Polka Dot Balloons, The Perfect Lip Gloss and More.

I'm sure you all know by now that I'm a sucker for appreciating the simple things. And lately I've been noticing a few more things that make life just THAT much more enjoyable. I even started jotting down a list. Is that weird? LOL. Well, I want to share with you some of my faves, in this completely random post
When I attended Kim's class at TCCE we got some of these adorable spotted balloons in our swag bag from Polka Dot Market. I couldn't help but love them immediately, because they were so cute! I wanted to save them for a special occasion, but these little chicks found them yesterday before church.

Honestly, this activity went on for about an hour! MAN, why haven't I thought of this sooner!?
Note to ALL Mom's out there: Buy a pack of balloons TODAY, blow them up and let your kids go wild! Trust me, the entertainment for them and free time for you... is mind-boggling. LOL

Thank you Laura Ashley and Scotties for FINALLY making a CUTE tissue box for a little girls' room! I love this design and the colors are perfect! (see, I told you that this post is really random) ha!

Two days ago I had a cute little girl knock on my front door hauling a bunch of these guys...
She had a huge bag full of these babies, and said that her Mom told her to find new homes for them, as they were being bombarded by all of the Zucchini in their garden. ha! I more then willingly grabbed the largest one I could find and immediately thought of these delicious grilled Zucchini pizza's that Kayln concocted a few weeks back.
Guess what's for dinner tonight!?

Yup, I've officially determined that Mary Kay's Cream & Sugar is MY perfect gloss shade, sheen, and "stickyness" ... which is none. :) I love the look of gloss, but hate feeling like I have glue or some form of GAK on my lips.
hee hee... remember GAK? 

* Is it cute?... yes. (PS: Cason informed me that calling a phone "cute" is weird...oh well)
* Does it make a sometimes non-trendy Mom FEEL trendy while using it?... definitely.
* Is it life changing, due to the fact that I have all of these amazing apps, my email and blogs to look at or use, all at the touch of my fingertips wherever I am? ... you better believe it!!!

That being said, my last new favorite thing goes right along with this...

By FAR my most favorite iPhone app to date. And it's FREE! I'm a sucker for pretty, great edited pictures, so imagine how thrilled I was to find out about this app a while back from my cute blogger friend Tauni!? LOVE her for introducing me to this fun-ness.
(yes it's a word)
If you have an iPhone and DON'T use this app yet on your photos for posting to twitter or Facebook from you phone... then it's a MUST have!

Okay... so that's pretty much my random post of my new favorite things.
Now I leave you with my NOT SO favorite thing from this past week.
Yup. There's nothin' like bringing home a nice new loaf of bread from your favorite store, just to discover that you have a crunchy little morsel inside waiting for you.
::: crunch, crunch ::: yummmm.

Let's get real. There was some gagging, dry heaving and shivery-type-convulsions with my hands shaking wildly on either side of me once I thought of how gross it would have been if Cason had NOT caught our flying friend baked and sliced nicely in half inside this loaf of bread, BEFORE I ate it.

mooooving on...

This week we'll be posting a LOT! (yay!)
Tomorrow I'll be introducing an awesome new sponsor.
Wednesday I'm showing off an easy DIY furniture revamp using Scotch-Blue tape.
Thursday I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that you will NOT want to miss.
And Friday I'll be talking a little bit about what I think were the best parts of my pregnancy with twins!

Happy Monday!


  1. polka dot balloons AND cute girls having fun. love it :)

    and that zucchini pizza?? brilliant! i don't have huge zucchinis like that...but i'm excited to try zucchini pizza bites :)

    Instagram: amen sister!! favorite app by far :)

  2. If you need more polka dot balloons, I just bought some packs at Hobby Lobby for my 3 year old's bday party this past weekend. They look identical! :)

    Your girls may be too old for this, but my mom was telling me something to do with my kids one day when I need some time is to take a bag of mini marshmallows and just dump them out all over the floor and let them have at it. I'm pretty sure I'll be trying that soon.... :)

  3. Are you a fibber Shelley? I don't think I really told you about Instagram...BUT, I super, duper love you for the link back :)

  4. I've been hearing about this instagram all over the place! I didn't even know what it was til now :) I have an iphone and will be sure to download! Thank you!

  5. OH YUCK on the fly, my husband and I run a bread biz and I am telling you before a bucket of flour is opened my man is on the hunt for all the flies, he is super paranoid this not happen. (and I really Really hope it's not ours). I LOVE ThOSE BALLOONS! Polkadots are just so yummy!

  6. Sounds freakin' awesome to me:)

  7. I would love an invite to view the wonderfully wordy blog. loniwaggener@yahoo.com

  8. Holy Crap. Did you call the store about that bread? I would die.

  9. Also, please don't tell me it was Prairie Grain. I'd be so sad.

  10. What a fun post! :) I needed that today!

  11. Not that it really matters but....I have the same tissues (tissue boxes), I would kill for an iPhone, and just seeing that bread gave me the dry heaves...

  12. So excited for everything you have coming this week. Love your blog Shelley!

  13. Cute random post! Tell Cason that calling your iPhone cute is not weird. Loving it so much that you kiss it and then make your husband kiss it too!......that is weird. Heehee. And yes the phone is life changing. Loooove it! I have the white one too!

  14. Thanks for the mention for my Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices! Hope you enjoyed the recipe.

  15. Those polka dot balloons are DARLING! I've got to get my hands on those! And that grilled zucchini pizza - looks like a slice of heaven! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Maybe I am just a delinquent, but how in the world do you make instagram collages?? i have been trying to figure it out for so long!

  17. I love how random that was! I want that lip gloss:)


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