Fabric Shopping Online with 6th Street Design School

Shopping for fabric online
I have a project that I'm dying to finish up and for the life of me I can't find "the perfect" fabric for the LAST piece of my project! After tons of shopping around and not finding exactly what I wanted, I called on one of my favorite go-to interior designers, Kirsten Krason from 6th Street Design School for help.
I'm sure that a lot of your already follow Kirsten, but if not, then you MUST. She is like the the fabric mixing queen! She's always putting tons of color, texture and prints in her spaces... but seems to make it all flow perfectly in the end. I envy her eye for design.
 (I guess you get those mad-skills when you actually GO to interior design school. ha!)
Check out her amazing home... doesn't it just make you happy? :)
After an SOS to Kirsten via email, about not being able to find my perfect fabric, she pulled a bunch of swatches for me and gave me some GREAT resources for fabric stores that I hadn't even heard of!

Aren't these all amazing!? I didn't give Kirsten a budget when suggesting patterns, so these fabrics range from about $16 - $120 a yard. YIKES! ha! Don't know if I could EVER justify $120-a-yard fabric. lol.
After talking to Kirsten some more she pointed me in the direction of Spoonflower. A site where you can not only buy fabulous fabric, but make your OWN as well! whoo hoo! Isn't that awesome? I'm not totally sure of the steps yet, that you have to take to actually design and print your own designs, but I'm sure it's pretty easy!
Anywhoo, I wanted to share with everyone Kirsten's fab interior design skills and Spoonflower's fabric-awesomeness, just as a little tip-of-the-day!
Side Note:
Some of these fabrics are just available to the trade, so they're a little trickier to get your hands on, unless you go through Kirsten. Others are from Spoonflower, Calico Corners and Premier Prints Fabric!
Have fun browsing!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. These are great! I think I might be blind, but are there links for these? I'd love to look some of them up myself. Thanks!

  2. Oh' My' her fabrics are insanely drool worthy. My colors too. I can't wait to see what you did. YAY! winks-jen

  3. I lovety-love-LOVE them! I wish I had mad fabric coordinating skills. I always "see it" once they're put together, but don't have the same vision in putting a bunch of them together. Sarah Richardson is the Fabric Yoda in my mind. ;-)

  4. The patterns are incredible. I am heading over to Kirsten's design site next, thanks!

    Tile Supply Girl

  5. I would love to see the links to the fabrics too - THANKS!!

  6. Are you going to share the sources for these fabrucs!? :) I think I just spotted the one I've been looking for!

  7. Can you please tell me where she found fabric #6 on Fabric Board #2? It is just what I have been looking for! Thank you!


  8. So fun! Love Kirsten designs! Can't wait to see your project.

  9. fabric board?! perfect! I totally canNOT coordinate fabrics. I just don't have that eye!

  10. Those are amazing! Oh my! I'm in a living room remodel right now and some of those would be perfect for me too. I already found Kirsten's blog and I'd second your endorsement of her taste. Yowza!

  11. I love it! I wish I had enough 'guts' to have some more colors in my life. I am getting there thanks to your inspiration! Sometimes I wish I could just have someone come to my house and do it for me ;) HAHA! Thanks for the great post!

  12. Oh my goodness, perfection! My boyfriend and I are getting a house together next month and I've had drapes on the brain (it's a lot like water on the brain, only more stylish and confusing).

    I think I'd just take all of these fabrics, put 'em in a big pile on the floor, and roll around in it! And then make drapes. But only after some serious rolling.


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