Decorating with Poinsettias for the Holidays

Christmas Decorating with Poinsettias
Ah... the classy, traditional poinsettia. This years must-have plant/flower for decorating. Don't you think!? I've seen them everywhere lately! Even in craft form, and I love it!

We had the chance to work with a few of these beauties this year, and I'm so glad, because once I saw how lovely the poinsettias really were at our Western Garden Center, it really helped shape out the rest of our red Christmas, and bring it all together.

The thing I love about these plants is that there are a bunch of different vibrant colors and shapes of leaves to choose from, when picking your perfect poinsettia to decorate with. From a small clustered poinsettia, to the huge, over-sized floor pants. And you know me... I love variety :) 

I originally thought that I might go with the pretty white and green poinsettias this year for decorating, (definitely screams House of Smiths style...) but as I was standing in a sea of red poinsettias, I just couldn't help to feel that the red was too pretty and Christmas-y to NOT have in our home this year. So classic red it was! I snagged two small poinsettias for our Christmas shelf vignette, and a huge leafy large poinsettia for living room to display.

I think a lot of the time poinsettias turn me off because they tend to come packaged in that crunchy, shiny, cheap cellophane, and it's not really my than'g... so I simply bought a few inexpensive galvanized buckets from a local craft store, transported my poinsettias into them, tied a piece of burlap ribbon around the middle... and instantly I feel in love. Talk about a statement! These plants really are so beautiful. And presented in a sort of rustic-casual, yet stylish way, with the bucket and burlap ribbon... made them that much better :)
I don't know how much simpler our large flowering poinsettia for our living room could get. Literally I just plopped him on a plastic sheet inside of this $2.00 crate that I found from Salvation Army, and well... he looks like he's been there all along! I love how the fullness of the plant fills the entire crate, yet it's only ONE potted plant!

There's just something about having LIVE, lush, vibrant flowering plants in your home that kicks your decor up a notch, don't you think!? I talked a bit about this when we displayed live flowers for Aubrielle's fairy birthday party, and I must stick to my guns on this subject for Christmas too.
Poinsettias = Something Special.
PLUS, they are easy to take care of and last forever! What do ya think!? Will poinsettias be making their way into YOUR home decor this Holiday season?

Disclosure: Poinsettia greenhouse owners in Vancouver, BC, Canada who grow 180,000 poinsettias yearly have commissioned me to create this post and share my original decorating ideas with you. All pictures, thoughts, and opinions within this post are my own.


  1. Ooooh I love them too, they just scream Christmas to me! I love them natural and crafted too! Your home looks so lovely for the holidays my friend, and thanks for the linky love!

  2. I love poinsettias. They look so nice and make your place so Christmasy!

  3. Now that you've made such a beautiful post about them, how could they not make it into my holiday decor?! haha! :) Also, I love how your littlest looks like a little mini between your twins! A-DORABLE!!!!

  4. I love the red this year that you did, and the pointsettias are going to def be part of my decor this year! :)

  5. I don't know? I'm still feeling a little winded form our move. Maybe I will once I get the Christmas tree up.

  6. I was totally going to say yesterday, that your "repotted" poinsettas really make a difference! Mine were so sadly displayed last year. And I swear I cannot keep plants alive :( I'm definitely going to get them out of those shiny wrappers this year, thanks!

  7. My husband bought me two little ones that I put on both sides of my sink. I am ot a great fan of the red ones for some reason. Love the pink and the white ones.

  8. I love the poinsettias in the galvanized buckets! I was just given one in the crunchy paper and I want to make it look nicer, your ideas would work great in our old farmhouse! :)

  9. Well, Shelley, after that post they will definitely be making their way into my home! I love what you did with your plants...they're gorgeous...and you're right, live plants & flowers, especially ones that are so lovely, can really "make" your whole home...;)

  10. I love all the crafty poinsettia pictures! And I was totally contemplating a JOY doilies banner, good to know it'll look fab!

    The Bee's Knee's

  11. Yes of course,they always do! One year I kept it all year until October, it was a huge bush and I was so excited to bring it back in for the winter but we had one of those rare days in Texas where the temp drops 30+ degrees during the day and when I got home it was already froze :(. Not good!

  12. I love how you decorated your shelves! If I didn't think I'd kill them, I would go out and buy two and do that same thing! Looks adorable!

  13. I just love, love, love your Christmas display!

  14. Poinsettas will most definitely be making their way into my home this holiday season! They are so beautiful and I love love love the bright red leafs! :-)

  15. Wow - you've definitely inspired me to go out and buy some poinsettias!!!

  16. Hi, lovely lady! I'm a devoted reader of your beautiful and inspiring blog.
    Thank you for brighten up my days with all your inspiring posts.
    I want to mention that in Norway Poinsettas named Christmas Stars. Isn't that a beautiful name on these flowers?

    Wishing you a wonderful Advent and a Graceful Christmas ♥

    Love and sunshine from Norway,
    Anette Willemine

  17. I love your Christmas display the steel buckets and poinsettias look fab, will give them a go this year, I'm not the best with indoor plants lol!

  18. I love poinsettias..they remind me of my mom. I am on the hunt for a large one for my entry basket! Merry Christmas Shelley!

  19. Love them! Love, love, love!! :)



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