DIY Girly, Easy, Fairy Party Favors & The Tomkat Studio

Easy, Inexpensive, Girly Party Favors
You're about to get a whole-lotta girly birthday goodness headed your way next week, so I hope you're ready! Our 4 year old fairy ballerina party was a HUGE success! I don't think I've seen my little Aubrielle any happier then she was on her special day.

I wanted to share with you a fun fairy party favor that we made for all of Aubrielle's little friends to take home. It was one of the first projects that set the tone for the rest of our party's decor!
What you'll Need:
- Favor Cups and Lids - Polka Dot Market
- A Cute decal or Personalized Sticker - Brightside Prints
- Paper Crinkle Shreds - color of choice - Michaels Crafts
- Colorful Gumballs - Orson Ggyi
- Princess Wands - Zurchers
- Tulle - Zurchers
- Scissors

Here's how we made them:
I took the cups, filled them with some of the crinkle paper and centered a 'fairy favors' sticker on the front. Then I used my scissors and carefully twisted the sharp end into the top of each lid to make a circular hole to put our little wand through.

Then I took some of my colorful gumballs and filled the cup to the top!

Next I took these inexpensive plastic wands, tied a small piece of yellow tulle around the handle...

Put the lid on, stuck the wand through the top and you're done!
How easy and cute are those!? To make 8 of these little guys it only took me about 5 minutes! Honestly the easiest party favor EVER!

Side Note: I'm sure that most of the Mom's hated me for giving their 4yr old kid a whole cup-full of bubble gum to take home. (ha!) So you could also do this with something like Taffy, M&M's, Skittles, or any other candy that is individually wrapped or has a hard shell and can stand on it's own.

Ooo! And speaking of things that stand on their own, check out these adorable cupcake toppers that my good friend Kim, from Tomkat Studio sent me for the cupcakes for Aubrielle's class party at school!

Aren't they so cute!? Kim took the colors that I wanted and made these fabulous printables, just for our little missies special day! I really LOVED them, because they added that special, SUPER easy, custom element to just a regular ol' cupcake!
Kim's shop is one of my guilty pleasures, because EVERYTHING is incredibly beautiful, fun and SO affordable! She's got the perfect printables for almost every occasion.
You MUST check out The Tomkat Studio blog and shop, if you're not already a huge fan :)


  1. Absolutely darling! I'm planning a party for my 6 year-old, and just adore sweet favors and party prettiness like this.

  2. AH! I am jealous! Your baby is oh so sweet and I am sure she was in heaven. I don't know what little girl wouldn't be!

  3. If my daughter's see this, they'll wanna be your daughter's. Get ready to accept four more!

  4. This is soooo cute! You did an awesome job and those favors are adorable! I adore The TomKat Studio. One of my favorite parties ever is her son's crabby shack party!...AMAZING! :)

  5. SO CUTE! I don't know one little girl who wouldn't love that party favor, and I don't know anyone any age who would say no to a gumball party favor. I really love the cupcake toppers as well!

  6. Love it all! You did a great job coordinating and organizing it all. The colors are beautiful and your daughter looks so happy in that photo!

  7. I want to come to her party! Adorable! Don't you just love all the fun colors of gumballs these days?! :)

  8. That's so cute! I love all the polka dots and bright colors.

  9. wow! what a phenomenal party! On my wish list for my little princess!! www.savvystayathomemom.blogspot.com

  10. Awww... she's so precious! I love all the colors you used for the party!

    The Not So Functional Housewife

  11. Ohhh!!! Such a cute idea! You are just TOO adorable! I know my four year old would LOVE to get that party favor! She is ALL about the gum these days! Great job!

  12. I have to tell you that you have the cutest little girl in the world!! I told my sister that one day "do you want to see the cutest little girl ever?" Well, um, she has 2 little girls who are awesome and perfect BTW but that might not have been the politically correct way to go about it. LOL.

    The party treats look amazing!!!

  13. Super duper cute party favor! Where did you get those gumballs? I love the colors and I think they are the ones I've been looking for that are really soft not break a tooth hard to get in to. :)

  14. We're having a fairy party in 2 weeks...love your great ideas!!

  15. Very cute! Have you heard of Halo Heaven? It is the BEST place to buy little girl stuff. Their prices can't be beat and the quality is great too. They'll often have deals with free shipping too. My daughter had a princess party for her bday and I bought her outfit and party favors there. They also have a HUGE selection of headbands and bows/flowers. Crochet headbands are $3 for a dozen. And you can get fairy wings for under $1. Like I said, their prices are awesome. You can check out their site at haloheaven(dot)com. I'm not affiliated with them, just love to share a good deal!

  16. How precious! Every little detail is just PERFECT!!! So cute.

  17. Where oh where did you get that pink with white polka dots back drop for that picture???? LOVE IT!!!!! WANT IT!!!!! Everything that you do is AMAZING!

  18. I bet the girls were all amazed! What perfectly sweet party favors!

  19. what a lovely presentation you've made.


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