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Bijou Market - Handmade event Utah

One thing I love about living in Utah (besides the great home decor & thrift shopping) is the crazy amount of talented people that I'm so blessed to be surrounded by. There are so many fabulous ways to socialize with like-minded women here in this wonderful state and the Bijou Market is no exception. If you live in Utah and you haven't had a chance to experience the Bijou Market, then you've been missing out.

The Bijou Market was founded by three young mothers (7 boys and no girls between them!) in 2009.

The Bijou Market has quickly risen from a small two hour party of 15 vendors to a weekend long semi-annual handmade event with 60+ amazing crafters. Thousands gather to buy handmade and vintage wares at each Bijou event, and if you plan on attending Bijou's holiday markets, then you'll want to leave a few hours of your day open to have enough time to soak up all the amazing products that the Bijou Markets' vendors have to offer.
The Bijou Market has found a permanent home in Provo at Historic Southworth Hall, but due to popular demand a market day will also be set up for just one day, on November 26th in Taylorsville at Aspen Landing!
One of the cute founders, Emily of Bijou Market also had this to say about shopping their vendors during the holidays...
Our Holiday markets are especially exciting because shoppers have the opportunity to find one of a kind gifts for everyone on their shopping lists. Many items you'll find at Bijou Market are upcycled - or made from vintage or existing supplies, so you can feel good about consuming less this holiday. Also, vendors hail from Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and California and supporting the local arts and craft community is not only great for the local economy, but good for the soul too!
You can become a member of Bijou's newly launched Facebook Group, check out their blog or follow along on Twitter to stay updated on all of the latest about Bijou Market handmade events! Also, you can RSVP for the events on Facebook to show your support!
I just love everything that this Market, it's founders and vendors stand for and have to offer. I'm thrilled to share them with you, and I will definitely be heading out these next few weekends to do a bit of Christmas shopping for those unique one-of-a-kind gifts for the people on my list.

See You There!


  1. I wish I lived in UT too! I cringe whenever I hear about all the good deals people get in UT, especially with the DI and DownEast. I cannot even get my Salvation Army manager to budge. And yard sales? Forget about it! Must be a southern thing or I just suck. We have handmade markets here too, so I think I might just have to go check it out!

    Thanks Shelley! :)

  2. So cool! We have something similar to this here in southeast Michigan. But ours is EVERY weekend! Amazingness! The Rust Belt Market http://rustbeltmarket.com/ just started this year (I think). They are having extended hours for black Friday! I'll be going there at some point before Christmas for sure to check out their items :)

  3. We just had a handmade Christmas market at my friend's house that we are hoping gets bigger and bigger each year! We are already looking for local handmade gals to connect with! Problem is, we live in Northern Louisiana and we are few and far between. But I'm searching them out nonetheless! Happy Friday Shelley!

  4. Okay Shelley! I did it! I went, had a blast, and now I am going to blog about it! Ours is the Handmade Market in Raleigh, NC.

  5. Fun! The Taylorsville event is not too far away from me. Sounds like a fun thing to check out on the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Thank goodness I've procrastinated my Christmas shopping!

  6. I totally wish I lived in Utah!!! Looks amazing - thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for this information. I have not heard of this event and am happy that the SLC one is close to where I live. I will be there.

  8. By any chance do you know what company makes the pillows in the photo above? Would love to order some from them. Thanks!


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