Summer Fun!

Have I mentioned that we're having lots of fun this Summer?
And we're gettin' an awesome tan while doin' it?
Okay... just checkin'

The girls have had swimming lessons this summer 3 days a week, as well as just playing in the water 24/7. I'm pretty sure that my kids are growing scales.
We also woke up this morning to find that someone (Aubrielle) had turned on our backyard hose at some point to play with it yesterday, had left it on and it had been running all night. gah!!! Luckily it wasn't close enough to the house to create a flooding situation... but that doesn't mean that our water bill won't be completely out of control this next month :(
... KIDS!!!

Hope everyone is having a waterlogged Summer too! I can't believe how fast it's going by! School for us starts in August! jeesh! Gotta soak up those rays NOW :)
Also, I've announced the ECOMAIDS winner on our facebook page :)
FIY: We'll be announcing winners of giveaways on our facebook page from now on.


  1. OH MI GOSH! Leaving the water on all night happened to me too! Only *I* was the culprit, oops!

    What I did was cut the sprinklers off for a few days to compensate for it.


  2. I am jealous of your summer fun. I have not been able to spend as much time outside if I would like...definitely no tan.

  3. Too cute! Well we are staying in the a/c but I know my girls would love to be in the pool... I win the bad mommy award this summer.
    Cute pics!

  4. How I love to see your summer pics!
    We have a terrible summer till now here in Holland !
    The summerholiday just started for a week, and we have rain , rain, rain. Kids here go to school again the 5th of September.This year our part of Holland ( The East) was the last one for the holidays, I don't like it when it starts so late. They have six weeks of summerholiday. How long are the holiday's in the States ?
    Well, enjoy the summer, with a lot of moments like this!

  5. Your blog makes me so happy...I love visiting here!

  6. The hose water in the face is classic! I remember drinking from the hose. :)

    Also, how do you make your photo collages? I would love to know. Much thanks!

  7. Aw, looks like they are enjoying themselves! It's so nice when they get old enough that you don't have to look after them every single second....but then sometimes you end up paying the price! Pun intended! lol

  8. May I just say and yes, I know it's none of my business... but I love seeing women who put their children in modest swimsuits!!

  9. Hey Adorable blogger! I just had to drop by to say how sweet you are and that I just love your blog and everything about what your doing here! LOVE! Can I ask a quickie question? What kind of computer do you use and program...no specifics, just are you a Mac or a PC? I'm learning quickly about the picture quality and abilities of my PC and need to figure out where I can improve. New to blogging and loving it! Thanks for all your inspiration!


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