Birthday wishes from Africa, Outlet shopping & Mini wedding dresses

Birthday wishes from Africa, Outlet Shopping and Wedding dresses...

Yup. That's what we have either done, or have in store for today...

Is it weird that my girls want to be full-on brides for Halloween? haha! Check out these mini wedding dresses that Cason found at our mall today while the girls were at school. They're going to DIE when we go back today to pick one out.
So I'm shutting down the computer and backing away from my epic fairy ballerina party planning to spend time with my family today.
I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. That's hilarious! I bet those are Communion dresses. I grew up in a largely Catholic neighborhood, and I remember being so jealous when girls would wear their Communion dresses to school when we were in the third grade. I didn't do mine until I was 32!

  2. Those are First Communion dresses. They are supposed to look like wedding dresses--you'll find veils, too. It's convenient that you can find them in your girls' sizes, huh?

  3. That video was darling! You sure have an adorable little birthday girl! ... and I love the Halloween costumes, that will be so fun!

  4. I love the mini bride idea! It's very classic, clean, not scary & can be done in a modest way for lil girls. I'm so sick of seeing those Monster High Costumes & other skimpy costumes @ the stores.

  5. O love how she says from the mail...

  6. My daughter is having her first communion soon. She keeps wanting to put on her first communion dress.


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