A Beautiful Blessed Day

Today has been amazing. The weather is beyond beautiful, and it's all around a productive wonderful day. Since sickness plagued our home on Thanksgiving (and much of the week before) We didn't get a proper chance to say how thankful we are for such an extremely blessed life. Filled with the best things that any couple could ask for. Health. Love. Family. Faith, and all of YOU!
Honestly, our family would love to give every one of our readers out there a big virtual hug, for inspiring our lives each day with your wonderful encouraging words and support. And also, Cason and I can't even start to say enough thank-you's to ALL of you, for following us along on our DIY journey and making it possible for us to keep doing what we love so much.


  1. You've a very lovely family!

  2. You're so preeeettttyyy! Luv the glasses! And I won't even mention how adorable everyone else is. Okay, I just did. :)

  3. I absolutely love your blog and thank you all for being such an inspiration! I have been following you guys for awhile and I think I am FINALLY ready to tackle our pantry!?! I think I have been putting it off long enough and seeing yours all of over the place has motivated me to get it done! I have a totally random question for you all and I have searched and searched your blog and cannot find the answer. You all featured a furniture store that had beautiful painted distressed furniture and I believe you even won a table from them. I cannot remember the name of the company...I know it's something hill, but my brain is failing me ;) Do you mind letting me know what the name of the website? Thank you for all your help! ;)

  4. I am so thankful for your SUPER SWEET SPIRIT all over the internet, your handyman and your three drama queens. My fourth daughter is a savage. Ha!

  5. Oh man sorry to hear that everyone was sick over Thanksgiving.Hope you were able to get some yuummy Thanksgiving food in there somewhere.

    Everyone is looking happy and healthy now.....yay for that!

    Cute pictures!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  6. I would love to know if you ever print 4x6 prints from picnik. I LOVE the look of the collages with the rounded edges and I make them but I'm not sure how to size them to 4x6 and then print them... help???


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