Halloween Porch Decorating

Happy almost Halloween! Today I wanted to share with you the little corner of my world that is ready for the trick-or-treating goodness that is coming our way! We've been so incredibly busy lately, that Halloween decor is coming a little late this year, but better late then never, right!?
This time around I decided that it would be fun to "Hallow-glamify" our front porch. Again, I don't know why I have such a hard time actually using orange for Halloween, but I just do. I will buy it... but then always end up tossing the color out of my Halloween mix. (hmm... I guess orange just isn't my color?)
Anyway, here are a few simple things that I did to spookify up our place.
Let's start with pillows. And let's also start off by saying that a girl can NEVER have to many. Agreed?... Good :)  ha! I made the green and white striped one with fabric from IKEA. The yellow striped one came from Pottery Barn, and the black and white pillow with all of the text on it came from the Goodwill.
(although I think it's originally from Target)

The number 31 pillow is actually one that I made as well. I found a small pillow form, bought some inexpensive white fabric from IKEA and made a pillow cover with an envelope opening in the back. Then I designed this #31 with frame on iron-on vinyl material. The thick plastic that it prints out on is actually pretty sticky and will help the decal stay in place really well for your to position it perfectly onto your fabric. Once you have it right where you want it, you just put a thin cloth over the entire thing and use a very hot iron to smooth over and press down the whole decal. After you've done that for about 2-3 minutes, you can start lifting up the plastic to reveal the decal on the fabric. After the decal was transferred I then took the cloth one last time, placed it directly over the decal and ironed again with the hot iron to really melt the decal in place.
Super simple, and WAY easier then trying to paint it on :)
If you want to apply this decal onto a frame or board, you can purchase it as a NON iron on decal too!

My last little project was this framed Trick-or-Treat vinyl. I just found an old frame that I had lying around the house, popped out the backing material, put this trick-or-treat vinyl on the glass, and then hung it on the wall above our bench outside.

I'm thinking I need to add a few creepy spiders to the web. I could go out and buy some... but I figure after a few days, we'll have the real things back on our porch again (please tell me I'm not the only one who battles with the crazy spiders on her front porch in the nearing winter season. jeesh!) All in all, I love the 'spook factor' that just adding some fake cobweb and a few little pieces of decor to our front porch can give this space!

If you're interested in reading more about our shelf/mantle decor, from last year...

You can also purchase all of these vinyl decals shown in our projects over at our Design Shop too if you'd like! We're guaranteeing delivery on all Halloween orders before the 31st, if ordered before Monday the 24th :)

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  1. Love it....really turned out great....especially the 31 pillow!

  2. Oh I love it! I REALLY wanted that green stripe fabric for some knock off pottery barn drapes for my sons room and when I went back it was gone! Love it! The pillows are so versatile!

  3. Its not just you....we battle the spiders around this time of year too!
    Your porch is spook-tastic! :)

  4. Very crafty! I love your decorating.

  5. Super cute! I'm having a hard time not decorating - I'm moving in two months and just don't want to spend money and then pack extra stuff.

    I agree with the orange though.... maybe because the orange/black combo is so overplayed? In an ideal world, I think I'd do a lot of blood red, dark purple and black. Kind of a "Great Expectations" Victorian gothic feel.... maybe I'll decorate juuuust a little bit now. ;)

  6. It looks amazing!!


  7. Wow! It all looks amazing!!! Great job on all of that!

  8. Your porch looks awesome! Those pillows are the best! Hey, cool video (your about me) on your side bar....I never noticed it before..is it new or am I just blind!? We just did a video, all 9 of us that I was thinking about putting on my page....I'll have to get on that ! :)

  9. I really love your entryway. The pillows are great. I have that same black word fabric. I need to get into vinyl I have a Cricut and the vinyl but I never have cut anything. Your work is superb.

  10. You are so talented! I love everything you do. Question about your porch... where did you get your door mat or rug? Also, what size is it? Love it. Thanks for always inspiring me.


  11. I am LOVING that pillow! Hmm, you need to make one for Christmas with a 25 on it!!!

  12. This is GORGEOUS!!!! I have one question regarding the picture on the wall. How did you hang that? I wanted to do that with a picture I have and I didn't want to put a hole in the wall.....

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  14. What a fun, festive entrance!! I love your pillows and the "trick or treat" frame is perfect, especially layered over the web. Now, if I could just learn how to sew ... thanks for sharing! *Becca*


  15. Your Halloween decor is the cutest! Seriously I love it.

  16. I'm with you one having a lot of pillows. Everything looks great!

  17. What font did you use for the 31 pillow? I love it!

  18. Absolutely love this! The 31 pillow is amazing! Just wanted to let you know I am featuring this in a post on Halloween porches tomorrow - with link back of course. =)

  19. Where did you get your white bench from? I love it!

  20. Where did you buy your white bench from? I love it!


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