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Frequently Asked HOME Questions

Not sure if you caught it this past Friday, but our latest episode on My Craft Channel touched on some of the most FAQ about our home, that we get asked about, everyday. Chances are there's probably an answer to a question that you've wanted to know.

Head on over to My Craft Channel to view the entire episode. I have to admit that I was laughing watching this one, because our "true colors" came out. Cason sarcastically teasing me about my indecisiveness, and me trying to justify it. LOL.

Also, here are some links and some more information about a lot of the FAQ that we address in the video, for you to reference as well:

Our Kitchen Floor - Castle Rock Birch Espresso

Our Favorite Paint Colors:
* The blue/gray in the kitchen is from Sherwin Williams. It's called Upward.
* The Laundry room is Cyprus Grass from Glidden.
* The girls' bathroom is Dockside Blue mixed with a bunch of white paint.
* The rest of the house is Autumn Haze, from Glidden. 
* Trim and doors in our home are the straight out of the can ultra white.
I always do Satin Sheet inside for the walls, and semi gloss for the trim work.

Our kitchen cabinets are Knotty Maple, with a mocha stain and an ebony glaze.

Favorite place to buy modern, beautiful quilts:

Where we purchase our Vinyl Supplies in SLC, Utah:
great for professionals AND crafters!

Our coffee table is from Down East Home. We purchased it the color that it is, but the color is almost identical to Kwal's Muddy River.

We bought our sofa at Down East and did a video about our shopping experience. The Sofa is Pottery Barn's Comfort Square Grand and our slip cover is in cream Twill.

The Yellow lamps in our living room were purchased at Home Goods.


  1. I love watching you guys. Just sayin'. :)

  2. This is all great info! You guys are so great on your show too. Thanks for sharing with us all!

  3. That was fun to watch, thanks for the answers! It was a fun surprise to hear you use Regional Supply! My grandpa founded that company and it was family owned until 2008...so fun!

  4. "Cause sometimes you want it black, then white, then black again." LOL! Totally!

  5. Thanks for posting the link to this each week - I live in Australia and enjoy seeing it.

  6. So recently 2 or 3 of my best friends moved away and I have been so lonely and sad without them here. Sometimes I read your blog, and it is like having a best friend here with me again. Weird to say but I love you Shelley like a best friend who I haven't met yet. Thanks for sharing your life with me! One day I hope to meet you in person-(honest I am not a creep-heehee)

  7. I love these videos! You and the hubs are just too dang cute! Been following your blog for awhile, and its such an inspiration to me! Thank you!


  8. great blog, very inspiring! Stop by and say hello @ http://mashabakescupcakes.blogspot.com/


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