How do I use my DSLR camera!? & a Photo by Emilie, session

Emilie is back! After a little break from photography classes, due to being pregnant... I'm so happy to introduce everyone to Miss Emilie's first little bundle of joy, Penelope Rose!
The first new baby for a professional photographer has to be like photography crack...right? lol
Ooo! Look at that sweet babe. Congratulations Emilie!
Well, a few weeks before Emilie delivered she took some pictures of OUR little babies too!
Okay, they aren't babies anymore, but I still like to THINK they are.
Check out how AMAZING they turned out!
Emilie's all sorts of fabulous, at capturing those whimsical romantic looking photos that I was going for and she even let me tag along with my camera, so that I could learn a few tips and tricks. I felt like a total pro shadowing her, and watching her change her settings and use lighting in ways that I had never thought of.

Here are a few photos that I snapped with my camera.
Not too shabby eh? ha!

If you were wondering... yes, I was obsessed with that cute yellow chair and suitcase. I had never really used "props" before, and it was really fun to see how Emilie positioned each of my little chicks to get the best shots possible! Now I'm ready for balloons, vintage chairs, and whatever else I can find for photo shoots! It's all so addicting!

So, one of my #1 questions asked on the blog is...
"How did you learn to use your DSLR camera better?" 
Well, the simple answer... Emilie taught me! You can read more about that post here.
If you want to learn how to use your manual camera settings better, or just hone in on your positioning, lighting, or editing skills... Emilie's got a class for ALL of that! :)

Emilie is offering a Salt Lake City photography workshop on
Saturday, September 24th from 9am - 1pm.
If you don't live in the area, she also offers 1 on 1 classes online!
And also, to celebrate the arrival of Emilie's adorable new baby girl, she is offering a 25% discount on all of her classes! Just enter the coupon code "penelope" when booking your session.

If you can't wait until your class starts in September, head on over to Emilie's Improve blog where she talks about things like...

Family Portrait Outfitting

Eye Action Tutorial



All VERY important things, when trying to obtain that PERFECT photo


  1. The girls are absolutely stunning!

  2. Your girls are so gorgeous, they must be a joy to take photos of. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I'm nearly ready to take my camera off auto...not quite yet :-)

  3. Such beautiful little girls. Love their hair.

  4. I took one of Emilie's classes right before she had her baby. She was so sweet and wonderful. I learned a lot.

    After my baby comes (literally any day now) I want to take one of her portrait photography classes. She's awesome.

  5. love it! Can you tell me where you went to take these pictures? I am looking for places to take my nephew for his engagement shoot.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Your girls are incredibly beautiful. :)

  7. Shelley! Those photos are amazing. Love them all. I don't live in the area, so I'm off to check her online classes. Thanks!

  8. They are gorgeous! Little rays of sunshine! Thanks for sharing!

  9. You have the prettiest girls I have ever seen! :)

  10. Umm you like read my mind. i got on your blog today ready to search your archives for the photo classes you mentioned a while back. Your the best! i'm all signed-up and can't wait to go. Thanks!

  11. Your girls are precious! I just started photography a few months ago, and would love to take one of Emilie's classes!

    I'd love for you to join in doing the Seven Link Challenge! I read your blog daily and would love to hear about your most memorable posts! http://wp.me/p1yRAz-yi

    xo, cassandra

  12. I am soooooo trying to get my husband to get me a DSLR for Christmas :) So far he's not going with it (and I'm kinda scared how hard it'll be to learn - I am far away from SLC!) but I still have 4 months, right? :)

  13. Lovely photos and beautiful colours.



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