The Homies 2012 - We'd Love your Vote!

Happy first day of March everyone! (still can't believe it's MARCH already!)
I'm not quite sure how all of you started YOUR March 1st, but ours was filled with LOTS of the powdery white stuff... whew! We got slammed last night!
Cason had to dash off to work once I got home from the gym today so guess who got to shovel the incredibly heavy, wet snow? bleeehhh. Can you say DOUBLE workout!? yeesh! LOL.

Anywho, I really wanted to just pop in, say "howdy!" and also let you know about something pretty neat that I found out this week! Our blog has been nominated by a few of you awesome people, for one of this years annual Homies awards, over at Apartment Therapy! Whoo hoo!

Honestly, it's a bit surreal for us to be among all the other fabulously talented bloggers over there, but if you feel so inclined, shoot on over and SNAG US A VOTE, eh!?
Today and tomorrow are the last days for voting.

You can find our blog nominated under, "The Best Home Design Blog".
All you'll need to do is click over to the contest page, scroll to the bottom of the list, and click 'sign-in'. (it will most likely log you in through your Facebook account) Then go back and cast your vote for 'The House of Smiths'! Easy peasy :) You can also check out all the other categories and blogs that are nominated under various other topics!
Thank you so much for all of your ongoing support. We are SO blessed to have such amazing readers and friends that make blogging that much MORE amazing!

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. wow! You guys did get snowed on! We had some crazy OH weather and it hit 70 deg yesterday! Not complaining...

  2. I was just your 101st vote!! Way to go HoS!!

  3. We had snow today, too. It is lovely, and hoping it melts before I have to shovel. Congrats on your nomination!

  4. Totally Voted. You KNOW I did.

  5. It has been snowing all day. All the guys at work just went out the door to shovel for a workout. I'm gonna head out the door to run through it! Every extra workout adds up.

  6. congrats on being nominated! I'll be sure to vote, your blog is genius! thanks for always being an inspiration :) looking forward to reading more!! *cheers* and be safe in the snow.

  7. Congratulations on your nomination! You know I'm on my way to vote NOW!


  8. I totally voted!!! LOVE this place!!

  9. How wonderful, congtrats o being nominated. I headed over there to vote.

  10. Wow the one that's in 1st place? Come on... no disrespect to others or anything but yours is WAYYYYYYYY better :) GOOD LUCK I voted for you!!!

  11. Hello, my name is Nicola and I am a House of Smiths addict. There, I admitted it ;)

    Can't wait for my order to arrive.....because that's all it will take turn me into someone crafty, HA!!!

  12. I love your home design so cute. I voted as well. And I can't even imagine snow. We just came back from the beach. It's been 90 degrees here for days. March has been a very hot month for us so far and it hasn't even began yet. Today it has been cooler with the high 80s and lots of wind.


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