Decorating Reality & a Few Helpful Tips for a Quick Bedroom Restyle!

I've been scrolling through a TON of pictures these past few weeks and keep stumbling across a lot of great pictures that I've never shown on the blog, so I thought I would take a minute to share a few photos of Cason's parents master bedroom.
 I helped Cason's Mom pull some things together for this room over a year and a half ago. The reason that I wanted to show you these photos, besides the fact that the bedding and accessories are just really cute :)... is because I think this very simple bedroom restyle really touches well on a few points that I want to talk about today. 

So often we're saturated in an internet world of amazing, magazine & Pinterest worthy, epic room remodels. For most of us it's not always possible to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours just to give our bedroom a little bit of a face lift, or updating when it needs it.
Am I right?

I know I sound a bit hypocritical, because I'm always trying to achieve that "perfect look" for our home, but to be honest, it's part of my "job" and also the reason why a LOT of you even come around these parts in the first place :)
 ...go on, you can admit it. lol.
All that being said, I get emails often from readers that say things like: "I don't have a huge budget, or the talent to put together an entire room, but I really want to makeover my _________. Do you have any advice for someone like me? I'm not sure where to start!"
I TOTALLY get it. I tend to feel the same way a lot of the time, hence the reason that it takes us SO LONG to finish projects! (lack of budget and design dilemmas/indecision). So today I thought I'd share just a few quick tips on how you can create a brand new look in your bedroom, with just a couple of simple,  quick changes!

1. Bedding, Bedding, Bedding, BEDDING!
New bedding will change the entire look of your room faster then anything else. I know some people say it's backwards, but I ALWAYS pick my bedding first and my paint color second. I will admit, I'm quite the spender when it comes to bedding. I don't pinch pennies in this area. For most of us, a beautifully landscaped bed is the FIRST thing that people see when they enter a bedroom, so my advice is, GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT AND LOVE. (whether it's $40 or $400) Budget for a bedspread, comforter, or quilt that you will be really happy with and that will last for a LONG time! Don't settle for something that you just "sorta" like, (because it was on sale or cheap). Your bedroom should be one of your most favorite spaces in your home. A place where you can relax, unwind and that also speaks volumes about your personal style. You can't put a monetary value on that.

If you're on a budget, but still want a high-end look with your bedding, try covering the main part of your bed with a less expensive solid colored quilt, and then use a smaller quilt or nice decorative blanket just on the end, to pop the whole look! Sometimes a smaller dose of pattern has a bigger effect :)
Pillows are also a great way to add drama and color, and in some cases, can even be made!

2. Accent with Color
This is especially important if you can't or don't want to paint your walls. Once you've picked your color scheme, find a few pieces for your room that you can use to bump up the visual interest of your space. This is where you can save money too. Re-pupose lamp bases and just buy a new shade, or if you sew... slipcover an old chair with new fabric and create a spot in your room that serves as a "relaxing zone". 
I've noticed that rooms tend to feel more comfortable and inviting when there's actually specific spaces designated to just... hanging out! Cason's Mom told me that she couldn't believe how much more time she spent in her room after we bought this comfy red gingham chair, because now she actually had somewhere to sit, besides her bed! 

Remember when accenting with color, that you don't have to go super crazy, if you don't want to. If committing to a red chair and yellow lamp base scares you, then pick neutrals, and accent with more "interchangeable" items, like we did in this corner below. If you take away the yellow and red, you're left with pretty much white furniture that can go with anything!

3. Keep YOUR Needs in Mind.
Have you ever tried to copy a room design, and in the end think... "This doesn't even really work for me!" I've had SO many people say... "I can't believe you have a white couch in your living room with 3 small kids in the house!" I just have to laugh, because to ME, this was never even a concern. I don't know if it's the fact that my kids are all girls, and therefor are more drama, than dirt... or that I've pretty much put the fear of God into them if they even THINK about bringing food outside of the kitchen (ha!)... but for whatever reason, our couch (besides some dingy spots that can just come out in the wash, because everything's slip-covered) has really stayed perfectly clean! My point?... Don't just decorate a room to make it pretty, remember that you STILL have to live there!
Cason's Mom wanted a spot where her and Cason's Dad could sit down quickly and put their shoes on in the morning, right by their closet, so we found this little chic white chair and created that space for them. For you, it might be the need for a bookshelf, a TV stand, or even just a cabinet for extra storage. I promise that there is a "cute/beautiful" solution for almost any type of need, if you just take the time to look around for ideas, GET CREATIVE and think outside the box!

