Laboring - for the most precious delivery: ABC News Million Moms Challenge

Million Moms Challenge Part 2
...Everything was going smoothly at first. There was chatting, laughing, breathing and light hand-holding. After a while of feeling a bit uncomfortable (mostly from the lack of not being able to stand up because of sitting in a bed for 3 hours) I decided to get an epidural. Was I in pain? nah. But I wasn't going to risk it. The night was going so great, why ruin it now!? Our family was checking in on us every few hours and we were even watching some of our favorite TV episodes, like we had nothing more important to be doing... Then the labor really started, and I quickly became aware that my epidural wasn't working. Something wasn't right. My legs were completely numb, but not my belly or the "laboring half" of my body that the epidural was meant for...if you get my drift. Things went quickly from bad, to worse and I was NOT prepared for the next 30 minutes of my life...

This is just a small part of the story I'm telling over at the Million Moms Challenge site today. To read more about our unexpected laboring experience with baby #3, head on over to the discussion and share your stories too! It's been so fun to hear everyone's experiences with pregnancy, lately! And again, just by sharing your thoughts on the subject you can be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

You can also read our past article for the Million Moms Challenge, about how we found out we were pregnant with twins, here!
Oh! Today I'm guest posting on the SNAP blog as well!
I'm talking about one of my favorite up-and-coming bloggers, Destiny from A Place for Us. Head on over to read about why I love her, and to see some photos of her amazing decorating skills!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Congrats babe for the new addition to your family...lovely baby and I am so happy for you.
    Take care and I will be visiting you soon.

  2. Take good care of yourself! I'll be visiting your posts on other sites now :)


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