Scentsy Headquarters - An Aroma Extravaganza!

A few weekends ago I was invited by the fabulous people at Scentsy to Meridian Idaho, for the ultimate Scentsy experience! I'm guessing that most of you know, but for those of you who don't... Scentsy is the industry's leader in the wickless candle and ceramic warmer business.
The Scentsy company is owned by the most amazingly down to earth, friendly couple, Orville and Heidi Thompson. Orville, being the entrepreneurial mastermind that he was, decided to buy the once tiny, home-based Scentsy business from two Utah Mom's and make it into the thriving, amazing product that it is now. As I learned from all of the amazing stories while on my trip, making Scentsy as successful as it is, was no easy task. It took tons of hard work, time and faith from the Thompson's family and friends to grow this business into what it is today. You can read the whole Scentsy story here. It's really good :)

If you've read our blog long enough you KNOW that we are already super-fans of Scentsy, so I was beyond thrilled to head out to Idaho to hear more for myself what Scentsy was all about. Little did I know, I was in for a real treat! After a short plane ride I headed to Hotel 43 to get settled in before meeting up with a few other bloggers and some of the Scentsy executives. My first clue that this trip would be full of fabulous things to come, was when I first walked into my room. The cute Scentsy girls already had one of their adorable new plug-ins and my most favorite scent (Sunkissed Citrus) melting, making it feel just like home. It was SUCH a nice surprise!
After fighting the urge to just flop on the bed and take a nap for 2 days, in my yummy smelling room (ha!), I headed down to meet everyone for dinner!
Afterwards we split up and headed to an actual Scentsy party at a consultants home. On the way there we even took a quick detour to the old shipping container that the Thompson's first started making their Scentsy bars in, when they didn't have anywhere else to produce their products.
(crazy right!?)
The party was so fun. We were able to smell all the amazing products, brows through pages of beautiful warmers and purchase a bunch of items from Scentsy's new catalog. Lindsay was the perfect host and a total trooper for letting all of us crazy bloggers bombard her house for the night.
Thanks Lindsay! :)
The next morning was filled with lots of Scentsy goodness...
We started out by touring the Scentsy headquarters and meeting the creative directors, designers and savvy business people who make Scentsy run. Afterwards we got the chance to visit with Orville and Heidi and even go through the standard "fragrance training" class that Scentsy requires for most of their employees.
I honestly can't tell you which part of the trip was my favorite. Getting to know the couple that made Scentsy larger than life, finding out about how each warmer is created and then handcrafted, or having the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the coolest cats in the Scentsy biz :)
It was an awesome experience, and I'm more then honored to be able to share with all of you how truly amazing the Scentsy corporation really is. I must say that I've never felt more happiness, enthusiasm, passion, drive or generosity in any other company that I've had a chance to work with.
Thank you Scentsy, for sharing your aromatic world with me. I can't wait to get my new products and delicious smells in the mail soon!

Happy Monday!


  1. That sounds SO fun! I'm a new Scentsy Consultant and I LOVE Scentsy! Enjoy all your fun, new products :)

  2. Awesome...Awesome...Awesome, thanks so much for educating me on the world of Scentsy, of course I have purchased many of their products and love everyone of them. Just received an order that I purchased yesterday!!!!! Happy Monday to you as well!!!

  3. Awww. Loved this post Shelley. It's making me want to go plug in my Scentsy warmer right now!! --Such a fun trip to Boise with you. :)

  4. I also just discovered scentsy and I love it!

  5. What an awesome opportunity!!! You'll have to share which scents are your new favs!

  6. This was such a fun post to read. I'm dying to sell Scentsy. I'm finalizing some things to finally be able to work in Canada (I'm an American going through a residency process that's taken 4 years. This week I complete the last phase of the process with an immigration interview.) All that to say, once that is done, I'll finally be able to sell Scentsy! It's such an amazing company and I just can't wait to be a part of it. What an awesome opportunity you had to meet with Orville

  7. Isn't Scentsy the greatist? I'm sooo envious of your trip. I went to one party and I was hooked. I went home and researched the company, and became a conaultant right away. It's awesome! I love it.

  8. I LOVE Scentsy! That is why I started selling it! It is a great income and practically sales itself! Have you thought about selling it? https://rad.scentsy.us/Join

  9. GAH!!!
    I live a hop, skip & a jump from Scentsy's new HQ's and I am SO bummed I didn't know all you fabulous ladies were in my town :). I would have stalked you at least and met up with you at best :D. It's been fun to watch this 'local' business grow and I'm not going to read a little more about The Thompsons.

    And not that you asked, but my favorite Scentsy product is their plug-in warmers and my favorite scent right now is Citrus Sweet Tea :D.

    Happy Week!

  10. LOVE to see stories like theirs :))

  11. OMgoodness you lucky girl!!! How did you SCORE that?! I'm hooked on it too, so much that I started selling it too :)
    Have you tried Quiver? Its AMAZING!! Its great for the bedroom, or bathroom :)

  12. Lucky girl!! I have been a Scentsy consultant for 3 years and should be promoted to Director this month. I got the chance to meet Orville and Heidi about 2.5 years ago and they are so genuine and wonderful! I would love to take a Scentsy tour! How fun!!

  13. I have never been more jealous of you! LOL
    This is like a dream for me. My sister is an consultant, which is just fuel to the scentsy addict's fire...but I love every aspect to this company!! Glad you had so much fun!

  14. I love Scensy!!
    One of my favorite products~



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