Secret Santa and H of S Design Shop Info

I can't believe how FAST December is flying by! It's almost not fair! I LOVE this month, and I wish it could last just a liiiiittle bit longer. One of the things keeping me on my toes these past few weeks has been the constant knocks on my door from USPS, UPS and FedEx, delivering all of the online goodness that I've ordered. Gosh, I'm a total online shopper... are you?
Something else that came last week to my doorstep was a fun little package from a Secret Santa! At the beginning of this month Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone gathered a few bloggers together to do a secret Santa gift exchange. Do you do this with your close friends or family!? I love the "secret" behind it all... so fun!
 I was really excited to get my first gift! Here's what I got.

Love the bright red and green frames! That red ruffle one is so fun! And the little baking dish is really adorable :) There were also some yummy (or so I was told) toffee bars, but those didn't make it more then about 5 minutes with Cason and the kids around. ha!
So, help a girl out. I just can't resist to know who sent me the cute goodies! Which one of these ladies do you think it is?

In other news I wanted to let everyone know that our H of S Design Shop will be stopping production on the 19th of December - 26th, to take a much-needed vacay and spend some time off with our family during the holidays!
We're also going to be taking the time to add a few NEW products to our store!
You can still order through the month, but production for vinyl products will not start again until the 26th, and so orders placed after the 19th of December will probably not be shipped out until about the 2nd of January.
Just a little heads up!

Also, just a little FIY... orders placed last week were the last batch that will make it before Christmas.
Also, here's a peek at a fun project that I'll be posting this week.
I'm on a mission to get things organized around here for the new year. (yes, it's already starting. ha!). Today I wen through all of my girls' clothes and pulled out everything that was stained, too small or just trashed. Sometimes it's so sad for me to get rid of basically new clothes that my girls just grow out of! Although we do have another kid and a bunch of friends and family who really can use them, so that makes things a bit easier ... knowing that they are going to a good home.
(ya, I'm weird about clothes. LOL)
Speaking of clothes... the girls got new outfits the other day thanks to Zulily, Old Navy and Shopko. You would have thought that it WAS Christmas morning. They were so excited to tell everyone, and show off their new threads.
What am I going to do with them? haha! Heaven help us when they want those fancy sparkly butt jeans that cost a hundred dollars. gah!
Hope everyone's trying to take a minute to slow down and enjoy this beautiful month!


  1. Ha! Your girls are so beautiful!

    The gifts you received are all lovely! I love the baking dish! No idea who would have made them for you, but you received some pretty things :) Do you have a guess?

  2. Your gils are just beautiful, do you always curl their hair? god bless you if you do! And if its natural...how come my hair doesnt look like that? ha

  3. Oh what a FUN idea! Especially with such fun, crafty chicks like all of you girls. I love it!

  4. I don't think that I have ever commented before (HI!) but I just feel so confident that your Secret Santa is Sherry of Young House Love fame that I couldn't keep myself from casting my vote. What cute little gifts...and what a fun idea!

  5. Hands down, Young House Love. Such cute goodies!

  6. Oh My Word, that looks like so much fun! I do this with family for Christmas Day, but what a great idea for friends leading up to Christmas. Your girls are beautiful and I LOVE your blog! I am a total online shopper. My hubby and I have our all done, within a week thanks to the internet. Mr.Rebates is the way to go.

    Happy Holidays!


  7. Hi Smith Family! Merry Christmas! I am really thinking that your secret pal is Sherry from YHL. That red frame is amazing! (Also the same shade of red that they painted their reindeer!!!) Love it!!

  8. Your girls look darling!!

    And I love Secret Santa!

  9. Yes, I'm even more certain now that it's Sherry considering they just posted their Christmas decorations, and it includes the HO HO HO graphic that you received! :)

  10. Your secret Santa IS Sherry. I know this for a fact. Not really, but really I do.

  11. I love your comment on the sparkly butt jeans! Hahhaha!!! I don't "get" those either...I mean I've heard some have real crystals but...why would you want crystals on your butt? ha!

  12. Definitely Sherry from YHL. She's got the same print hanging in her hallway!

  13. Your secret santa is for SURE Sherry from YHL!

    I think it's funny that you both had each other though!! ;)

    13th and 17th picture down!


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