Studio IL Bagno and Villeroy & Boch

I had to post real quick, about a little shopping trip that Cas and I went on last Saturday.
We've been trying to bust-a-move on our bathroom redo... but we keep running into snags, so we thought we would take a break and go shopping :)
Isn't shopping the answer to everything? hee hee.

Okay, really, we needed to head over to Studio IL Bagno to pick up some new pretty little additions to our bathroom, courtesy of Villeroy & Boch!
Thanks to this great company, we're lucky enough to be able to replace our chipped toilet and boring round builder-grade sink, with something a bit "swankier" :)

We are SO excited!
We have yet to install them, because we want to wait until we are done with the wall treatments, but just a quick peek into the boxes, and we were in love.
Click on these links to get a better idea of what
the SINK and TOILET will look like, up close.

While picking up our new treasures, we browsed around IL Bagno, and fell in love with claw foot tubs, light fixtures, and state of the art faucets!
*siiigh* ... Such great eye candy. Check it out.
Even if some of the stuff wasn't really "us"... it was still really neat to look at, and fiddle with :)

Cason was obsessed with this awesome steam shower and air jetted tub.
The owner told us that he lets people come try out this amazing heated tub, and steam shower in their bathing suits, so they can see how truly amazing they are... ha!
Let's just say that Cason will prooobably take him up on that offer. lol.

We're excited to keep moving forward with the bathroom makeover.

Now, if I could just find the perfect light fixture for over the tub.
It's been the biggest headache!  I can't find exactly what I want, anywhere!
I'll be back to talk more about that, later :)


  1. that sink makes me speechless...but not speechless enough to not tell you it makes me speechless.
    I cannot wait to see it in your bathroom! praise the LORD for good sponsors to help you along in your renos that we can all gush at :)

  2. Fun times! I am so ready to do our master bathroom. It needs upgrading very badly. Love that clawfoot tub! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  3. Good for you for using the popularity of the blog to get great benefits. You work so hard on this blog and your house you deserve it!

  4. Seriously would love to know how you get all the fabulous free stuff! Loved reading your post on Whipperberry. As I was reading thru what you wrote I kept thinking that we were cute from the same mold...OCD and all ;)

  5. Holy Moly I never thought a toilet could be so beautiful..it's going to look great.

  6. that looks like a cool tub! i featured you on my blog

  7. Tell us what you have in mind light wise and we can keep our eyes peeled!!


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