I love these two bedroom storage ideas, and would totally utilize them in my own space.
Files and other important papers stored in a cute bench seat

or this re-purposed TV console, used to store extra girly accessories!

For Cason's parents bedroom, we didn't pull up carpet, repaint or even spend lots of money on new bedroom furniture. We just worked with what we had, and really pulled most of this room together in about a day.
You don't have to be a decorator or have tons of money to give your bedroom a quick pick-me-up, you just have to decide on a style theme and colors that make you happy, give your bed a serious makeover with fresh bedding and accent with a few beautiful pieces that make sense, for YOU! All the perfect little accessories and pictures to hang on the walls can come later. Designing a space you truly love, takes time and patience. But you've GOT to start somewhere.

You CAN do this, now quit thinking about it, and go start!

So I have good news, bad news, but then REALLY good news!
Good news: I finally found an online store that sells the Dottie Quilt Collection from my last post on easy bedroom restyling.
Bad news: I can't find the YELLOW! grrrr. But if you go to this link here there is pink, blue and green... also VERY pretty :)
REALLY good News: The Dottie quilts that they DO carry are RIDICULOUSLY inexpensive. I may or may not have paid like twice the price for mine. ugh. lol.

UPDATE UPDATE: (yup, I can do that) hee hee
You can find the BUTTER (yellow) Dottie quilt here at this link, but it's about twice the price as the other shop.


  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing this advice. I have a lot that I want to do to our home but the budget doesn't match:-/ This a good reminder to keep things functional and beautiful.

  2. I love the white with the red accents and just a dash of yellow. Genius!

  3. Love this post!!! Thank you for taking the time to write it. I'm working on decorating my home from top to bottom and actually quit my day job (I know I'm lucky) to focus on the house. I'm also pursuing a career change from financial planning to interior decorating. While I love looking at Pinterest and beautiful blogs (yours included), at times it becomes overwhelming. I want so badly to create beautiful spaces like I've seen, but it takes a lot of work to get it "just right" and can cost a lot of money. You reminded me that it should really be about what works for me and my family, and ultimately what makes a house feel like home. Thanks again!

  4. Where can I find a filing storage bench like that? That is such a smart idea!

  5. Love this room. Can you tell me where you bought the chair? I've been looking for one exactly like that for my living room. :)

  6. Great advice! Yep, It's true that I do frequent your blog because you do a great (and yes, magazine worthy) job of decorating your home. BUT a simple "I can do that AND I can likely afford to do that makeover" is truly even more appealing and inspiring...because well, it's doable and doesn't it depress me with the "I'll never have that wha wha whiny blues." :)


  7. we finally own a home but for years rented and all i could really do was have a cute comforter and it makes a difference. i have found great ones at home goods, marshalls, ross, tjmaxx that are name brand and very cute but i agree you gotta love it!

  8. Love this reality check of not spending so much money and not crazy over the top, totally livable! And I have to say I was SHOCKED to see a picture frame from us from that far back, you really have known us since the beginning:)

  9. OK, you got me. We bought a new Wesley Allen bed 2 years ago and except for night stands, lamps, and an oversized Howard Miller clock, I've added nothing else. I need some art AND a place to sit. I love that very chair! (the red gingham one) Could you provide me with a link?

    Thank you!!

  10. If I could change up any room in our home, I would fix up our bedroom. Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. This is a Great post that touches a nerve. I have my 21 yr old daughter coming tomorrow for two weeks & I wanted to freshen up the guest bedroom for her.I bought new bedding( in vintage style), like you've just suggested. I went into the garage where there are still items waiting for a home since we moved here from the UK. I had some adorable fairies shabby chic design in shadow boxes just waiting for a loving home, so up they went in the guest room. Suddenly it looks so much more welcoming. Now I'm wishing I'd thought of it long ago. Thanks for the inspiration, sally xx

  12. What great tips/advice. I like to work with what I have if I can. Basically because it saves money and also, I'll probably be wanting to change it in a few years anyway, no matter what I bought. I turned out guest room into a nursery/guestroom for not a lot of money and the best part was it all matches/coordinates. I just worked with what I had and was lucky enough to find matching bedding on sale. You can check it out at:

    Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog. Love all your great ideas.

