Music that get's us Movin'!

Who's ready to get movin' this week?
Me? Not really.  After this long weekend, I'm dragging!
But nonetheless, I'm going to tackle my office today. (scary!)  It needs SO much attention!
The only thing that keeps us motivated, when we have a big project, cleaning or organizing task in front of us... is MUSIC! So I thought I'd post our favorite picks, for everyone to enjoy today...

Hope you have fun jammin' out with some of our favorite tunes, while you get through YOUR to-do list today.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love all of these songs!! Good moving ones!

  2. This is the my exact plan for this weekend! And I HAVE to have music to get anything done. Thank you for this great playlist!!

  3. Your playlist looks like my Zumba instructor's song list! I love all these songs too. You should come Zumba to them too ;)

  4. I.love.you.
    Because we are having one of those coming off of vacation days and we need this!! :)

  5. Loving it! I, too, am stupidly tackling big projects the day after a holiday weekend. LOL. I'm so dragging. On top of that my 2-year-old's a monster b/c we made him party hard last night. Hope you aren't battling kids today.

  6. Thank you!! I'm always on the lookout for new music! I wish more people would share theirs :)

  7. Holla!!! Partay rockers in the house tonight! Ya, ya ya ya. Booty movin'.....ya ya ya. We party right!!!

  8. Ummm, thank you! LOL. For this awesome playlist. My girlies & I shook our wittle booties to it all day. AND also thanks for getting me back in the loop of the new hip music. ha! I was needing some updating on my itunes!


  9. Girl, my workout is gonna be gooood tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  10. oooh, thanks for getting me through my morning at work...gives me something upbeat to listen to while I am stuck at work! thanks! :)

  11. Hi there - I am now a new follower after seeing some pics of your design style on pinterest:) We just moved to a new place and I must do what you did for "kitchen pantry"...I even used the pic on my "What I Love Wed" post today:
    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  12. I love you style, I love your projects, and I love your taste in music :) Thanks for this, it made my day!

  13. Those are all fun songs! I love "cleaning" music! Quick question, where did you get that font for the "Get Movin'" at the top of this post? I have been on the hunt for that thing for weeks!

  14. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that your blog is delightful! And your family is so cute as well! Happy thursday!

  15. I think we may have been separated at birth.... seriously! ;) I have an itunes playlist that is almost this exactly!!!! I'm tackling my pantry right now (trying to use your great organizing tips) and jammin' out to your playlist. Thanks for having such an adorable home for me to try and copy!!!


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