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Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe how FAST this week went by... crazy!
I just wanted to drop in to let you know about something exciting and new for us, here at The House of Smiths. A few months back we were contacted by the great people at Homes.com. to see if we would be interested in writing some Home DIY and decorating idea articles for a weekly slot on their blogroll!

Of course, my first thought was... "Heck yes!"
So now, one day each week you'll see a new post from us over on the Homes.com blog, as well! So make sure you head on over and subscribe or follow along, so you don't miss all the fun :)
This month I'm going to be focusing specifically on organization, since it's such a hot topic during the first of the year.
I'm so excited to have a place to share all the fun, inspiration ideas that all of my fellow bloggers and creative peeps come up with! And I'm even happier that we get the opportunity to work with such a great name in the "online home" industry!
Check out our first article, Closet Organization Ideas!
I was literally drooling over all the creative ways that people have found to "prett-ify" those cluttered spaces. 


  1. I'm not gunna lie...I am a little envious of those closets!

  2. Shelley - That's my little girls' closet! Thanks for giving me the credit :) I really appreciate that. It looks nice on here!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. That is so super exciting! YAY!!!

  4. Congratulations! You all always come up with wonderful ideas. Can't wait to see what you do next. :)

  5. very cool, I am SO in need of redoing my closet!

  6. I just organized my craft closet. It isn't pretty enough to take a picture of (I used old sour cream containers, oat meal containers... whatever I could pull out of our recycling pile.) But, still, it feels amazing to be organized.

  7. How fun and congrats!!!! I look forward to reading your articles :)


  8. good for you!! I will be sure to stop bye each week.

  9. What cool news! Congrats to you guys!! :)

  10. Closets are my project for January! Love! Congrats!

  11. What a great opportunity for you guys! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to read all your tips!

  12. Wow, great work and congratulations!! You have inspired me, i want a pretty pantry!!.. but it will have to go to the bottom of the list for now after: the kitchen, dining room, living room and Flickerwhips room in no particular order! ~sigh~

  13. so deserved! congrats girl. i'm not surprised at all they featured you. it's worthy!



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