  13. What a great post! I am SOO not a decorator. I love all the ideas I see on blogs like yours and on Pinterest, but to tie it all together to make a house a home... THAT is where I struggle. Thank you for your tips and advice!

  14. This is a great post. I can't wait to do my bedroom, I'm afraid it will be last on the list of renovations. But I did start chipping away at bedding to eventually have the collection I want.

  15. I love the bench seat storage! I have a 2 drawer file cabinet that I have wanted to move out but wasn't sure what to put my stuff in and love that idea! Did you guys buy or make it?

  16. This is SUCH a great post!! My mom always said the bed is the focal point of the bedroom so you need to present it that way and it's always been the best piece of advice to me when decorating or planning furniture in a room so I totally agree with bedding being so important! I had a boring old comforter on my bed for about a year before I finally found the PERFECT set for my space and I am SOOO glad I held out instead of investing in something I was lukewarm about! Thanks for the great tips!!

  17. Thanks for the motivation. My room is Big, Unorganized, No design or style to it all all. It needs a lot of TLC. You have motivated me to start....yeah I can't wait to get home and start. Thank you...Thank you....Thank you!

  18. how did you know i am struggling with my bedroom?! your tips are invaluable to me today. and then you told me to go start. thanks for the push! ;)
    p.s. as a mom of three girls as well, i really love the description of little girls as "more drama than dirt." LOVE it!!

  19. so inspiring. i am definitely focusing on that last quote!

  20. Great tips! Thank you Shelley :) I will keep these in mind when we move into our house next week.. It feels like my brain is going to explode with ideas but I get way overwhelmed when I think about it all at once. One room at a time :)

  21. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the inspiration! These pictures are fabulous! Yellow and red are actually my favorite color combo. I'm liking that the walls are neutral to show off the color of the reds and yellows.

    Great pictures. Thank you for taking time to blog!

    robin :-)

  22. love this room, so cozy and clean (as in not too much "stuff") you know you are going to be asked...so I will too....where did you find the polka dot coverlet on the end of the bed? I see you have been asked about the chair already :)

  23. tell that to my husband! all my bedroom needs is new bedding!! i have found something that will complete my room and he says we can't justify $400 on bedding, which is true, but ugh! will i ever find something that i really love? someone buy my stuff on ksl so i can get my bedding :)

  24. i love the bedding and the yellow polka dot blanket! where did you find it? thanks the great post!

  25. Shelley, You made me homesick for my room!!! I so want to sleep in my own bed. So grateful for your help in making it the room I love. I miss sitting in my chair and pondering. Thanks again for all that you have done Me

  26. I have been on a search for new bedding FOREVER! This is the exact look that I was going for! Would you mind telling me where you found the bedding?... or any ideas of where I might find some things like it? I especially love the yellow polk-a-dot blanket! THANKS!


  27. I have been on a search for new bedding FOREVER! Would you mind telling me where you found this bedding? ... or some ideas that may have similar things?? I especially love the yellow polk-a-dot blanket! THANKS!


  28. Where is all of the bedding from?! I love the yellow shams and the white pillow cases!

  29. yep, i love the bedding! i need this bedding! where is it from? please say somewhere online...

  30. I am also needing SERIOUS help with bedding! Can you suggest some good places to look at???

  31. For everyone who has commented on the bedding - Home a la mode carries all the dottie quilts shown here... and even better, they are currently on sale for 25% off. Check out our website at www.homealamode.com. The manufacturer has discontinued their bedding line so the stock is disappearing fast. Get yours while it is still available.

    Jill with Home a la mode

  32. Really beautiful! The room looks great ~ and the red is such a great accent!

  33. Hey I am ADDICTED to your blog now here is my problem I have an annoying curved window right next to my computer where I could really use that storage bench in this post can you tell me where to find that bench either to build (cause I'm all about Anna White), or buy pretty please with a cherry on top.


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