Easy Photoshop Collage Tutorial

Are you sad about the disappearance of Picnik??  Don't be!!  There are so many way super great creative things you can do in Photoshop Elements.  In this post I'm going to teach you how to create darling collages.  Easy Peasy!!

5 Simple Steps:

Step #1: Open Collage and Images...

Step#2: Select the Collage layer you will fill first...

Step #3: Use the Move tool to drag and drop your image into the collage...

Step #4:  "Group" Image onto Collage Shape (Opt+Command+G).  Then resize image with the "move" tool to fit shape.

"Group" just means that your image will take on the shape of the layer below it in your layers Palette.  Here's a closer look...

Step #5: Repeat with the second collage shape and image.  Select collage shape, move image, group, resize, done.

Easy Peasy!!

So where in the world do you get the collages?  I have you covered.  Here are templates I created for your Photoshopping pleasure.  The collages are $10 a set OR ALL 4 sets for $32.  House of Smiths readers get a killer coupon for 25% off any purchase.  Coupon code is "hos".

All colleges come with a video tutorial with some more super rad Photoshop tricks. (including how to add that darling blue pattern to your collage, like I did in the first collage.)

Here are the 4 collections to choose from...
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CLICK HERE to purchase the Grid Collection - $10

CLICK HERE to purchase the One Big Photo Collection - $10

CLICK HERE to purchase the Circle Collection - $10

CLICK HERE to purchase all 4 Collections - $32
(Don't forget your 25% off coupon - "hos")

Here is one more collage I just HAD to share.  
Enjoy and happy editing!!

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  1. Helpful tip on PicMonkey, thanks! As for collages, I tend to do a Google search for applications and websites to make collages and some will allow you to do so for free unless you want to upgrade to the premium accounts in order to save your image. Oh, but I just do a quick shift-option-4 on my MacBook, which allows me to select any area to do a screen shot, and I just save the image that way. Stealing....? Not really! It's how I put together the top pictures on my blog home page!


  2. Thanks for sharing...I tried FotoFlex, but this has so many more options. I wanted to pin this tutorial, but there were no photos available. Is it OK to pin House of Smith things? I have posted earlier projects, but I didn't check with you and notice you don't have a PIN IT button. Yikes - please let me know if I need to remove my pins. Have a wonderful Monday.

  3. PicMonkey is actually by the same engineers as Picnik.

  4. I am so pleased with PicMonkey as replacement...but, I am going to be using PIcnik up until midnight on April 19th! I will definitely miss it too- I can't wait until the collages get ready, also!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  5. so helpful! and i wonder why the collage feature didn't carry over to the google creative suite (or whatever it's called). egh.

  6. have you tried ipiccy? that has a lot of the picnic features and more!

    1. Wow thank you for this!! It is very user-friendly like Picnik, even looks a lot like it but has some cool new effects as well. If you enable the storage feature it has a ton of collage options.

  7. Awesomeness!! So excited to use this! I was cursing (and I don't do that often) last month photo collage. I am off get it these! Thanks!

  8. I have been wanting to figure out how to do this. Thanks so much for making my life easier!

  9. LOVE your blog and the tutorial AND that fact that you are offering those nifty templates... just a quick note, the command shortcut you are using (and its function) is called a clipping mask not grouping. Grouping is a similar shortcut {command + g} and it places multiple photoshop layers in a "group" or folder. Can't wait for more posts!!! :) -RWood

  10. LOVE your blog and the tutorial with the templates is GREAT!!! Just to note the command (and function) you are describing in this tutorial is actually called "clipping" not "grouping." Grouping is a similar command shortcut {command + g} and it "groups" multiple layers into a folder. Awesome concept for collages tho! Can't wait to read more :) -RWood

  11. There is a website called ribbet.com that should be opening soon. They say the only difference between Picnik and this website is the name. After seeing the preview, I believe them!
    I can't wait until I can use it!!!


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