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Hey Utahans, are you a fan of Simply Utah yet!?
Well I am, and I want to share with all of you this really fun, awesome site! It's a fabulous resources for all things Utah! Leslie and Lyndsay are two sisters who love living in Utah so much, that they wanted to share all the fabulous things that Utah has to offer!
Hi there, we are two sisters that love all things Utah! We feel that there are so many creative people that live right here in our state, and we intend to find them all and put them in one central location so that we all have access to them at any time.  What exactly is Simply Utah, you’re asking yourself?  Well on a weekly basis you will find fabulous companies offering great discounts on their products, a weekly giveaway, and often times we spotlight some of our favorite blogs out there.  It changes every day, so you’ll want to keep checking back so that you don’t miss a thing!

There are so many fabulous resources on Simply Utah, and more being added everyday. Want to see 8 pages FULL of Utah based businesses? Just head over to Simply Utah's DIRECTORY page.
Looking for Utah based bloggers? Take a look at the BLOGS page that not only lists tons of great Utah bloggers, but also puts them nicely into categories for you. Love that!
There's even an EVENTS calender that keeps Utahans updated on upcoming events around town.

If you can't tell... I'm a huge fan, and I think that EVERY state should have a resources as great as this. It's the perfect way to connect with people, bloggers and businesses in your very own backyard!
So grab a cold beverage of choice and head on over (you'll be there for a while. ha!) to see what you're missing out on and even enter YOUR business or blog to be included in the ever-growing list of talent, that IS Utah!

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  1. Oh I wish Michigan had something like this. I feel like there are a lot more bloggers in Utah than in Michigan though...


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