Mercedes White Macarons & Classes - Available at Bijou Market 2011

How to make macarons class by Mercedes White
If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, then you are probably well aware that this past Saturday night I got together with some good friends for an AMAZING hands-on Macaron cookie baking class by Mercedes White from Mercedes Macarons.

Now, before someone emails me to tell me that I spelled "macaroons" wrong, let it be known that American macaroons are spelled with two "o's"... but FRENCH Macarons only have ONE "o".
(Ohgh, hogh, HOGH!) please picture me say this in a french accent with one hand flying in the air

I can't tell you what a TREAT that this Macaron baking class was! Honestly, I have always LOVED the look of these adorable, colorful, delicate cookies for party set ups or weddings...

 but they always seemed so intimidating ... until now :)
Mercedes not only sells her already made cookies at markets all over UT, but she now offers her amazing, fail-proof almond-flour macaron mix to the public too!
And want to know the icing... on the macaron?
She's currently offering classes as well! If you ever wanted to master the art of the macaron, Mercedes is your girl. She has adapted her gluten-free macaron recipe to accommodate Utah's high altitude, which makes HER cookies cake-like and well... absolutely exquisite.

During our class I was lucky enough to not only be surrounded by some of my most favorite people, but also have this amazing video made, to help me remember the fun memories and moments of the night.
A BIG thank you to Collin from Collin Kartchner Studios for your mad camera skills :)
He has such an amazing gift for capturing those meaningful moments in his work. Collin does couple, baby, sibling and family videos that are the sweetest ever! View some of his other videos here.

adorable paper cut cards by Alexis Mattox Designs

Thank you again Mercedes, for making this such a fun and unique night for me and my friends.

Mercedes will be selling her must-try macarons and all-ready-to-go cookie mix at this weekends Bijou Market. I'll be heading out to visit her and the rest of the amazing vendors on Friday night.

I hope to see you there!


  1. How fun! I loved that video - he did a great job!

  2. I looooveeee french macarons! My husband got me an assortment of 8 different flavors for Christmas last year and I was in heaven. I want to try making them but they seem super complicated...

  3. LOVED this video and post! can we be friends? i wanna come make macarons too! :D

  4. shelly: thank you for this beautiful post. it was so much fun making macarons with you!

    schnelle: you can do it!! i promise it isn't as bad as those pastry chefs in france make it seem.

  5. Macarons are so addictive! Looks like you had a great time. Once you figure out the little tricks that work for your specific oven, they aren't too bad.

    I spent an entire fall 2 years ago learning to make them. I love that you can design them to be any flavor and color combination you can imagine. I've made probably 30 different flavors over time and they are the perfect cookie for adorable packaging.

    They're tricky though. Every now and then I still totally screw up a batch! Still, they'll taste good even when they don't look pretty.

  6. What a fun video! Where do find these people??? :) Makes me want to have a baking night.

  7. I don't think I have ever wished I live in Utah more than this moment. I'm so jealous you know how to make macarons!


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