fan of fresh mex, it's definitely the best.

  15. oh my YUM! That strawberry shortcake looks divine! Oh and I'm totally jealous of your trip! I couldn't agree more about getting away with your hubby! Have SO much fun! Can't wait to see pics.

  16. I could really go for some strawberry short cake now:) Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. sounds delicious. i will give it a shot! mmmmmmm.... have a great get away!

  18. The thought of fish tacos used to make me cringe-Until I tried one! They are actually good! I would love for you to come over and share on my YUM-Monday link party (going on now )

  19. Glad you enjoyed the Cafe-Rio Style Dressing! It's a big favorite at my house.

  20. I know you two are having a great time in Mexico.
    I need to try salmon in my fish tacos,sounds yummy.
    A suggestion next time you labor over flour tortillas,sweat them before eating. Just line a heavy pot or casserole dish with a lid with a cotton dish towel and as you cook them put them in the dish with the lid and fold the towel over them. Every 2 or 3 tortillas turn the stack to keep adding hot ones to the mix. Hope that made sense. Have a great time!!!

  21. Oh my!! Looks soooo YuMmY!!! I want to come to dinner at your house!

  22. I love that cook book. I tried to make those tortia's and mine turned out so weird, so way to go on great circles. lol.

  23. oOhH, it all looks AMAZING! love your pictures too! thanks for sharing!
    nice work as always shelly :)

  24. I'm needing some good Mexican food after reading this post! Enjoy each other this week!! xoxo

  25. I love fish tacos and yours look divine!
    Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  26. I guess I will leave you a sweet comment even though you won't see it for a little bit and that's OK!! Have a great time, it's so awesome to "reconnect" and remember what it's like to be a couple. I'm sure the weather down there is warm and beautiful. Be sure to wear your SPF :)

  27. Yum, Shelley! This looks delish! I hope you have a fantastic, well-deserved getaway! I totally agree with you, it is a must!

  28. We love Cabo - LOVE it! Hope you enjoyed yourselves. The tacos look really good - into the idea file they go.

  29. Just go to Walmart and buy "La Abuela" raw flour tortillas.I'm hispanic and I swear they taste just like my grandma's. The trick to awesome flour tortillas is to have a HOT grill then you lay the tortilla when it starts rise you flip it over, let it rise and you are done!...how funny to see white people cut flour tortillas before cooking them


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